I have noticed that in virtually every anime and manga characters have the ability to undergo transformations that grant them powers that were vastly superior to their original forms. I drew inspiration from this idea and decided to give the Young Guardians super forms as well. However, in order for the Young Guardians to gain access to these super forms, or Taiven forms, they have to pay the ultimate price in order to be reborn into more powerful beings. The Young Guardians are at their strongest when they are in their Taiven forms and used them to battle the demon Fanoxean in my second volume. While the Young Guardians are in their Taiven forms, their appearances change and they gain weapons that help channel their augmented powers. For example, when Patrick Donovan undergoes his Taiven form, he manifests a sword that generates so much heat that it incinerates anything it touches. For the moment, their Taiven forms need refinement and have plenty of room to evolve for the final battle in volume five.


A superpower that had caught my attention was the ability to manipulate one’s physical size ranging from subatomic sizes to as big as mountains. When a user of this power is small, they are pretty useful because they are able to squeeze in places that most superheroes cannot. This allows them to get the job done with stealth and precision. When the user is gigantic, they possess a considerable physical advantage over most opponents since their strength and tissue density increases along with their size. In my fourth volume, the Young Guardians gain new allies and I am thinking of adding a character who possesses this power, which would be a serious benefit to the team.


I saw the Goosebumps film tonight and upon seeing the overall premise of the film, I realized what my greatest fear and worst nightmare is. The thought that always haunted the dark corners of my mind is what would happen if the supervillains I created for my series became real. I created these characters so I know better than anyone just how psychopathic and bloodthirsty they all are and how much madness, death, and destruction they would unleash upon the world if they were real. In a way, this makes me consider myself to be Doctor Victor Frankenstein and my supervillains my monstrous creations. Every once in a while, whenever I sleep, I would have nightmares of this scenario, which would include a world engulfed in flames, cities demolished, bodies strewn throughout the streets, and my supervillains psychotically laughing in unison. Without warning, I would wake up to find myself in my room and have difficulty sleeping for hours. I guess when all is said and done, the creator sometimes fears his own creation even if the creation originates from his imagination.


I have always toyed with the idea of what could possibly happen if every single known superhuman ability were to clash with one another simultaneously. Based on my research, there are thousands of known superpowers each with their own unique effect and strength level. With that in mind, what outcome occur if all those strength levels and effects were to interact with one another on a violent scale? To various degrees, each superpower is scary enough in their own way, but ALL powers mixing together is utterly unthinkable. The end result is simply far too big to truly predict or fathom. In the fifth volume of my series, the Young Guardians will come face-to-face with my personal prediction of what could happen if something like a superpower collision could take place.


One of the questions that a superhero constantly asks themselves is where the line is drawn between justice and revenge. When fighting supervillains, they have to be careful of not giving into their darkest impulses otherwise they become the very villain they fight. The Young Guardians struggled with this very question after tragedy struck them all and they hunted down the individual responsible for the tragedy. Their entire superhero career is a never-ending war whose climax is swiftly approaching. Soon the Young Guardians will have to test themselves on whether they are truly heroes or the villains they have been fighting all along.


Based on the environmental issues that are taking place in real life, there is a strong chance our planet will die and we would have nowhere else to turn to. However, I have always found colonizing other worlds an intriguing idea. However, there are two main variants of this project. One involves colonizing a parallel universe while the other involves colonizing other planets. Both ideas are promising with their own unique benefits and difficulties.

When it comes to colonizing other planets, there could be other Earth-like worlds out in the universe, but they are often too far away and we won’t know what their conditions are like until we actually reach the planet. Also, the planet in question may not have an atmosphere or environment that would sustain human life, which would make colonizing the planet even more difficult without the use of terraforming technology.

As for parallel dimensions, each variant of our world would be similar to ours with only small differences that would be manageable to overcome. The only problem is developing the right technology to cross over into that dimension and if the dimension already has a civilization, colonizing there would be nearly impossible. So you would have to pick a dimension that has a very simple environment that would be easy to adapt to.

I plan to experiment with this concept in my future works.


I have decided to elaborate on certain sections of my fourth volume that would allow the Young Guardians to become more familiar with their new allies. Some of these new additions to their team are extraordinary, some are weird, and a few are not what you would expect. In general, this part of the story will portray how diverse the Young Guardians have become as an organization. One of their new members will prove essential in understanding the inner workings of their new enemy despite his somewhat unorthodox power. Overall, I look forward to tinkering on ways for multiple powers to appear in this volume.


I have reached the sixth chapter of my fourth volume and this is where the plot begins to thicken. Here, the Young Guardians will begin to better understand their new enemy after their initial encounter. Based on what I have planned, the inner workings of this new foe will be advanced, somewhat frightening, and something beyond what can be achieved by humans or neohumans. With that in mind, one might say that the Young Guardians will be in for a challenge that sits in uncharted waters. The true fight in this volume is still creeping over the horizon and it will have significant consequences that will lead up to my fifth volume.