I have made considerable progress with the editing process of my upcoming third volume.  Now I have reached the 27th chapter, which leaves me with 8 chapters left.  I am getting very close to finishing the editing and commencing the forthcoming publication.  In addition, I have come up with more future works that will enable my series to branch out beyond the main five volumes.  The fourth volume will feature five new characters who will join the Young Guardians in their crusade against evil.  With this in mind, I have decided that each of these five characters will have their own stand-alone books that will elaborate their origins, backstories, and supervillains.  Also, there will be another stand-alone book in which these five characters meet and band together against a threat they cannot face alone.  I look forward to getting started with these stories.  Wish me luck!


When I started writing volume three, I wanted to provide the Young Guardians with their most difficult challenge yet that would literally push them to the limit.  To organize this challenge, I decided the Young Guardians would have to face the largest group of supervillains they had ever fought.  The reason why this would be a significant challenge for them is because in the first book, they were mere rookies up against a single supervillain while in the second volume, they were semi-veteran crime fighters up against a supervillain with three minions.  Now, with three years of superhero experience under their belt, I decided that the Young Guardians would be up against literally an army of supervillains, including Vogan, the main villain of the whole series, himself!  Some of these supervillains are from previous volumes while others have a history with the Young Guardians during the time skips, all wanting revenge!  Most important of all will be the Young Guardians’ showdown with the main villain, Vogan.  When they confront Vogan, the extent of the Young Guardians’ limitations will be fully demonstrated.  Overall, the Young Guardians are going to have the fight of their lives in the upcoming third volume so get ready for an epic battle!


Starring Ben Stiller and Geoffrey Rush, I first aware of this film many years ago when I first saw its trailer.  However, I watched the film itself recently and I enjoyed it for a variety of reasons.  Even though it was intended to be a comedy and I am slow when it comes to catching subtle humor, I loved the superhero elements, themes and references.  Because I am such a superhero fanatic, I was very analytical when examining the superhero traits of the film.  One of the parts I enjoyed about the film is that the characters had genuine humanity to them.  In the superhero genre, we are always paying attention to the most successful superheroes out there, but we tend to overlook the underdogs.  I like this film because it portrays how the underdogs get their chance to fight the forces of evil.  Geoffrey Rush is one my favorite actors and I was pleasantly surprised at how well he portrayed a supervillain.  As for costumes, I liked Greg Kinnear’s uniform as Captain Amazing, but I often try to imagine how it would look without all of the corporate logos stitched to it.  In addition, I liked the city in which the plot takes place because it looks like a combination between the cityscape in Blade Runner and the cityscape of Coruscant from Star Wars, both of which are cities I find fascinating.  Overall, this film is recommended to anyone who is seeking to a story about superheroes that seem relatable and human.


I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and provide exciting news!  A few days ago, I was accepted to transfer from my current colleges to a four year university called Concordia University.  This will be a boon for my future writing career because the university provides a program for a Creative Writing Major.  With this program, I will be able to learn about many writing genres I never explored before such as nonfiction and children’s literature, which would greatly expand my writing arsenal.  In addition, it will grant me the education and certificates that I would need to explore other occupations that revolve around writing.  I look forward to begin next Fall.  Wish me luck and Merry Christmas!


Since it is winter and it is Christmas Eve, I wish to discuss a superhuman ability that would be fitting for the occasion: cryokinesis or ice manipulation.  I find this power intriguing because it can be utilized in a variety of different ways.  Wielders of this ability could turn a glass of water into solid ice, turn organic beings into living icicles, and in more extreme cases plunge the planet into a new Ice Age.  In my fourth volume, a new character will possess this power and will be the exact opposite of the main character, Patrick Donovan, in every single way.  While Patrick controls fire and heat, this character will control ice and cold.  In addition, this character’s presence will cause a rift in Patrick’s relationship with Tinisha, but I will not elaborate on what form this rift will take.  I will keep you informed on anything new and have a Merry Christmas!