As I continue to work on my sequel series, I start to envision how several of my characters will look like. For instance, the main supervillain will wear dark clothing that will consist of a tattered cloak that looks like a banner of war and featureless mask. Another supervillain will be encased in armor plating that gives him the appearance of a demonic creature. The most aggressive of my protagonists will have unique eyes that will strike fear into his enemies. My main protagonist will have a lanky build and will wear a roguish outfit. These are only a few examples of the character appearances I have planned for my sequel series and I am excited to envision more of them.



I have been thinking about Donald Trump in the Presidential Race of 2016. He reminds me of certain versions of the supervillain Lex Luthor who became President. In the Justice League cartoon, Lex Luthor became President, but created policies that nearly triggered World War III. This is the most likely scenario I can think of if Trump becomes President. With this in mind, I think Lex Luthor and Donald Trump are very alike in that they are billionaire businessmen with huge egos. The only difference is that Lex Luthor is a genius and Donald Trump is not. A dimwitted and egotistical man is unworthy of being President.


Every government possesses a seat of power that serves as the core of the whole system. In the interstellar government in my sequel series, there will be a planet that will serve as its capital. This planet will be the home of representatives from every planet in the government’s territory and will have elements from all of the other specialized planets, which will give it a cosmopolitan appearance. This will also be the locations where the Young Guardians’ successors will be trained. I am thinking of a terraformed planet from our solar system to be this capital, but I won’t say which planet it will be.


Even though many of the planets in my sequel series’s interstellar government are vital for political reasons, one must always think about nature. I like the idea of certain planets serving as large wildlife preserves or national parks because the plants and animals would completely unaffected by human or neohuman interference. This way the flora and fauna would have the entire planet all to themselves and exploiting the planet’s natural resources would be outlawed. One might say that these wildlife planets could serve as representations of what Earth could have been if humans never existed.


Healthcare has always been an integral part of any society. In the interstellar government in my sequel series, there will be planets that specialize in the use of healthcare ranging from curing diseases, healing injuries, or childbirth. Think of these planets as colossal hospitals or clinics filled with state of the art medical technology. One of these planets will play a significant role in the first volume of my sequel series both for the main characters’ origins and the supervillains’ master plan.


Every government requires a military to defend its borders and quell uprisings. With this in mind, I am thinking of giving the interstellar government in my sequel series a collection of planets that are in charge of producing its military. To serve this role, these planets would have an environment that is purposely harsh and inhospitable. The reason for this is because it will guarantee the produce the absolute best soldiers and pilots it can offer. For example, these planets’ terrain would be similar to either a blazing desert or icy tundra, which would allow the best infantry to survive their training. As for pilots, I can imagine the atmosphere and orbit of the planets to be so turbulent and unpredictable that only the most skilled pilots can survive. Apart from combat training, these planets would have activities that involve the production of advanced armor and weaponry. In general, these planets will have a purely militaristic society even though they serve a democratic interstellar government.


In the interstellar government of my sequel series, I had an interesting idea of what it would do with citizens who are poor or homeless. With this in mind, this planet would serve as one giant homeless shelter. Whenever citizens enter poverty, this planet and others like it can give them the opportunity to have a fresh start in life. Life on such a world will be comfortable, but not luxurious yet enough to provide a simple life to its citizens. The most aggressive of my main characters will come from a planet like this and his upbringing will give him an insatiable desire for more than the planet can offer.


Because the interstellar government in my sequel series will have planets that specialize in specific areas, I am thinking of including a planet that specializes in scientific advancement. Even though the interstellar government will have standard advanced technology, this planet will be the most technologically advanced. The reason for this is because it would be inhabited by the most brilliant geniuses in known space and their daily activities would consist of scientific discovery. Their economy would rely on the production and sale of their technological innovations. All of the technology that exists in the modern world will seem like Stone Age tools by comparison.


In my sequel series, the female lead will come from a planet that has a society that revolves around art. Imagine a world that houses every creative work that ever existed ranging from books, paintings, statues, films, music, gardens, and so forth. If you have an idea you wish to share, this is the place to do it. One might say that this planet will be one of the most culturally rich worlds in the interstellar government’s territory. Because of her upbringing from such a planet, the female lead will have the personality of an artist, always on the lookout for inspiration during her adventurers with her teammates. This would be a planet I would want to live in because I would thrive as an artist.


In my sequel series, a war will break out between the main interstellar government and a growing rival faction. For the rival faction, I plan to draw inspiration for its creation from fascist governments and radical groups. Essentially, I intend to base this rival faction on the evils that have plagued human civilization both in the past and in the present. To add to the sinister nature of this rival faction, I plan to make its dictators the supervillains who represent the Seven Deadly Sins. Just thinking about what this faction will do to enforce their rule especially with the advanced technology they will use sends me chills down my spine. Also, this faction will serve as a polar opposite and foil to the main interstellar government. The reason for this is because the main government will represent freedom and democracy while the rival faction will represent fear and oppression. This interplanetary war will be a good old fashioned battle between good and evil. For philosophical reasons, I cannot wait to write it!