I am planning to write the sequel to the Kaligen Experiment like a zombie apocalypse. At the start of the story, everything seems normal, but you can find subtle signs that something is amiss. Then when the suspense reaches its height, civilization is torn apart by an unthinkable calamity. Instead of zombies, the calamity will take the form of dinosaurs and other primeval creatures. There will be a scene where the main characters wander through a vacant city that is inhabited only by the small animals that were born from the calamity. For this scene, I will be drawing inspiration from the beginning of 28 Days Later, where Cillian Murphy walks through an abandoned London.


As mentioned before, I intend to write the sequel to the Kaligen Experiment in a similar fashion to a zombie apocalypse story. The only difference is instead of zombies, the world gets overrun by dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts. My favorite part of any zombie apocalypse story is when the outbreak first begins and when civilization begins to degenerate. With this in mind, I am intrigued by how mankind and civilization would react of primeval monsters start appearing in every direction. Can you imagine the level of extreme chaos that would erupt from such a scenario? I will be keeping this question in mind as I write.


I learned something intriguing about the dinosaurs that will appear in 65. Apparently, the apex predator and raptor-like specimens are either partially or entirely quadrupedal. This is similar to how the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor were partially quadrupedal. This is starting to point to a rumor I have been hearing that the planet Adam Driver crash-landed on is not prehistoric Earth at all. Instead, it is some kind of wildlife sanctuary where aliens put dinosaurs they abducted from Earth before the KT extinction. Either these dinosaurs continued to evolve into new forms or the aliens modified them through genetic engineering before putting them in their sanctuary planet. The title “65” could mean aliens abducted dinosaurs 65 million years ago in Earth’s history.