Today, I have written 20 pages and counting in a single day! Seven Hells, it was a glorious day! Once I started writing, I could not stop. It was like I was struck by lightning and was energized by it. I have written the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth chapters of my space opera book. I have also reached the 90 page marker and am nearing the 100th. I have been writing a very complex battle that takes place from multiple points of view. I have done it this way because in real life a battle does not take place from one point of view. It takes place from many points of view. This battle will be fought from many fronts. One will be a space battle, one will be fought along a domed city’s walls, one will be fought inside of an enemy flagship, and one will be fought inside of a government building. The outcome of all these pieces of the battle will decide the fate of an entire planet.


I have reached the 70 page marker and fourteenth chapter of my space opera book. The battle I have been building towards has finally begun! This battle will be full of more twists and turns than the ones I wrote before. Each of my major characters will have significant roles to play in the battle and not all of them will survive when the dust settles. It will be like the Battle of Winterfell in Game of Thrones where you do not know who will die until it’s too late. I will be going for that feeling as I write the battle when it unfolds.


I have started the thirteenth chapter of my space opera book. In this chapter, you will receive a gritty glimpse of the main villain’s brutality. If you possessed psychic powers, how would you punish your subordinates? Also, the preparations for the coming invasion will be revealed as the planet’s leaders fear the worst. Overall, this chapter will frighten you and provide mental stimulation as the story unfolds.


I had another idea for a potential story idea for after Rise of Skywalker. As Rey rebuilds the Jedi Order, the possibility exists that she will face the same situation that Luke Skywalker did with Ben Solo. One or more of her apprentices may turn to the dark side and attempt to cause chaos in the galaxy. Will she cope with it the same way Luke did or would she do it another way? Would her fledgling Jedi Order survive such an event or would Rey have to start all over again? Would these fallen students become Sith, Dark Jedi, or some other form of dark side practitioner? These questions are intriguing and will provide challenges for Rey’s new Jedi Order and the galaxy at large.



In Rise of Skywalker, we finally know who and what Supreme Leader Snoke is. He is an artificial life form created by Palpatine to serve as the puppet ruler of the First Order. We saw multiple clones of Snoke floating in vats on Exegol. I rather like these revelations about Snoke because they provide something to the dark side we didn’t see in Canon yet. In Legends, the ancient Sith made frequent use of what is called Sith alchemy, which is the practice of using the dark side to create and distort life. The very first Sith known as the Exiles invented Sith alchemy and used it to create all kinds of unholy abominations that helped them forge the original Sith Empire. In Legends, Palpatine was also a practitioner of Sith alchemy so it would make sense that he would be in the new Canon. Let us not forget that Palpatine’s own Master, Darth Plagueis, could use the Force to create and prolong life. It is possible that Palpatine not only used his old Master’s tricks to cheat death but also create a being that was strong in the Force. Palpatine would make Snoke as strong as he needed to be in order to convince the galaxy that he was the true power behind the First Order. With Snoke serving as his proxy in the First Order, Palpatine himself was safely outside of the reach of either New Republic and Resistance and able to rebuild his true strength with impunity. This is a trick that was used by Padme Amidala, who used her handmaidens as her proxies and doubles. Palpatine, who came from the same planet as Amidala, clearly stole the same idea from his former queen. Some fans may not like this idea about Snoke, but I can see and understand the method behind it. I look forward to seeing or reading a show or book that talks about how Palpatine created and trained Snoke in the dark side. It will be like a Star Wars version of Frankenstein.


Some fans think Palpatine’s return in Rise of Skywalker negated Anakin Skywalker’s sacrifice in Return of the Jedi, but I completely disagree. Let us not forget that Palpatine returned in Legends and no one seemed to complain. Also, after Palpatine’s final death, the Sith returned three or four times in Legends ranging from Lumiya’s Sith, the Lost Tribe of Sith, and the One Sith. Who knows? The Sith might return again sometime after Rise of Skywalker in the new Canon. The Prophecy of the Chosen One did not say if the Sith would be destroyed permanently nor did it say how long the balance in the Force would last. As far as I’m concerned, Anakin fulfilled the prophecy even if it was for a brief time.


For my future fantasy books, I am thinking of introducing a particularly dark breed of monster: the kind that is born out of incest. Unlike real life, children born of incest in my books will not be human even though their parents would be human. Instead, they will look like beasts you will only find in your most unholy nightmares. These creatures will be what they are due to their parents being exposed to byproducts of a failed magical experiment. As a result, these monstrosities will roam the corners of the Empire, attacking towns and villages where they find them. I will be drawing inspiration from a creature known as the Shtriga, which was the Albanian version of a vampire.