After contemplating about Jon Snow’s future as a king, I realize that even though his legitimacy may be debatable he has a very good pedigree to be king. Being the son of a Stark and Targaryen, Jon Snow is a descendant of two powerful and ancient bloodlines. On his father’s side, he is a descendant of Aegon the Conqueror, who conquered the Seven Kingdoms, founded the Targaryen Dynasty, and created the Iron Throne. On his mother’s side, Jon is a descendant of Bran the Builder, who built the Wall and Winterfell, founded House Stark, and became the first King in the North. Overall, Jon descends from two men who changed the world.

In terms of personality, Jon Snow does have traits that are fit for a king. Most important of all is that he can see the big picture and has what it takes to make the tough decisions that no one else is willing to make. His upbringing as a bastard made him humble and selfless, which means he would not be tempted to abuse his authority like his Targaryen ancestors did. He knows how to lead as evidenced by his time as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and during the Battle of the Bastards. His time as Lord Commander also gave him some political skills which will come in handy in the near future. Also, the mutiny that killed him taught him to never trust anyone, which will make him more cautious than most characters.

If Jon Snow does reclaim his birthright as the true king of Westeros and embraces both his Stark and Targaryen heritage, I can envision what his uniform as king would look like. Overall, I can envision him wearing black armor like his father Rhaegar wore, but instead of the Targaryen dragon on the breastplate made from rubies I can envision Jon’s breastplate bearing the Stark dire wolf head made from diamonds. Since Jon’s father Rhaegar wore chainmail that was made of gold, I am thinking of Jon wearing chainmail that is made of silver. Longclaw would still be his sword and retain the Stark wolf head pommel, but it would get a new sheathe that is Targaryen themed. I can envision him wearing a black cloak that would have a fur pelt around the shoulders while bearing the red Targaryen dragon on the back. As for his crown, I can envision Jon’s crown to be similar in shape to that of Aegon the Conqueror but would be decorated with sapphires instead of rubies while having a silver dire wold head engraved on the front like the crowns of the Kings in the North.



After receiving confirmation on Jon Snow’s true parentage as the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, I realized that he inherited quite a few things from both of his parents. Obviously, Jon Snow inherited his mother’s Stark features of black hair and grey eyes while inheriting his father’s devilishly good looks. In terms of personality, Jon Snow inherited his mother’s independence and wolf blood (which he also shared with his uncle Brandon Stark) and he inherited his father’s leadership skills, fighting skills, and honor. On the side, it is subtly hinted that Jon may have inherited the signature Targaryen ruthlessness from his father, but unlike his Targaryen kin, who are fiery, Jon’s ruthlessness is as cold as ice. Jon demonstrated this chilling ruthlessness when he executed Janos Slynt and the mutineers who murdered him. On the other hand, Jon has also demonstrated the more fiery ruthlessness of Targaryens when he beat Ramsay Snow to a bloody pulp. However, this could be a combination between his mother’s wolf blood and his father’s Targaryen ruthlessness. As Jon’s uncle Viserys used to say, “Ramsay woke the dragon.” Overall, even though Jon Snow was born a Targaryen he was raised as a Stark. With this in mind, he is a Targaryen who does things the Stark way. I think he would have made his parents very proud if they were still alive.



I think I have an idea of what the bittersweet ending to Game of Thrones will be. The White Walkers are obviously going to exterminate a great many people once they breach the wall. I think by the time the new Long Night is over about two thirds of Westeros’s population will be wiped out, a large number of noble houses will be gone, and most of the main characters will be dead. If Jon Snow is the Prince That Was Promised, I think he will be one of the few main characters to survive, but he will be the last person with either Stark or Targaryen blood. In the end, Jon would have to lead the survivors to rebuild their way of life, but he will do it all alone. Therefore, a new undisputed monarchy would rise from the ashes with Jon Snow as its founder. In a sad irony, he would reclaim his birthright as the true king of Westeros, but he will lose his entire family to the Long Night.


Because of the way my autism operates my mind, I am able to process music into images and incorporate those images into my writing. The music from the Final Fantasy franchise has always provided me with inspiration for my writing, specifically The One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII. Now, I found another song from the series that seriously ignited my imagination: the Final Fantasy XV version of Stand By Me. After listening to this music over and over, I was able to better visualize the bond of friendship that my characters share throughout my superhero universe. It warms my heart and makes it sing to the high heavens like a song bird wanting to fly.



I have been fascinated by Elon Musk’s ambitious plan to colonize Mars. For practical reasons, humanity is a species that simply cannot survive on just one planet. If our species is to survive, sooner or later we are going to have to colonize other planets. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from Musk’s plan for future projects. What kind of world will Mars become if it was colonized by humans? Will we terraform it into an Earth-like planet? Will we establish pressurized cities on the planet’s surface? The possibilities with this concept are virtually limitless. I look forward to researching and tinkering with this idea.



I briefly saw clips in the trailers for Star Wars Rogue One in which the rebel ship was fleeing from an exploding planet. This made me realize that we are going to see the Death Star destroy a planet from a different angle. We have seen the Death Star destroy a planet from a distance when it blew up Alderaan in A New Hope. This time we will see the Death Star blow up a planet up close and personal and witness firsthand what actually happens on the surface when the planet explodes from a hit from the Death Star. I find this very chilling and frightening because we will get a closer look at a planet and culture dying at the hands of a genocidal weapon of mass destruction.