What would you do if you had Doctor Manhattan’s limitless powers? Doctor Manhattan’s power is so immense that he defeated the combined strength of all the superheroes of the DC universe. Me? If I had Doctor Manhattan’s powers, I would do the things Doctor Manhattan was too detached to do: make the world a better place. I would exterminate evil, make all regions of the world fertile for farming and agriculture, reverse pollution and global warming, I would eliminate any disease, and I would come up with new technological innovations for people to toy with. To permanently remove the threat of nuclear war, I would turn all radioactive isotopes (either in nuclear weapons or still buried) into lead. Doctor Manhattan gave humanity the means to develop electric cars and teleportation, he could create life on other planets, and he could see the past, present, and future all at once. Since I would be able to see time and the universe in its entirety, I would be able to influence the development of human civilization towards the stars. Essentially, when you have powers as immense as Doctor Manhattan’s, the possibilities are limitless.


A superpower that had caught my attention was the ability to manipulate one’s physical size ranging from subatomic sizes to as big as mountains. When a user of this power is small, they are pretty useful because they are able to squeeze in places that most superheroes cannot. This allows them to get the job done with stealth and precision. When the user is gigantic, they possess a considerable physical advantage over most opponents since their strength and tissue density increases along with their size. In my fourth volume, the Young Guardians gain new allies and I am thinking of adding a character who possesses this power, which would be a serious benefit to the team.


I discovered a man named Yves Rossy, who has found a way to give himself the superpower of flight. He has invented a wing that allows him to fly through the air and uses the movements of his body to steer his flight path. In many ways, Rossy reminds me of superheroes like Batman, the Rocketeer, and Iron Man because he has no powers, but relies on technology to do extraordinary things. Just by watching Yves Rossy fly, I wonder if technology can allow us to fly, what other powers could they give us in the future? I look forward to finding out.