We have all seen stories that have power hungry villains. I am particularly fond of villains who seem to be driven by something other than their own ambitions to acquire power. What if something in the subconscious part of their minds are compelling them to accumulate power simply because it is something that is akin to instinct? I can already think of two characters who have this subconscious hunger for power.

One would be Sylar from the show Heroes. Sylar’s original superhuman power was called intuitive aptitude, which gave him the ability to instinctually understand the inner workings of whatever object he touched. However, it was a power that came with a price. It infected Sylar’s mind with a hunger to understand how the powers of other superhumans operated. That was what compelled him to kill other superhumans, examine their brains, and copy their powers for himself.

Another example would be the new and improved Tomura Shigaraki and All For One from My Hero Academia. After being given the All For One quirk, Shigaraki was plagued by an intense desire to acquire the One For All quirk. All For One himself stated that he has an intense desire to steal a superhuman power that interests him. This instinctual desire seems to operate in a similar fashion to Sylar’s intuitive aptitude.

The main supervillain of my new superhero series will have a similar mindset. For now, he is currently undergoing his own origin story and will complete it in the next volume. The character in question was already a man who has committed every sin imaginable. When he gets a taste of real power and becomes possessed by this power hungry instinct, he will become even worse.


I have just finished the first draft of my new superhero book. I will now look it over and see what needs to added and what needs to be changed. After that is done, I will commence copyrighting followed by editing. I will then have a cover done and the publishing can finally begin. I will keep you updated on any new developments.



Some people believe that the teeth of carnivorous dinosaurs were the same in design, but that is not true. Carnosaurs such as Allosaurus had blade-shaped teeth designed to slice through flesh. However, Carnosaur teeth were fragile when it came to biting into bone. Also, a Carnosaur’s jaw strength was relatively weak. This means Carnosaurs would use their teeth to not only slice through their prey’s flesh, but make their prey bleed to death. In contrast, Tyrannosaur teeth were thicker and less blade-shaped. Due to their thickness, Tyrannosaur teeth were like railroad spikes and were designed to crush the bones of their prey. Tyrannosaurs also had increased jaw strength, which also allows their thick fangs to puncture through a prey item’s hide. In my dinosaur book, I will be featuring a new kind of theropod that has teeth that are sharp enough to slice through flesh yet sturdy enough to crush bone.


One of my favorite living fossils would be the alligator gar. The alligator gar are regarded as living fossils because they have physical traits that have remained unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Like sharks, alligator gar have a spiral valve intestine in their digestive system. Like many modern prehistoric fish, alligator gar have the ability to breathe both water and air. Native Americans have been known to use the gar’s sharp scales as arrowheads. Unfortunately, for half a century, alligator gar were regarded as pests by the government and were hunted to near extinction. This makes me sad and mad at the same time because due to their status as a living fossil, alligator gar are as irreplaceable as any historical artifact. Since their near extermination, alligator gar have made a comeback and are no longer part of the endangered species list. Even though alligator gar can bite humans, they are not dangerous enough to kill a person. Alligator gar tend to eat small prey such as little fish, water fowl, and rodents. Even though alligator gar are already prehistoric in appearance, I wonder how they would look if they were reverse engineered to look like something larger, stronger, and dangerous. I will be tinkering with this concept in my dinosaur book.


As demonstrated by animals such as chameleons, some ambush hunters benefit greatly from the use of camouflage. When you can’t change your skin color, your ability to hide from prey becomes limited. However, if you can change your skin color, you can blend in with your surrounding environment and take your victim by surprise. As you merge with the vegetation, you make the invisible visible and the visible invisible until you and your surroundings become one and the same. Imagine walking through a dense forest and then a giant carnivore materializes out of nowhere and you are suddenly swallowed. Since a number of the reverse engineered dinosaurs in my new book originated from reptiles, I am thinking of giving one of them the ability to change color like a chameleon in order to ambush their prey. Such a thing would give the characters the last scare of their lives.



I have seen my fair share of nature documentaries that depict how some predators hunt prey at night. Most famously would be how bats use echolocation to locate prey in complete darkness. I have also seen nature documentaries that film through the use of night vision, which looks creepy as heck. Then I wondered how scary it would be to depict my characters being hunted by a nocturnal carnivorous dinosaur that could blend in with the darkness, using both echolocation and night vision to track their victims. When it comes to echolocation, you would not be able to hear the predators’ movements, but you would hear the faint sounds they would use to locate you. When it comes to night vision, you would not be able to see your enemy in the pitch black even when they are right in your face, but they can see you clear as day and can sneak up to you without even knowing. If you’re not afraid of the dark, these dinosaurs will give you plenty of reasons to fear it.


I just had a frightening idea for one of the dinosaurs in my new book. What if one of them could regenerate in the same way that a lizard could regrow its tail? Since dinosaurs have blood ties to reptiles, it would make sense that one of the reverse engineered dinosaurs would share their ability to regenerate. Imagine being hunted by a carnivorous dinosaur that could heal from any injury you inflict on it. No matter how badly you hurt it, it will still come after you like the Terminator. The very thought gives me goosebumps.



The following post contains spoilers from chapter 276 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

I had my suspicions about the extent of Tomura Shigaraki’s new capabilities and it looks like they have been confirmed. Even with his arsenal of quirks being negated by Aizawa, Shigaraki is still nearly as physically strong as All Might. This is similar to how Aizawa tried negating a Nomu’s quirks during the U.S.J. Arc, but the Nomu still proved to be as strong as All Might. This proves what I suspected about Shigaraki getting physical augmentations to withstand the strain of acquiring his new quirks. Those augmentations not only contributed to Shigaraki’s enhanced jumping abilities, but it also enabled him to physically best both Endeavor and Ryukyu simultaneously. This proves that even without all the quirks from All For One, Shigaraki is still a completely dangerous supervillain and must not be underestimated.

In addition to these surprise abilities, Shigaraki had another ace up his sleeve. It turns out that dozens of other High-End Nomu survived his disintegration of the city. Shigaraki has ordered them to take out Aizawa through a special phone Doctor Ujiko left for him. Even though these High-End Nomu are as incomplete as the previous ones, they are still a great threat to the superheroes’ efforts to stop Shigaraki. It also puts Aizawa in an impossible position. With a broken leg, Aizawa cannot fight anymore. All he can do is provide backup by negating supervillain quirks. Now, he must make a choice. Shigaraki will unleash his accumulated quirks if Aizawa looks away while the Nomus will wipe out superheroes and civilians alike if their quirks are not neutralized. He can negate Shigaraki’s quirks or he can negate the Nomus’ quirks. He can’t do both.

Now, we get to the interesting part. Izuku Midoriya has finally engaged Shigaraki with Bakugo to back him up. With Shigaraki’s quirks negated, this first round will be purely a contest of stamina and strength. At the moment, Izuku can only safely use 30% of One For All and can summon 45 % of One For All in short bursts. However, since Shigaraki is nearly as strong as All Might, I don’t know if that will be enough to take Shigaraki down. In order to stand a chance against this quirkless version of Shigaraki, Izuku will have to use every trick he has whether if it’s his air bullets, Blackwhip, or his Shoot Style. With Bakugo’s Explosion quirk, that should give Izuku’s opposition a little extra kick. Still, Shigaraki has already beaten two of the top ten superheroes with his bare hands, which means Izuku and Bakugo may not be able to stand a chance against Shigaraki in his current state.

To make matters worse, Shigaraki has several other trump cards he has yet to play. He still has some quirk destroying bullets in his pocket that he could use whenever he wants. He has summoned Gigantomachia and ordered him to bring the entire Paranormal Liberation Front to him. When I think about it, the only reason the superheroes were gaining so much ground in the mansion battle was because Gigantomachia did not get involved until he received orders from his new master. Now that Shigaraki’s orders have been given, the mansion will become a one-sided massacre now that Gigantomachia is unleashed. Once those heroes are dealt with, Gigantomachia will come to his new master with an army at his back. The superheroes have already suffered heavy casualties from both battles and I don’t think they will be able to fend off Shigaraki, the High-End Nomu, the quirk destroying bullets, Gigantomachia, and the Paranormal Liberation Front all at once. Overall, the supervillains’ first victory in this war is all but assured. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapter.



I have watched countless nature and prehistory documentaries on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Curiosity Stream. In those documentaries, I acquired an understanding on how prehistoric and modern ecosystems operate. While writing my dinosaur book, I have been given the task of creating my own unique ecosystem filled with creatures that never existed in real life. Due to this, I have to imagine how these reverse engineered animals behave, eat, and interact with each other and their surrounding environment. This provides me with a clean slate to work with and the only limitation of this ecosystem is my imagination. That makes this project all the more exciting as I envision every animal, plant, body of water, and even the very air the creatures’ breathe.