As the next Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World: Dominion, draws closer, I constantly think about what to expect. At the end of Fallen Kingdom, dinosaurs were released into the wild and others were auctioned off to parties around the world that want to create their own dinosaurs. The dinosaurs that escaped are one thing, but I think the dinosaurs that were auctioned off are going to be an even bigger threat to human civilization. The reason for this is due to how the parties that purchased them are going to abuse dinosaur cloning. As Ian Malcolm famously said to John Hammond, “Genetic power is the single greatest force the world has ever seen and you wield it like a kid who just found his dad’s gun.” Malcolm elaborates further by comparing genetic power to nuclear power. Once the world sees what it is capable of, many people will want in on it. There would be money to be made; LOTS of it! InGen’s failures with both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are just two example of how genetic power is not properly handled. Mankind can certainly create something from genetic power, but they have the arrogance in believing they can control what they created. Imagine what would happen if dinosaur cloning and genetic power became widespread on a global scale. You would have disasters like Jurassic Park happening all over the world due to humanity’s futile attempts to control Mother Nature. Overall, I expect to see the makings of a dinosaur apocalypse in Jurassic World: Dominion.


In Jurassic Park, Dennis Nedry was bribed by Biosyn to steal dinosaur embryos from the park. The Barbasol can Nedry used had enough room to contain 15 embryos and keep them alive for 36 hours. In order to access the embryos, Nedry implanted a computer virus that shut down all security systems in Jurassic Park. This resulted in the dinosaurs escaping from their enclosures and ultimately led to the park’s doom. In the end, Nedry failed to escape with the embryos and was famously eaten alive by a Dilophosaurus. The embryos themselves were buried underneath mud from the rain storm. However, I wonder what would happen if Nedry managed to escape and deliver the embryos to Biosyn. Would Biosyn use the embryos to create their own dinosaur theme park? Would Biosyn use dinosaurs as living weapons like Eli Mills tried to with the Indoraptor in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Would Biosyn use the dinosaurs for medical research? Or would they use the dinosaurs for a more sinister purpose? In the forthcoming film, Jurassic World: Dominion, it is rumored that Biosyn will return and will be one of the parties that get their hands on Dinosaur DNA. Due to this, we may see what Biosyn had planned for the embryos in the next film.


It’s finally here! The trailer for the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune! I must say that I like the darker feel it has compared to the 1984 film and 2000 miniseries. After seeing this trailer, I spent five whole minutes reciting my favorite quotes from the book such as “He who controls the spice controls the universe” or “Muad’Dib”. I look forward to seeing this film assuming the theaters will be open by then.


I found a new interesting book to read called Primitive War. It takes place in the Vietnam War and a bunch of soldiers come in contact with dinosaurs in the war torn jungle. The book is like a combination between Apocalypse Now, Predator, and Jurassic Park all rolled into one. The characters are believable with their own set of relatable problems while the dinosaurs are more scientifically accurate with feathers. The dinosaur killings are definitely more brutal than Jurassic Park, but the dinosaurs have been described as animals instead of monsters. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dinosaurs and war stories.


My dinosaur book will take place in a hostile environment. Due to the testing site’s unique atmosphere and climate, human beings cannot survive in it without a specially designed life support suit. Without this suit, the human characters would die within a matter of hours. These suits will play a prominent role in the story as the characters struggle to escape. These suits will even have features that allow the wearer to eat, drink, and even go to the bathroom while in the suit.With these factors in mind, the characters will be spending most of the story in these suits. I have taken inspiration from life support suits from scifi films such as Underwater, Prometheus, and The Martian.


One of my all-time favorite documentaries on speculative evolution would be The Future is Wild, which depicts how animals could evolve in three different time zones. Like books such as After Man and The New Dinosaurs, this documentary was partially created by Douglas Dixon. This documentary really stimulates the mind and makes one wonder what is evolutionarily possible. In order to gain inspiration for my dinosaur zoology book, I have been rewatching this documentary in order to better understand the functionality of an animal’s adaptations and how they would cope with extreme environments. Just as medieval documentaries helped me with my fantasy series, these kinds of documentaries will help me with both my zoology book and my dinosaur series as a whole.


As I mentioned before, my dinosaur zoology book will be based on a concept known as speculative evolution. Speculative evolution is the practice of theorizing how certain species would evolve under certain circumstances. Even though these animals are fictional in nature, their biology and behavioral traits are based on scientific concepts. These hypothetical creatures provide scholars a chance to provide educated guesses on how the planet’s biosphere would develop under certain conditions. With my dinosaur series, I am depicting how manmade genetically engineered prehistoric lifeforms would adapt to an equally artificial habitat. Above are three videos that talk about the origin and history of the study of speculative evolution.


I have always been fascinated by the concept of Noah’s Ark. An apocalyptic event wiped the world clean and gave the survivors on the ark a fresh start. Every species of animal was saved from extinction and given the chance to inherit a sanitized world. I am thinking of drawing inspiration for my dinosaur book by depicting an apocalyptic event that exterminates almost everything on Earth. The ark in question will not be a boat but a location.


One of my favorite science fiction stories would be Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder. It is a short story that has several of my favorite themes such as time travel, dinosaurs, and the concept of the Butterfly Effect. In the short story, a group of people travel into the distant past to hunt dinosaurs. However, they inadvertently changed the past by stepping on a prehistoric butterfly. When they returned to the present, they discover that a political election had a much different outcome.

However, I like the film adaptation of A Sound of Thunder better than the short story because the consequences of changing the past are more believable. When you go back 65 million years ago and change the past in even the most minor fashion, the way it changes the timeline would be far more extreme than just a changed political election.

When you go back 65 million years into the past and step on a single butterfly, it creates a combination between a Domino Effect and Snowball Effect. With that one butterfly dead, it would not breed and the continuation of its species would be compromised. With the butterfly species either endangered or extinct, certain plants would not be fertilized, which would cause some plants to die out or evolve in a different direction. Without the vegetation in question, the animals that would eat those plants would starve and die out while the predators that would feed on the herbivores would starve as well. The list of consequences of killing that one butterfly are infinite and keep growing in scale. That is the true nature of the Butterfly Effect!

With so much disrupted by the butterfly’s death, 65 million years of evolution would be completely altered and rewritten in ways we can’t even imagine. Due to this, the film adaptation of A Sound of Thunder provides much more believable consequences to time travel than the short story did. Throughout the film, you got to see various possibilities of how life could have evolved. One such example was a beast that was a mix between a baboon and lizard. This creature was this way because neither modern reptiles or primates evolved the same way as before. As a result, their biological bloodlines became fused into a new breed of lifeform.

If you like dinosaurs, science fiction, and time travel, this is the film for you. It truly makes you interested on what is evolutionarily possible if history is altered.


I had an intriguing thought about the setting of my dinosaur book series. I came up with this idea due to the current path humanity is taking in ruling the Earth. Due to deforestation and poaching among other things, all wild terrestrial animals will have died out. Every forest will be cut down and every body of water will be defiled. The only animals that will remain will be pets, lab animals, zoo animals, livestock, and whatever sea creatures survived the mass pollution. With so many species exterminated by mankind’s selfishness and cruelty, it will seem like karma when the dinosaur resurgence begins. It will be a reckoning for humanity’s sins against nature.