The Revelation Orb got its name for two reasons.  First, it reveals something about those exposed to it, which will be elaborated in the aftermath of volume three.  Second, exposure to the Revelation Orb’s power will result in apocalyptic consequences that will culminate in the fifth volume since the Orb is also named after the Book of Revelations.  Like the Genesis Spell did in volume one and the Great Darkness did in volume two, the Revelation Orb will play a pivotal role in the events that are portrayed in the story.  I am eager to write the remaining volumes and demonstrate the magnitude of the aftermath of volume three.



My publisher released the final draft of my third volume’s cover.  At the rate the publication is going, it looks like it will be released in time for WonderCon.  In addition, the title of the upcoming third volume is The Young Guardians and the Revelation Orb.  The origins of this title will be explained in future posts and I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Over the weekend, I have started the third chapter of my upcoming short story.  As I continue to write, I start to visualize how the new character would perceive the world due to the fact that he lacks a physical body.  Based on what his powers would consist of, I thought he would be able to see every object on a molecular level as well as see all forms of energy.  With this in mind, the character’s view of the world will be considerably more complex than that of a normal person’s.  In addition, the character’s love interest is introduced and she can sense the emotions of those around her.  Overall, the main character’s elaborate new worldview and his love interest’s ability to sense emotions will create an interesting combination as the plot unfolds.  I look forward to exploring more of this short story and hope to complete it in the near future.  Wish me luck!



My publisher has created a high resolution version of my cover illustration that they will apply to the final version of my upcoming third volume. I can now see details that I could not see with the previous version. Next week, my publisher will be adding the title along with any other lettering. I will keep you posted on any further developments.



This is the pose my writing assistant, Fitch, took when I started the second chapter of my new short story.  Surprisingly, while I was writing and saw Fitch sitting in the little dog bed with the innocence in his eyes, I came up with another idea for a future work.  Because Fitch is so precious to me, I was thinking that sometime after the fifth volume, the Young Guardians would have children of their own and those children would eventually take up their parents’ mantle and follow in their footsteps.  I am still working on the circumstances that will revolve around this sequel story, but based on what I have so far, I believe it will be a good theme that would depict the long-term aftermath of volume five.  The fact that I gathered this much inspiration from Fitch’s constant habit of being adorable is further evidence that he is a worthy writing assistant and I look forward to the next idea he will provide.


I have reached the fourth page of the second chapter of my first short story that will introduce one of the new characters that will appear in volume four.  I am becoming increasingly eager to finish this short story because the character this short story will revolve around is intriguing because, in a way, he physically is his powers due to the fact that he is not made of flesh, blood, or bone.  His consciousness is intact, but he no longer possesses a body in a traditional sense.  The manner in which he acquires his abilities will be a combination of a classic laboratory accident and how the Young Guardians gained their powers, essentially a blend of both science and magic.  In addition, the public’s reaction to the immediate aftermath of volume three will be explored in more detail.  I look forward to when I finish this short story and I predict that I will publish it sometime later this year.


As the clock counts down to WonderCon, I steadily continue my preparations for the convention.  Yesterday, I acquired a set of T-shirts that eight volunteers will wear at the convention.  In addition, the designs of my banner, bookmarks, and flyers are underway and I will receive them soon.  Also, with the rate my third volume’s publication is going, there is a strong possibility it will be released in time for WonderCon.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.