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After watching the war arc progress in My Hero Academia, I am starting to reach a certain conclusion. Before the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front commenced, the public’s trust in the superhero society was deteriorating in the aftermath of All Might’s retirement. For decades, All Might was the linchpin to the superhero society’s success. Now, that linchpin is gone and the other superheroes have been struggling to fill his shoes ever since. In addition, crimes and disasters have been on the rise ranging from Overhaul’s Yakuza and Endeavor’s fight with the High-End Nomu. Each of these incidents have steadily chipped away the public’s trust in the status quo. When the superheroes launched their attack on the Paranormal Liberation Front, they hoped to take the supervillains by surprise before any collateral damage could be done. However, things did not go the superheroes’ way by any stretch of the imagination. Even if the superheroes defeat Tomura Shigaraki and take him into custody, the damage is done and Shigaraki has already won. The superheroes have sustained heavy casualties in the war. Gigantomachia has plowed through over twenty cities across Japan, slaughtering countless civilians in the process. Shigaraki disintegrated a third of Jaku City and displayed his new power for the world to see. Now, Dabi is conspiring with Skeptic to unleash something on the Internet and news broadcasts that could cause more damage to the status quo’s image. Due to these factors, the public will completely lose what little faith and trust they have in the superhero society. Even if the superheroes defeat Shigaraki in this battle, he has already achieved his goal and won the war. The main characters are going to have to adapt to a new status quo that has not been seen since the height of All For One’s reign. It is likely the remaining superheroes and students may be forced into hiding or made to flee the country until they regain enough strength to fight back.


Out of all the supervillains in My Hero Academia, the most mysterious would be Dabi. Dabi seems to possess a darkness that his fellow villains lack. During his interactions with superheroes such as Endeavor, Hawks, and Shoto Todoroki, Dabi seemed to know the superheroes’ darkest secrets. He is like a demon who knows a person’s sins. His usage of blue flames further cements his status as a demon. You know someone is pure evil if they can summon hellfire so easily. Dabi seems to have a greater desire to tear down superhero society than his comrades, even Shigaraki. In the latest chapter, it was revealed that Dabi was collaborating with Skeptic to bring down superhero society. Skeptic is a master of controlling both the Internet and the narrative of a news broadcast. Due to these factors, it is possible that Dabi is using Skeptic to release the superhero society’s darkest secrets to the public. Since Dabi has a tendency to know people’s sins, I think what he and Skeptic have planned is going to cause even more damage to the image of superhero society. The public will lose faith in superheroes due to Gigantomachia’s rampage across Japan and Shigaraki’s destruction of Jaku City, but I think what Dabi and Skeptic have planned is going to be the final nail in the coffin to the status quo. While Shigaraki wants to tear down superhero society through simple destruction, Dabi seems to want to tear down superhero society by twisting and manipulating the narrative. I look forward to finding out more in future chapters.


In my latest superhero book, Herawulf Rising: Origins, I featured a grotesquely mutated supervillain that served as Herawulf’s opponent at the end of the first volume. This character’s name was Ivan MacLeod, son of the main supervillain of the series, Ronald MacLeod. Ivan’s transformation was the result of a failed attempt to create an artificial superhuman. The results of his mutation were dangerously unstable, resulting in him becoming completely mindless like a rabid animal. The powers he was given were incompatible with each other, which not only put a lot of strain on his body but also caused his body to twist and contort in unnatural ways. Still, despite his unstable body and incompatible powers, Ivan was still a formidable opponent. In terms of real life inspiration, I loosely based Ivan on all of Donald Trump’s children. In fact, I chose Ivan for the characters name because it seemed like the male equivalent to “Ivanka”. In order to make Ivan a worthy opponent for Herawulf, I drew inspiration from other grotesque monstrosities such as Doomsday from DC Comics, the Tyrants from Resident Evil, and the High-End Nomu from My Hero Academia. By the end of their fight, Ivan makes a bloody mess out of Herawulf.


Due to coming out of his surgery too early, Tomura Shigaraki’s enhanced body cannot withstand the immense power of the All For One quirk and the combined strength of all the quirks it has accumulated. As a result, his body will rip itself apart if he is pushed too far. I have wondered how Shigaraki would overcome this limitation and I think I figured it out.

As we are all aware, the All For One quirk not only absorbs the quirks of others, but can grant quirks as well. With this in mind, Shigaraki may need to get rid of some of the quirks All For One possesses in order to reduce the strain on his body. Due to this, I think Shigaraki will give away some of these quirks to his lieutenants in the Paranormal Liberation Front. Like Shigaraki, the League of Villains members such as Dabi, Himiko Toga, Mister Compress, and Spinner as well as Meta Liberation Army members such as Re-Destro, Trumpet, Skeptic, and Geten will all have multiple quirks. However, due to the number of quirks All For One absorbed, it is likely Shigaraki will still have the most quirks out of all his allies. Plus, I am sure Shigaraki will keep the best quirks for himself.

If Shigaraki does this, not only will he be able to use his new power without any more hinderance, but his allies will become even stronger as they continue their war against superhero society. The All For One quirk has transformed Shigaraki into a walking armory full of weapons for the supervillains to choose from.


Warning! The following contains spoilers from chapter 284 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

It looks like round one of Deku’s and Shigaraki’s grudge match is about to reach its climax. Deku is really pushing himself harder than he has so far. He is using THREE quirks at the same time in a desperate attempt to bring Shigaraki down: Blackwhip, Float, and the base power of One For All. It is clear that using this many quirks simultaneously is putting a serious strain on Deku because his control over Blackwhip is starting to wane. It was revealed that Deku’s left arm was broken when he attempted to knock Shigaraki out with 100 % of One For All. Even so, Deku is not letting that stop him. He is ignoring the consequences using One For All at full power would have on his body and is mindful only of his duty as a superhero.

Deku is not holding back this time. He is so desperate to bring down Shigaraki that he is using 100% of One For All a lot more frequently than normal. It is like when he defeated Overhaul except Eri is not here to heal his wounds. Because of this, Deku is nowhere near ready to unleash that much power by himself. At this stage, Deku can only unleash 30% safely and 45 % of One For All in short bursts without damaging his body. Now, by using 100% of One For All so many times, Deku is drastically increasing the damage that will be done to his body. With his left arm already broken, Deku also struck Shigaraki with his right leg and right arm. By the time he is done pummeling Shigaraki, Deku will only have his left leg intact. However, it is possible that the extreme kickback will cause a lot more damage to Deku’s body than just a couple of broken limbs. My guess is that Deku’s skeleton, muscles, and even his organs will be so grossly crippled that he would be out of commission for the foreseeable future. I doubt even Recovery Girl would be able to undo this level of damage. In order for Deku to get back on his feet, Eri would have to use her Rewind quirk to heal his wounds like she did during the battle with Overhaul.

Shigaraki, on the other hand, is in a different position than Deku. Because of his incomplete surgery, Shigaraki’s regeneration has slowed down. However, even though his healing process has slowed down, Shigaraki can still heal his body. That is an advantage Deku does not have. Also, before Shigaraki’s body started breaking down, his regeneration was working at full power when fighting Endeavor and when Aizawa blinked. With this in mind, Shigaraki’s regeneration may not stay this slow for the remainder of the fight. Instead, I think his healing speed will fluctuate from being fast to being slow. This fluctuation would fit well with Shigaraki’s unstable body. In addition, Shigaraki’s body has already proven to be able to withstand 100% of One For All’s power. Also, Shigaraki has who knows how many quirks stored within him thanks to the All For One quirk.

Overall, this first round between Deku and Shigaraki will result in both characters having their bodies broken. However, Shigaraki can heal his body and Deku cannot. Due to this, Shigaraki can recover on his own while Deku will likely be immensely crippled for a while. With Deku in such a vulnerable state, Shigaraki will probably seize his chance to steal One For All from Deku. Having his body damaged is bad enough, but having his quirk stolen as well would be soul crushing for Deku. In addition to healing Deku’s body, Eri’s Rewind may restore One For All to Deku. Only time will tell as the story progresses.


Warning! The following contains spoilers from My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

We learned in recent chapters that the students of Class 1A and Class 1B tried to sedate Gigantomachia before he could reach Tomura Shigaraki. Now, it looks like that plan failed with dire consequences. After escaping the clutches of the students, Gigantomachia switched into a new form before mopping the floor with the surrounding superheroes. Fortunately, the students were evacuated with minor injuries, but the superheroes were defeated and possibly killed by the giant supervillain. Just as I predicted, once Gigantomachia entered the fight, the battle at the mansion became a one-sided massacre.

With the superheroes and students dealt with, Gigantomachia continued his rampage across Japan as he made his way toward Shigaraki. By my count, over twenty cities are in the process of being demolished by both Gigantomachia and the remnants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. By the time Gigantomachia and the Paranormal Liberation Front reach Shigaraki, half of Japan will be in ruins.

One must consider the long term consequences of Gigantomachia’s rampage. Almost every superhero in Japan was involved in the battles against the Paranormal Liberation Front. As a result, many cities were defenseless. The superheroes gambled everything they had in this war and it looks like they are losing big time. Even if they defeat or capture Shigaraki, Gigantomachia can track his scent no matter where they take him, even Tartarus Prison. Worse, the public’s trust in the superhero community was already badly shaken after All Might’s retirement. With so many cities destroyed and lives lost, the public will likely never trust the superhero community again as it is now.

As for the surviving students, I believe their self-confidence in their capabilities as superheroes will be very badly shaken. They used all of their training and best efforts to bring Gigantomachia down and failed miserably. Now, a lot of superheroes are dead, leaving a growing power vacuum in the superhero society. The aftermath of this battle will likely motivate the students to fill the void left by the dead superheroes.


Warning! The following post contains spoilers from chapter 283 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

We finally get to see the side effects of Tomura Shigaraki’s incomplete surgery. Even with the impressive augmentations his surgery gave him, Shigaraki’s body cannot fully withstand the immense power the All For One quirk accumulated. Although he still can regenerate, Shigaraki’s healing process has slowed down. Despite his initial confusion, Shigaraki shrugged off this inconvenience and continued his assault on the superheroes.

The fact that Shigaraki cannot fully withstand his new power is similar to how Izuku Midoriya initially could not withstand the power of One For All after receiving it. One could argue that Shigaraki’s surgery was his equivalent to the hellish workout Izuku received from All Might before receiving One For All. This is a beautiful example of parallelism that further connects Izuku with Shigaraki. I suspect that even though he had his surgery, Shigaraki still has a long way to go before he is the ultimate supervillain and will have to learn to control All For One on his own. Considering the fact that Shigaraki is a fast learner, I can imagine he can overcome this limitation rather quickly.

If Shigaraki was able to cause this much damage at 75% completion, I can only imagine how much stronger he would be at 100%. That missing 25% was probably what would have allowed Shigaraki to master All For One through the surgery. Now, Shigaraki may need to acquire that missing 25% on his own with practice and willpower. I imagine that once Shigaraki truly masters All For One, he will be an even more overpowered monster than he is now. Only time will tell.