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In the show called Gotham, we were presented with TWO versions of Batman’s most infamous nemesis, the Joker. The two versions are twin brothers named Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska. At first, we thought Jerome was going to be THE Joker, but it looks like he was just the man who inspired the rise of the TRUE Joker, who seems to be Jeremiah. One could argue that Jerome symbolizes the Heath Ledger version of the Joker while Jeremiah represents the Jack Nicolson version of the Joker. Their personalities and levels of insanity are similar and yet different at the same time. Jerome was a clear psychopath and anarchist who loved to laugh and cause death and destruction. Jeremiah, however, is cold, analytical, and shows little human emotion, which makes Jeremiah more of a sociopath instead of a psychopath and unlike Jerome, he does not laugh often. Both cause death and destruction for fun, but Jerome causes chaos for the sake of chaos while Jeremiah creates chaos to recreate the world in his image. It has been stated that the Joker is not a person but an ideology, but I think we may be seeing the rise of the TRUE Joker at the end of Season 4. Overall, I think Jeremiah is worse than Jerome because even though he is just as insane as Jerome, he is more intellectual and calculating, which makes far more creative in his madness than Jerome ever was, which would make Jeremiah infinitely more dangerous and more likely to be THE Joker. Another hint of Jeremiah being the TRUE Joker is that he would not kill Bruce Wayne, unlike Jerome. The reason this is such a telling clue is because the Joker’s greatest weakness that he cannot imagine a world without Batman since Batman was “too much fun”. I look forward to seeing Jeremiah continue to evolve into one of the most infamous supervillain of all time!



I just watched the trailer for the Season 4 Finale for Gotham and I think this is when we see the completion of Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman. In addition, we might see the rise of the TRUE Joker as well as Ra’s al Ghul and how they will affect Bruce for the rest of his life. When I finished watching the trailer and considered what was to come, I could hear this song in my head: the chanting from The Dark Knight Rises!



I just saw Avengers: Infinity War and I finally got to see the omnipotence of the Infinity Gauntlet on the big screen! When all six Infinity Stones were combined into the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos had the power to wipe out half the universe’s population with just a snap of his fingers and defeated the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy with ease. This got me wondering what I would do if I wielded the Infinity Gauntlet’s omnipotence. Personally, I would do something similar to what Thanos did only instead of wiping out random people, I would wipe out everyone who is evil such as terrorists, dictators, corrupt politicians, dirty cops, school bullies, mobsters, drug dealers, arms dealers, human traffickers, thugs, loan sharks, murderers, rapists, abusive parents, and all other individuals like them. With every evil person wiped out instantly without the risk of collateral damage, I would give the world a chance to spend a generation or two without evil and they would know peace at last. In addition, I would end poverty, famine, war, and quite literally bring peace not only to Earth but to the entire universe. Also, I would eliminate pollution and turn every planet, moon, and planetoid in the universe into the thriving paradise with plants and animals aplenty. Once all that is done, then I will just toss the Gauntlet away and live a normal life. If I have any lingering doubts about my methods, then I will just use the Mind Stone to wipe out everyone’s (including mine) memories of my involvement. What about you? What would you do if you wielded the Infinity Gauntlet’s omnipotence?


In a dystopian future, crime is bound to reign supreme and unchecked. No matter how advanced or sophisticated a society becomes, crime always becomes an integral part of it like a parasite feeding off its host. I am going to depict crime on an extreme level with drugs, arms dealers, mobsters, gangs, you name it. Crime is going to serve an integral role in the origin stories of my main characters. There will be five gangs, one gang per character’s origin story, and they will all answer to one supreme crime lord. I am thinking of basing these gangs on fads that have happened in recent years and give them a dark twist. The main characters individual battles with these gangs will ultimately lead to them meeting one another to face the supreme crime lord. It is going to be a story with even more moving parts than my Magnus Dynasty Saga.


Superhuman durability has always been one of the most common superpowers in fiction. Superman can shrug off bullets and Aquaman can withstand the crushing depths of the deep ocean. In Stan Lee’s Superhumans, I saw two insane and extreme examples of real-life superhuman durability. In one case, a professional wrestler has a skull that is thick enough to withstand a blow of a sledgehammer and hammering a large nail through a sheet of steel. The other case is about a Shaolin monk who could withstand over 200 hundred pounds of force from a power drill in his stomach, throat, and head. In both of these cases, both men took an insane amount of punishment and walked away with only minor scratches, bruises, and scrapes. I am going to analyze the science behind real-life superhuman durability and contemplate on how such a power can be pushed to the fullest on a believable level as I brainstorm for my superhuman series.


When we think of time manipulation, we think of being able to control the time flow through all eras, creating alternate timelines and changing history however you want. However, I think that form of time manipulation is way too powerful, almost borderline godlike. Therefore, I am thinking of including a character with a more limited and believable form of time manipulation. They would be able to freeze, fast-forward, or rewind any event as long as it is limited to just one hour. They could freeze time for only one hour, fast-forward an hour into the future, or rewind one hour into the past. If they try to do it any longer than an hour, the strain will either leave them severely debilitated or kill them.


As I continue brainstorming for my superhuman series, I came to realize that I am in the process of creating the craziest supervillain I ever designed. Even though this individual will only appear in the first volume, I intend for him to leave a significant impression on my audience. I created supervillains such as Cyber Shadow, Fanoxean, and Vogan and they all had their complex flaws and forms of insanity and evil. However, this new villain is going to have a form of evil that is more human, which I think will make him more frightening than my previous creations. One could argue that this guy is going to be my personal Joker.