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I thought of a frightening power for my next supervillain to have in my next superhero book. The most common motivation for supervillains is to destroy things. With this in mind, what if their power doesn’t just destroy things, but is destruction itself. Imagine being able to destroy everything you touch until not even dust remains. The most extreme example of destruction was in the anime Bleach, where a character possessed a power of destruction that was so complete that not even his target’s soul would be able to reincarnate itself. To make my new supervillain’s power even more devastating, I think I will give them a form of destruction that destroys their target’s body and mind. As the target’s body disintegrates, parts of their mind including memories and emotions also fade away until nothing is left. You could also control how fast your target is destroyed. You could destroy them instantaneously or destroy them slowly and painfully. The very thought of this power frightens me to the extreme, which assures me that it will make my new supervillain all the more terrifying.


I remember a show I used to watch with my parents when I was a kid called Family Matters, which features the biggest nerd in the universe, Steve Urkel. I always found Urkel’s high voice, sense of humor, and awkward mannerisms to be beyond funny. For my next superhero story, I am thinking of making a sidekick who has a nerdy personality ┬álike Urkel’s. This sidekick would add comic relief to the otherwise serious story.


Last night, I had an intriguing idea for a superhero. This character would be able to use immense power, but there are serious drawbacks to their power. The character starts out as an overweight character who never exercised a day in their lives. However, when their powers activate, they experience a crippling limitation to their boundless power. All their fat reserves are burned away and their muscles and joints undergo the equivalent of a ten year triathlete workout. And all of these physical changes happen within a matter of hours after using so much of their power at once. As a result, they experience more pain than anyone has ever known and they won’t be able to move for a while because of the pain. Overall, this character will be a more limited and realistic version of One Punch Man; someone who is overpowered yet has serious restrictions to their great power. I got the idea for this limitation from Josh Brolin while he was filming the remake of Old Boy. In that movie, Josh Brolin had to lose a considerable amount of weight and gain it back within a matter of weeks. As a result, his body was experiencing a lot of painful strain from so much physical strain in such a short span of time.



As a superhero writer and fan, I noticed some familiar aspects about Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia. It looks like Izuku was partly based on Spider-Man/Peter Parker for a number of reasons. Like Peter Parker, Izuku was a student who was bullied at school and was born without powers. Izuku did not acquire his powers naturally just like Peter Parker. Just like Spider-Man, Izuku has an unintentional tendency to attract multiple girls. Even though Mary Jane Watson was the love of Spider-Man’s life, there other women such as Gwen Stacy and Black Cat who were drawn to him. Once he was able to control his powers to a more manageable degree, Izuku was able to jump and leap at superhuman speed, which is something Spider-Man is known to do. Recently, Izuku displayed the ability to conjure whips of energy that allow him to ensnare targets or pull himself towards another location. This is similar to how Spider-Man uses his webbing to ensnare targets and swing between buildings. As Izuku develops as a character, I think I will see more similarities to Spider-Man.



I have been reading the latest chapters of My Hero Academia and I was overwhelmed by Tomura Shigaraki’ transformation as a supervillain. In his most recent battle, Shigaraki managed to free himself of all restrictions and as a result reached his full power. Earlier in the series, Shigaraki’s decaying powers were able to disintegrate whatever he touched. Sometimes his target would be an opponent’s arm and as he progressed he was able to disintegrate a whole person instantly. Now, Shigaraki’s decaying powers have reached apocalyptic levels to the point in which he could destroy an entire city with a single touch and whatever attacks are used against him are disintegrated as well. He now has unstoppable attacks and impenetrable defenses. Not only did Shigaraki win his battle, but he also acquired an army of over a hundred thousand loyal followers. Not only has Shigaraki’s power been increased and his spirit freed of all moral restrictions, but he acquired a sense of charisma that he previously lacked. As a result, some of his new minions used to work for his master All For One and now they are working for Shigaraki. In a single battle, Shigaraki reached his full potential as a supervillain, gained a massive army, and wields more resources and influence than the entire superhero community. He has become the single greatest threat to both superheroes and society as a whole since All For One at his height. To make matters worse, Shigaraki is currently undergoing a form of surgery that will make him even more powerful; possibly stronger than All For One! I watched Shigaraki destroy an entire city with a single touch so it is terrifying to think how he could become stronger than even that! It is official; Tomura Shigaraki is on his way to become a Thanos-level supervillain. I look forward to seeing Shigaraki complete his transformation when he finishes his surgery. Even though Izuku Midoriya is destined to fight Shigaraki, he currently doesn’t stand a chance against Shigaraki even without the surgery. It is going to be interesting to see how Midoriya will close the power gap between them.


What would you do if you had Doctor Manhattan’s limitless powers? Doctor Manhattan’s power is so immense that he defeated the combined strength of all the superheroes of the DC universe. Me? If I had Doctor Manhattan’s powers, I would do the things Doctor Manhattan was too detached to do: make the world a better place. I would exterminate evil, make all regions of the world fertile for farming and agriculture, reverse pollution and global warming, I would eliminate any disease, and I would come up with new technological innovations for people to toy with. To permanently remove the threat of nuclear war, I would turn all radioactive isotopes (either in nuclear weapons or still buried) into lead. Doctor Manhattan gave humanity the means to develop electric cars and teleportation, he could create life on other planets, and he could see the past, present, and future all at once. Since I would be able to see time and the universe in its entirety, I would be able to influence the development of human civilization towards the stars. Essentially, when you have powers as immense as Doctor Manhattan’s, the possibilities are limitless.


I have written the sixth chapter of my new superhero book and am in the process of writing the seventh chapter. The sixth chapter shows a news clip of how the public view my superheroes and it features a glimpse of the first major supervillain of the story. Chapters one through five focused on introducing each of the main characters and how they fight crime individually. Now the seventh chapter will feature the first meeting of the five characters and how they operate as a team. I am liking how the story is unfolding and I look forward to tinkering with it further.