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Let’s go over the second part of the speech, shall we. You useless old fool. It was Hego Damask as Darth Plagueis who came to Naboo, determined to suck the planet dry of plasma and set the Trade Federation up as its overseers. It was Hego Damask as Plagueis who then set his sights on a seemingly confused young man and, with meticulous skill, manipulated him into committing patricide, matricide, fratricide. Darth Plagueis who took him as an apprentice, sharing some of his knowledge but withholding his most powerful secrets, denying the apprentice his wishes as a means of controlling him, instilling in him a sense of murderous rage, and turning him to the dark side. It was Plagueis who criticized the early efforts of his apprentice, and who once choked him in a demonstration of his superiority. Plagueis, who denigrated him in private for hiring an inept assassin to carry out the murder of Senator Kim—and yet who allowed himself to be tricked by the Gran and nearly killed by mercenaries. Plagueis, who turned away from the Grand Plan to focus entirely on himself, in an egotistical quest for immortality.

Darth Sidious regarding Darth Plagueis, Star Wars

The following has spoilers from recent chapters of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

It has finally happened! After so much struggle, Tomura Shigaraki has freed himself from the control of All For One’s vestige. He is now in complete control of his own body once again. In addition to being in control of his augmented body, Shigaraki is now in control of the All For One quirk and all the quirks that are within it.

It turns out that All For One’s vestige fusing with Shigaraki’s was an illusion. What was preventing the fusion from truly succeeding was the fact that Shigaraki was keeping the vestige of Tenko Shimura as far away from All For One as possible. Tenko’s vestige represents Shigaraki’s origin as a supervillain. As long as his “origin” is kept out of All For One’s reach, Shigaraki was able to gradually regain his personality and body bit by bit without All For One noticing. By the time All For One realized what was going on, it was too late. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, Shigaraki’s vestige burst out of All For One’s vestige in a mass of writhing fingers, more powerful than ever before.

When Shigaraki first gained the All For One quirk, All For One’s vestige acted like a parasite trying to possess and assimilate Shigaraki’s vestige. Then, in a twisted sense of irony, Shigaraki became a parasite himself. After being fused to All For One’s vestige, Shigaraki gestated and grew within until he burst out like a botfly larva eating its way out of its host’s flesh.

Like the Sith Rule of Two, the apprentice has surpassed and usurped the master! Shigaraki overthrew All For One as the demon lord of darkness and king of the underworld. Despite All For One’s attempts to possess him, Shigaraki declared that his heart will never surrender. It took some time, but Shigaraki’s indomitable willpower became so great that he completely overwhelmed All For One’s. All For One has done it! He succeeded in creating a supervillain who was greater than him! Tomura Shigaraki’s transformation as a supervillain is finally complete!


I watched the first season of the Star Wars show Andor and Luther Rael’s speech about sacrifice made me think of Deku’s character development in My Hero Academia. Check it out:


“Kindness. Kinship.”


“I’ve given up all chance at inner peace. I’ve made my mind a sunless space.”

“I share my dreams with ghosts.”

“I wake up every day to an equation I wrote 15 years ago from which there’s only one conclusion, I’m damned for what I do.”

“My anger, my ego, my unwillingness to yield, my eagerness to fight, they’ve set me on a path from which there is no escape.”

“I yearned to be a savior against injustice without contemplating the cost and by the time I looked down there was no longer any ground beneath my feet.”

“I’m condemned to use the tools of my enemy to defeat them.”

“I burn my decency for someone else’s future.”

“I burn my life to make a sunrise that I know I’ll never see.”

“And the ego that started this fight will never have a mirror or an audience or the light of gratitude.”

“So what do I sacrifice? Everything!”


I realized that Tomura Shigaraki’s character development seems closely tied to the dialogue of the “Sacrifice” cinematic trailer of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Check it out:

“A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice.”

“With your birth comes a solemn vow: you will have nothing. Your privilege is the dirt.”

“In the darkness, only ambition will guide you.”

“The oath you swear, the promises you make, they are yours alone.”

“Your freedom will be the wars you wage.”

“Your birthright, the losses you suffer.”

“Your entitlement, the pain you endure.”

“And when darkness finds you, you will face it alone.”


“You cannot win, Darth. Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

The following contains spoilers from recent chapters of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Deku is finally complete, his full potential achieved! As Deku commences his final duel with Tomura Shigaraki/All For One, we get to see the true extent of Deku’s mastery of One For All. It began when Deku unlocked the second OFA user’s quirk, “Transmission”. Because this was the first quirk to be assimilated by One For All, it had the most time to be augmented by One For All out of all the other quirks in its arsenal. As such, the vestige of the second user warned Deku to only use it as a last resort. To use the enhanced Transmission quirk, Deku had to put one hand on his other hand, which makes it the type of quirk that activates when in physical contact with its intended target. Once the intended target is touched, Deku can control the speed the target moves. In this case, Deku made himself the intended target, which enables him to explosively augment his own speed, velocity, and the power of his strikes’ impact. Like Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Deku controls Transmission through the use of “gears.” The First Gear is the base speed upon activating Transmission followed by Second Gear and Third Gear while finishing with Top Gear, which is the final and top speed of Transmission. Deku can wield Transmission’s full power through a technique called “Overdrive”, which has enough speed and strength to match 120% of One For All. In fact, the speed and power is so great that Deku could launch five 120% Smash blows in an instant, creating a massive crater! This power enabled Deku to completely overwhelm Tomura Shigaraki/All For One to the point in which the supervillain could not counter. Sadly, because it should be used as a last resort, Transmission can only be used for five minutes. After that, Deku’s stamina will be spent and he will be out of the fight.

Apart from unlocking the Transmission quirk, Deku also learned to combine quirks like All For One does. One example of combining his quirks was when he fused “Fa Jin” with “Blackwhip”, resulting in the creation of a technique called “Black Chain”, which is a chain-like form of Blackwhip that is further strengthened by Fa Jin. Blackwhip is a form of energy whip generation while Fa Jin is a way to store up and use kinetic energy. By combining these two powers, Deku was able to create an even more powerful and sturdy energy whip that can grapple strong opponents. Another example is when he combines Transmission with Fa Jin, which enabled him to increase his strength and speed with both Transmission and the built up kinetic energy of Fa Jin. This essentially doubles Deku’s physical capabilities to nearly god-like levels.

Not only does Deku unlock his final quirk and learn to combine his various quirks, but he also learns to skillfully switch in between his quirks with extreme speed and dexterity. This was demonstrated when Tomura Shigaraki/All For One was catching on to Deku’s fight pattern and tried to counterattack. However, despite moving at extreme speed, Deku was able to outmaneuver his foe. First, Deku detected Tomura Shigaraki/All For One’s counterattack by using “Danger Sense”. Then he triggered “Smokescreen” to obscure Tomura Shigaraki/All For One’s vision and conceal his movements. Using Smokescreen for cover, Deku used “Float” to fly above out of his opponent’s reach before grappling his adversary with “Blackwhip” and slamming him into the ground. After this quick switch between quirks, Deku resumed his onslaught on Tomura Shigaraki/All For One until he blasted a hole in the villain’s torso.

Overall, Deku truly has become the world’s greatest superhero at this point in the story. He has reached a level of power that not even All Might could match. In fact, it has been said that his power has become so great that it can distort the laws of physics. The new Symbol of Peace is truly born and Deku is finally ready to lift the mantle from All Might’s shoulders. Now we see two overpowered titans clash as Deku and Tomura Shigaraki/All For One decide the fate of the world.


“When I found you, I saw what all Masters live to see: raw, untamed power! And beyond that, something truly special.”

Supreme Leader Snoke, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The following contains spoilers from recent chapters of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

A lot has happened to Tomura Shigaraki in recent chapters. He is almost at full power at around 98 % completion. His increased power has enabled him to defeat one of the most powerful superheroes in the world: Star and Stripe. Now, he is participating in another large scale battle with Japan’s superhero community.

During his fight with Star and Stripe, Shigaraki demonstrated a number of new quirks he gained from All For One. The quirks in question are called Heavy Payload, Scatter, Springlike Limbs, Wing, and Reflect. Heavy Payload enabled him to increase the amount of damage he inflicts on his enemies. Scatter allows him to dissipate any projectiles thrown at him. Springlike Limbs enables him to coil his muscles to either increase his physical strength or propel himself through the air. Wing allows him to sprout bat-like wings so he could fly. Reflect enables him to erect a force field that would reflect any attack back to its source. However, Reflect was destroyed during Shigaraki’s fight with Star and Stripe.

Even though he was around 98% complete by the time he fought Star and Stripe, Shigaraki was so badly wounded from the battle that his completion was stalled for a week. Once he recovered, we got to see a new demonstration of his newfound power when he fought the heroes of UA once again. Once more, Aizawa’s power negation was used to negate Shigaraki’s quirks like in the Paranormal Liberation War. However, Shigaraki is not the same as he was last time. During the Paranormal Liberation War, Shigaraki was only 75% complete and the heroes were able to inflict a lot of damage on him while his quirks were negated. Now, Shigaraki is almost at full power and is on a totally different level than before. This was demonstrated when Shigaraki revealed another physical augmentation he received from Doctor Ujiko.

The transformative surgery Shigaraki received from Doctor Ujiko revolved around a concept known as the Quirk Singularity. This theory suggests that quirks will become increasingly stronger, diverse, and unpredictable with each generation to the point in which mankind would not be able to control them and be destroyed by their own power. The surgery Ujiko gave Shigaraki was designed to overcome that limitation by augmenting the human body so it could keep up with the constantly evolving nature of multiple quirks. This was demonstrated when Shigaraki gained strength, speed, stamina, and durability that rivaled All Might. Even without his quirks, Shigaraki was more than capable of holding his own against multiple superheroes at the same time. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the augmentations Ujiko gave him.

A new enhancement involved Shigaraki’s body mutating and adapting in response to the countless quirks that are inside him. This was manifested by him regrowing the fingers he lost during his fight with Re-Destro. During his current fight with the superheroes, Shigaraki’s left hand mutated further by changing into a writhing mass of fingers. The power of this mass of fingers is so great that it can overwhelm and subdue a superhero of Mirko’s caliber. What is even more intense is that this mass can grow and spread until it is the size of a building. Not only can Shigaraki swarm and overpower his enemies with these waves of fingers, but if he uses his Decay quirk with his hand in that state, he can cause a larger scale of destruction than ever could before. Shigaraki can summon this level of physical power while his quirks are being negated, which is bad news for the superheroes.

What is most intriguing is what is happening inside of Shigaraki’s mind. After inheriting All For One’s quirk, the vestige of All For One himself began to gradually take control of Shigaraki’s body. After a month of fighting for control of his body, Shigaraki’s mind began to merge with All For One’s vestige, resulting in them beginning to fuse into a completely different being. This has caused Shigaraki to have an extreme identity crisis because he can no longer tell if he is All For One, Tomura Shigaraki, or even Tenko Shimura. On the other hand, this mental fusion has given Shigaraki the experience and intellect of the original All For One. This has enabled Shigaraki to wield his arsenal of quirks more efficiently with more proficiency. What state Shigaraki’s mind will be in when he is complete is up in the air at this point.

Overall, Shigaraki has come a long way since the Paranormal Liberation War. Even though his psychological fate is still to be determined, his new augmentations and quirks are impressive. I look forward to seeing how he will develop in the future.


“Time? What time do you think we have?”

Saruman the White, The Fellowship of the Ring

The following contains spoilers from chapter 328 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia reveals that the situation regarding Tomura Shigaraki is a lot worse than we thought. The intel Stain provided to the superheroes included information about a signal that was being transmitted between All For One’s vestige in Shigaraki and All For One himself during the Tartarus Prison breakout. When analyzed, this signal revealed that Shigaraki needed 38 days to reach his full potential; not two months. Based on the amount of time that has passed since the Tartarus Prison breakout, it has been deduced that Shigaraki will reach his full power at 100% in THREE DAYS!!!

Now, All For One’s plan is starting to make sense. While he and Shigaraki were in hiding, All For One made his assassins think that Shigaraki would be complete in two months. While being interrogated, Doctor Ujiko said the same thing. The assassins were given this “intel” in order to give the superheroes a false lead to follow. Ujiko lied to the authorities because of his undying loyalty to All For One, which outweighed anything the authorities could threaten him with. Since the superheroes were led to believe that they had two months to find and stop Shigaraki and All For One, they were under the false impression that they had enough time to get that done. Instead, they wasted an entire month on a wild goose chase, which gave Shigaraki the time he needed to finish his metamorphosis. By the time the superheroes learned this, it is too late.

The grim truth is that the superheroes have effectively run out of time trying to find and stop Shigaraki. Even if they could find him in time, Shigaraki would be between 98 to 99 percent complete, which is far more powerful than he was during the Paranormal Liberation War. All they can do is spend the next three days making any last minute preparations for Shigaraki’s awakening. All of Japan must brace for impact as the ultimate supervillain starts to awaken in three short days.


The following contains spoilers from chapter 327 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

An intriguing revelation about Tomura Shigaraki’s status was revealed to us in the most recent chapter. It was revealed that even though Shigaraki was awakened from his surgery before it was complete, he can still stabilize on his own without the aid of his surgical capsule. From the moment he was awakened prematurely, Shigaraki needed two more months before he reached full power at 100% stabilization. It has already been one month since the Paranormal Liberation War, which means Shigaraki requires one more month before he reaches his full potential. The clock is ticking against the superheroes as they try to hunt down both Shigaraki and All For One. The only reason the superheroes were able to disrupt Shigaraki’s surgery was because they had Hawks serving as a mole in the Paranormal Liberation Army. Now, the superheroes no longer have that advantage. Also, All For One has taken extreme measures to cover his tracks and has been several steps ahead since the beginning, formulating plans within plans. It is possible that All For One took even more unpredictable precautions to keep the superheroes off his scent. However, the superheroes have gained an unlikely ally in the Hero Killer Stain, who provided intel to the superheroes regarding Tartarus Prison’s security records. This could mean that the superheroes have a chance to disrupt Shigaraki’s growth yet again. However, I don’t think it will go the superheroes’ way for two reasons. First, the superheroes were barely able to fight Shigaraki when he was at 75% stabilization. If he needs two more months to complete his metamorphosis and one month has already passed, then Shigaraki is already more powerful than he was before at between 80% to 90% stabilization. Second, how do we know the “intel” Stain gave the superheroes was not intentionally leaked to them? What if it is a false lead to make the superheroes go on a wild goose chase to keep them off Shigaraki’s and All For One’s scent? Because All For One is a highly intelligent mastermind with impressive foresight, I would not be surprised if this was the case. If this is true, then it would give Shigaraki more time to complete his transformation. I look forward to finding out how this will unfold as the story progresses.


“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” 

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In recent chapters of My Hero Academia, we got an idea of what kind of defenses the superheroes put in place in preparation of the supervillains’ next move. The hero academies have been turned into evacuation shelters for both superheroes and civilians alike. UA Highschool has drastically upgraded its defenses since the USJ attack to the point in which it rivals those of Tartarus Prison. It has been noted that the defenses of UA Highschool seem to be specifically designed to counter Tomura Shigaraki’s augmented Decay quirk. The previously disillusioned civilians have also begun to reconcile with the superheroes after Deku returned to the academy.

Despite all the preparations they have made, I think the superheroes and civilians are still in danger. Even though Himoko Toga has been MIA since the Paranormal Liberation War, the superheroes believe they have found a way to counter her shapeshifting abilities. The reason for this is because they have deduced the time limit for her Transform quirk. After hearing how Toga’s quirk evolved by copying the quirks of those she turns into, it is likely that Ochaco Uraraka revealed this information to the superheroes after the Paranormal Liberation War. Still, I think the superheroes continue to underestimate the threat Toga presents.

The superheroes are under the impression that Toga will directly try to infiltrate UA herself with her shapeshifting abilities. I think she already has infiltrated the school. However, I think she will use a different strategy, one the superheroes will never see coming. I mentioned before the possibility that Toga will get her hands on the blood of Twice’s corpse. Toga has always said that she wanted to be closer to those she loves by drinking their blood and shapeshifting into them. She saw Twice as a surrogate big brother, which would make him someone she loves. She might acquire his blood from the villain mansion or from a morgue. With Twice’s blood, Toga won’t only assume Twice’s appearance and copy his duplication quirk to resurrect him, but I think she will use it for something far more ambitious. If Toga copies Twice’s quirk after ingesting his blood, the threat that Hawks tried to prevented by killing Twice would return with a vengeance. Not only would Twice be resurrected and be able to unleash his Sad Man’s Parade once more, but Toga could mass produce an army of spies for herself.

With these spies, Toga and a Twice clone could kidnap and kill dozens or hundreds of civilians and make copies of them. These copies would infiltrate UA and be assumed to be normal citizens. With Twice dead, the superheroes will not suspect that his duplication power was being used. When enough infiltrators are in place, Toga and the Twice clone would attack UA from within. It will be like the MHA version of the Fall of Troy.

Overall, I think Himiko Toga is preparing a nasty surprise for the superheroes. I hope we find out what it is in the next few chapters.


I had an interesting idea regarding my superhero series. After I am done with the Herawulf Rising series, I am planning to write a separate story that is told from the point of view of a supervillain. It will be like The Boys where the world’s superheroes are heroes in name only and are really a bunch of privileged and corrupt thugs. Then one of these false heroes causes trouble for the main character, which motivates him to pursue a path of vengeance and destruction. My protagonist will reflect what I would do if I became a supervillain and will possess the darkest aspects of my character. Overall, this is easily going to be one of my darkest stories and I will be treading through the penumbra of the dark side while writing it.


“I am your father.”

Darth Vader, Star Wars

I just had a disturbing idea regarding My Hero Academia. I believe that All For One, the most powerful and sinister supervillain in Japan, is Deku’s biological father. Since the start of the series, Deku’s father has been notably absent from the story. Supposedly, Deku’s father has been “away on business”, according to Deku’s mother. However, I think Deku’s father has not been absent from the story at all. Thanks to Doctor Ujiko, All For One acquired a quirk called Life Force, which greatly extends his longevity, which has allowed him to remain active for over a century. I think throughout his long life, All For One has undergone many names and aliases in order to remain hidden. Doctor Ujiko, who also has the Life Force quirk, has done the same thing in order to conceal his identity. Perhaps, while assuming the name of “Hisashi Midoriya”, All For One thought posing as a wife and husband would make it easier to cover his tracks from All Might. One must remember that Doctor Ujiko was the exact same doctor that Deku and his mother went to see when Deku was a child. The doctor revealed that Deku was quirkless, but I think there was more to it than that. The fact that Ujiko was the physician that claimed Deku was quirkless means that All For One was involved. All For One is infamous for stealing the quirks of others and making them his own. Maybe Deku did have a quirk after all, but All For One discreetly took it from him. That would mean that Deku had a quirk that threatened All For One so greatly that he had to strip him of it. Maybe Deku inherited the All For One quirk and All For One himself saw Deku as a threat to his plans. If All For One is Deku’s father, the fact that he was absent in the story could also be connected to when he was weakened by All Might. There is a delicious sense of irony to All Might taking Deku under his wing because he would unwittingly make the son of his mortal enemy his successor. This would be similar to how Tomura Shigaraki became the apprentice of All For One since Shigaraki was the grandson of a One For All wielder. If All For One is Deku’s father, was Deku’s mother aware of her husband’s true identity? If this theory is true, All For One may have sired Deku, but he was never Deku’s father in bond. All Might has been more of a father figure to Deku than Deku’s own father has been. All Might was the one who bonded with Deku, raised him in the ways of the superhero, and supported him every step of the way. I look forward to seeing if this theory is true in future chapters.