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Imagine being one of the most intelligent human beings to ever live. Your brain would operate in the same capacity as a supercomputer and there would be few things you would not know. You could invent any machine and solve any problem. Still, as impressive as this power would seem, I can see a potential problem that would turn this power into a double-edged sword. It would explosively amplify your mental capabilities at the expense of your physical capabilities. You would be the most intelligent being in the world, but you would be a quadriplegic with atrophied muscles. In my future superhero series, I will include a character who would exhibit these conditions. They will be an interesting character to work with.



Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! The moment I have waited years for is finally here! My favorite teenage superhero team, The Runaways, has their own live action television show! I was head-over-heels in love with the graphic novel and I am in a state of infinite bliss to know that this show is coming! I can’t wait!


I had a frightening idea for a series I will do in the future. Imagine if an extremist group secretly supported by a powerful government released a biological weapon that was intended to wipe out countries they hated. Instead, the weapon infects all of humanity and as a result, every infant that is born will end up as three different kinds of beings when they reach puberty. A third will be normal human beings, another third will be powerful superhumans, and the last third will mutate into flesh-eating monsters. Over time, this way of life would shape the dystopian world this series depicts. What do you think of this and how can I improve it?


I had a brainwave today when thinking of a new superhero story. I am thinking of making something that is a combination between X-Men, Hunger Games, and Battle Royale. Imagine a gladiatorial battle for survival between more than three dozen superhumans whose powers just manifested and only a select few are allowed to make it out alive. These gladiators will not have swords, spears, or shields. Instead, the only weapon they will have will be whatever powers manifested for them. I will be doing a lot of brainstorming on what powers these three dozen superhumans will possess. I believe this story is going to show a lot of action and psychological conflict. What do you think?