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I finished the first chapter of my new superhero series and started the second chapter. Here, the main characters will be seen interacting with the public more. Also, the reader will see who is backing this new group of heroes. This is where things start to get personal for my new superheroes.



I am currently working on the first chapter of my new superhero series. Essentially, it is the main characters’ debut and it will give the reader a taste of what they are capable of in a combat situation. Nothing is more important in a superhero story than the superhero’s debut to the public. I look forward to continue writing this chapter and see where it leads to.


We often think of the infinite possibilities of alternate timelines. With each new possibility, the multiverse grows. What if there was an alternate timeline where superhumans exist? For my new superhero series, I am thinking of creating an alternate reality. In our timeline, the first true superhero, Mandrake the Magician, was created in 1934. With this in mind, what if in this alternate reality, the first superhuman appeared in 1934? If such a thing happened, a lot of historical events would have turned out differently. First, the concept of the superhero wouldn’t be invented yet. Second, World War II, Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War, and the Iraq War would have all turned out differently. Different regimes would rise to power, other regimes would become stronger, and other regimes would crumble into nothing with the rise of superhumans. With superhumans being the ultimate modern weapon, American imperialism will increase to a degree that hasn’t happened in our timeline. This will result in a completely different 2019, where the United States becomes the dominant superpower in the world with a dozen lesser regimes scattered across the globe. This will be similar to Watchmen in two aspects: First, the story will take place in an alternate timeline. Second, America will rely on superhumans to make their nation the most powerful on the planet just as America did with Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen. This provides me with lots of historical and political inspiration to work with and it makes me so giddy!



As superhumans rise, a new ability to wage war is brought into the world. With each new innovation, the rules of warfare change. When guns and cannons were invented, they made swords and plate armor obsolete. When the atomic bomb was invented, it introduced the ability to destroy entire cities and wipe entire countries off the face of the Earth. If superhumans become real, a new commodity would be introduced to battlefields and arms dealers across the planet: living weapons of mass destruction and super soldiers! Such an arsenal would make a nuclear warhead look like a firecracker and an army of human soldiers look like toy soldiers. Also, a new form of human trafficking, slavery, and kidnapping would be introduced to the streets and arms dealers and corporations grow fatter and richer off the suffering of their superhuman victims. That will be one of the main themes my new superhero series will revolve around.


It has come to my attention that the original setting for my new superhero series was way too extreme and impractical. I am thinking of redoing the setting so that it is more down to Earth and realistic. This will require some extensive planning, but I am up for the challenge. Instead of it being a space opera that takes place in a space station orbiting the Earth, I am thinking of making the setting an alternate version of the United States. In this alternate reality, the United States will be turned from a democracy to a fascist monarchy. At some point in the future, a President changed the law so that there would be no elections and that the President serves for life before being replaced by one of his relatives. I have plenty of inspiration for such a setting because I have a strong feeling that such a thing could happen if the occupant of the Oval Office is not held accountable. Essentially, this new superhero series will be less like Star Wars and more like V for Vendetta.