In my sequel series, one of the main characters is a warrior both physically and mentally. He would come from a planet in which resources are scarce and it’s every man for himself, which molds him into a brutal individual. In terms of personality, he would be a person who is hopelessly addicted to fighting, which causes him to constantly look for a good battle. His powers are specifically made for combat because he is superhumanly strong and resilient, which would make him like a berserker. This would make him nearly unstoppable, being able to ignore injuries and keep fighting even if he loses a limb or two. His character development will revolve around being able to overcome his warrior mindset and acknowledge that saving a life is better than taking a life. Essentially, he will start as an anti-hero and evolve into an actual superhero.


I have started another superhero graphic novel project tonight and I am rather excited about it. This one will exclusively be a graphic novel script and I intend to submit it to a comic book company in the near future. I will work on it until there is enough material to get the company started and then I will contact them. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.


Aegon_VI_con_Compañía_Dorada_by_Diego_Gisbert©I have been reading the Game of Thrones books and I have a few theories about the mysterious character who calls himself Aegon Targaryen VI, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell. There have been countless issues and theories revolving around the character because Aegon was supposedly dead before the events of the books, but in A Dance with Dragons it was revealed that he may in fact be alive. The reason for this is because the spymaster of King’s Landing Varys claimed be replaced Aegon with an impostor infant who was killed instead of him. Then after sending him into hiding in Essos, Varys had secretly been training Aegon for his future role as King of the Iron Throne.

In my own opinion, I believe “Aegon” may be an impostor raised to believe he was the real Aegon. If Varys wanted to convince the Seven Kingdoms that he was the real Aegon when the time came, he would have just taken Aegon into hiding instead of replacing him with another infant. That way, the Seven Kingdoms wouldn’t know his final fate until he revealed himself. Also, even though “Aegon” has been trained all his life to rule and has all the necessary skills to be King, there is no guarantee that his descendants will be good kings or queens, which would ultimately doom Varys’s plan.

There have been multiple hints that “Aegon” may not be a Targaryen at all, but a survivor of House Blackfyre, who were close relatives of House Targaryen who tried to overthrow them multiple times. While it was mentioned that the male line of House Blackfyre is extinct, they made no mention about the female line of House Blackfyre. With this in mind, “Aegon” might be either the son or descendant of the female line of House Blackfyre.

Since House Blackfyre tried to overthrow the Targaryens on multiple occasions, the current conditions of the Seven Kingdoms would greatly work in their favor for a variety of different reasons. First, the War of the Five Kings has made the Seven Kingdoms weaker and more vulnerable than they have ever been, which will make them easier to conquer. Also, since the Targaryens were the only ones standing in House Blackfyre’s way of inheriting the Iron Throne, this would also be beneficial for them because the only known Targaryen is on the other side of the world and unable to oppose them.

In general, I cannot wait to find out the truth (if there even is one) about “Aegon” when the new book comes out.


I have started the next chapter of my sequel series and this is going to be one of the most significant ones in the book. The reason for this is because the main characters will be introduced to one another for the first time and learn the reason why they were chosen and assembled. The characters’ reactions to their mission are various with some eager for a fight while others have doubts on their capabilities as superheroes. This will produce a complex emotional chemistry within the team when they realize the scale of their mission and the possibility that they could die.


I have just started writing another chapter on my sequel series and this is where the plot begins to thicken. After recruiting new super humans to their cause, one of the main characters becomes conflicted with his mission. This is where he starts to form doubts about forming a new generation of superheroes and questions if their ultimate goal will be successful. Due to these doubts, there will be disfunction amongst the heroes’ ranks that will give their superhero careers a rocky start. The heroes’ relationship as a team will be able to grow and evolve as a result of this.


I have started writing the introductions of each of the main characters in my sequel series. They each come from different backgrounds and are the most unlikely heroes at first glance. The reason for this is because even though they each possess immense power, they have personalities that set them apart from your average hero with some reluctant to take up the mantle while others desire a good fight. Now, with the interstellar government on the brink of war and consumed by chaos, their hero’s journey begins with their recruitment. They will each be tested and a certain connection between them will be revealed.



The latest episode of Game of Thrones gave me both thrills and chills for a variety of different reasons. To begin with, I am glad we finally discovered the origins of the White Walkers. Knowing their origins, the White Walkers are similar to nuclear weapons in the sense that they were created by the Children of the Forest to serve as a deterrent towards the First Men, but they also had the power to destroy their creators. In the end, the White Walkers were like Frankenstein’s monster and turned on their creators. I hope Bran Stark will make it back to The Wall alive and come out of his warg dream so he can fulfill his destiny.

In addition, I believe that Theon and Yara Greyjoy are going to replace Victarion Greyjoy’s storyline in that they will take the Iron Fleet to Daenerys Targaryen and win her support. The reason for this would be to not only gain the numbers and influence they would need to conquer the mainland, but also to avenge their father. In a sense, Daenerys and the ironborn need each other because Daenerys has infantry and cavalry and no navy while the ironborn have a navy, but no infantry or cavalry. In this sense, they would be very beneficial to one another.

This episode Brienne of Tarth heading towards the Riverlands to recruit the Tullys to the Stark cause, which gives me the feeling that this is where we will see Lady Stoneheart. If that is the case, I cannot wait to see Freys “hanging around” in the trees. I am concerned with Sansa Stark and Jon Snow because it looks like even if they rally all Northern Houses that are loyal to House Stark, they are stilled outnumbered. Even though Littlefinger is greedy, selfish, and treacherous, I think he is a necessary evil because based on the mathematics of Sansa Stark’s situation, she and Jon Snow may need The Vale’s support against the Boltons since their military is at full strength.

Also, I am pleased with Tyrion Lannister’s political skills in that he won the allegiance of the Red Temple of Volantis. As it has been proven time and again, religion can be a powerful political tool and Tyrion will use the priests of the Lord of Light to spread pro-Daenerys propaganda.

Now that the lair of the three-eyed raven has been destroyed, nothing now stands between the White Walkers and The Wall. Winter is so close, I can already feel the air freezing and see the darkness spreading like a plague. Brace yourselves for The Long Night!


I decided to add a little diversity into the setting of my sequel series. At first, I wanted there to just be two distinct races: normal humans (no powers) and neohumans (with powers). However, I thought of providing my readers with the point of view of a third race: artificial intelligence. I got the idea from various fantasy stories, which feature multiple races such as humans, elves, and dwarves. However, my story will be strictly science fiction because it will take place in an interstellar government inhabited by three unique races. Through this idea, you would see the perspectives of each race. With normal humans, they would be mere mortals who take their lives for granted and their limited lifespans makes them relatively naive and short-sighted in comparison to their inhuman neighbors. From the neohumans’ perspective, they would be immortal super humans who would feel haughty and cynical due to their immense powers and advanced lifespans. For androids and robots, they would be driven by logic but long to connect with their organic neighbors. Each of these races has something new to add to the table and I cannot wait to elaborate this further.


I had an interesting idea for one of the main characters in my sequel series. Out of all the protagonists, this individual will undergo the most costume changes throughout his superhero career. The reason for this is because he will be significantly injured on multiple occasions, which results in his uniform being damaged several times. This would allow his costume and equipment to evolve throughout the series. He will begin with a basic spandex and simple equipment, but as he fights in various battles, he will upgrade his uniform and weaponry into a more high-tech and hardened version. This would also symbolize the character’s evolution as a superhero from a rookie to a veteran.