During WonderCon 2015, I stayed at the Hilton, which was stationed right next door to the Anaheim Convention Center. It was a large and luxurious hotel that every convention visitor should experience. In addition, it has an elegant restaurant that has an extensive selection of desserts, seafood, and a breakfast buffet that is to die for. The rooms are fairly sizable and comfortable with a view of Disneyland and the Convention Center. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is seeking a vacation to remember.


My editors have completed the second chapter of my first short story and they enjoy the world’s reaction to the main character’s transformation into a neohuman. In addition, they said that they liked how this short story depicted the immediate aftermath of my third volume. I am pleased that my editors are enjoying my short story so far. Their input and reviews have meant a lot. At the rate they are editing, my short story collection will be released on time. If I am accepted into next year’s WonderCon, then I will have these short stories to present at the book signing. In will keep you updated on any further developments and wish me luck!


My editors have completed the first chapter of one of my short stories. They said that it caught their attention instantly and enjoyed the intense pace. In addition, my editors said the main character’s transformation into a neohuman was very vivid. I am glad my editors are enjoying my first short story so far even though I am relatively new at writing them. I look forward to what they will say about the rest of the short stories. I will keep you updated!


I have reached the seventh chapter of my upcoming fourth volume and I am overwhelmed by a rush of the conflict that is taking place. The Young Guardians are still locked in combat with their mysterious new enemy, whose nature they are beginning to understand. In this battle, the Young Guardians and their new allies demonstrate a frightening display of their combined powers, which is a thrilling sight to behold. However, even though the Young Guardians are beginning to understand the true nature of their dangerous foe, they begin to realize that the creature’s arrival foreshadows an even greater threat over the horizon. Now, the Young Guardians must prepare for the ominous danger that creeps closer with each passing second.


Editing for my first short story has begun! The first chapter of the short story is almost done and at the editing’s current rate, I predict the short stories will be ready for publication at around Christmas time. If that is the case, then the short stories will be ready for WonderCon 2016! I will keep you updated on any further developments.



As Halloween approaches, I prepare my costume to scare trick-or-treaters. Their fright has made me realize that the one thing that spreads faster than any biological virus is fear. With this in mind, I am currently thinking of creating a major supervillain for my fifth volume who has fear-based powers. How can the Young Guardians fight someone that they are forced to be afraid of? I guess we will find out. Happy Halloween, everyone!


As I draw closer to the next stage of my series, I have developed plans for the Young Guardians’ future as an organization. In the fourth volume, the aftermath of volume three will grant the Young Guardians will have more additions to their team that will make them a force to be reckoned with. However, their numbers will fluctuate during the battles that will take place in the next two volumes and they will face an uncertain future. In that uncertain future, I am already imagining how they will evolve in a society that is significantly different than the one we live in. During this time, the Young Guardians will finally transform into the disorganized ragtag team of youths they once were and will develop into an organization with actual leadership and hierarchy. When that happens, the Young Guardians will serve as a linchpin to this new society.


I have great news! During WonderCon earlier this year, a group of art students made a collection of concept art of my characters, which was featured through a slideshow. I was so impressed with their art that I gave one lucky student the chance to have their art converted into the cover illustration of my upcoming collection of short stories. The selected picture is essentially a fiery silhouette of the main character of the series, Patrick Donovan. Currently, their art is being converted and will be ready at around Christmas time. I cannot wait for this opportunity to unfold and give a talented kid a chance to give his art some exposure. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have noticed that in virtually every anime and manga characters have the ability to undergo transformations that grant them powers that were vastly superior to their original forms. I drew inspiration from this idea and decided to give the Young Guardians super forms as well. However, in order for the Young Guardians to gain access to these super forms, or Taiven forms, they have to pay the ultimate price in order to be reborn into more powerful beings. The Young Guardians are at their strongest when they are in their Taiven forms and used them to battle the demon Fanoxean in my second volume. While the Young Guardians are in their Taiven forms, their appearances change and they gain weapons that help channel their augmented powers. For example, when Patrick Donovan undergoes his Taiven form, he manifests a sword that generates so much heat that it incinerates anything it touches. For the moment, their Taiven forms need refinement and have plenty of room to evolve for the final battle in volume five.