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With the Holidays around the corner, I will be starting a FREE Kindle giveaway at midnight tonight. The book I will be giving out will be my Kaiju novella, Karmathaur. The giveaway will last for five days. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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I have updated the map of my fantasy world, Gradaia. I received comments that the border lines of the original version did not look realistic. So in order to make it look more authentic, I have modified the border lines by making them thinner and more jagged. The jagged lines would show how each kingdom’s borders changed over the centuries.



Looking back at Karmathaur’s recent review, I received a very pleasant compliment that I did not see coming. The review said that Karmathaur could potentially be made into a film that would rival Godzilla and Pacific Rim. That was a great compliment that I was not expecting and it meant a great deal. I have viewed Karmathaur as just a simple side project, but this comment implies that it could become so much more than I intended. I will keep this in mind if the opportunity ever arises.



My Kaiju novella, Karmathaur, got a four star review on both GoodReads and Amazon UK today! Here it is:

“From the first line to the first echoing roar of Karmathaur itself, it is clear where the inspiration for the story lies. The story starts with a genetic experiment that is almost thwarted by the police, then moves on a few years later to when the genetically modified and radiation filled zygote (a fertilized egg) has hatched into the monster Karmathaur. We follow a set of friends as they find out about the cult behind the creature’s creation while they battle for survival. The story very much plays out like a Hollywood blockbuster, and like a Hollywood movie it is fast paced, action filled but low on character development. Interestingly the characters start to develop but the one problem with the story halts that, the fact that it is so short. It really follows the blockbuster formula that it is about gruesome deaths and high-octane set pieces. Whilst I am happy with this and soon became aware that this was where the book was heading, there is a sense of loss, that by making it potentially twice the length it could make you feel more for the characters. That said, for a book that costs 99p on Kindle you can not go far wrong, and it could easily be made into a film to rival that of Godzilla or Pacific Rim. The writing is a bit stilted at times but it gets its message across. The one thing that sets this story apart from those films is the end, the hint that this beast, created to destroy the world, might just be more than the sum of its parts.”



In the future fantasy book that will revolve around the reign of Numen the Slayer’s grandson, I thought of something that would create an explosive beginning to the story. There are times in which when a previous ruler dies and a new, untested one succeeds them that rebellion breaks out afterwards. The seeds of resentment planted by The War of the Gilded Beasts will bear fruit. I have taken inspiration from the machinations of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick AKA the Kingmaker. After falling out with Edward IV, Warwick engineered a series of rebellions against his king. Some of these rebellions failed and some succeeded. The first of these rebellions was started by spreading rumors that the king’s in-laws were stealing tax money at the kingdom’s expense. These rumors erupted into revolt in northern England. Warwick fanned the flames even further by publishing an open letter that repeated the accusations against Edward IV’s in-laws and invited anyone who shared his views to rebel against the king. I can definitely see a potential story unfolding with this idea.