I came across a rumor regarding Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rogue One. It was said that even though we will see the Dark Lord of the Sith in all his glory, he may be injured while fighting the rebels. This would make him the mysterious person inside of the bacta tank in the trailer. This picture of a prop resembles Darth Vader when he was maimed and burned alive on Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith and he is wearing a breathing mask similar to the one Luke Skywalker wears in Empire Strikes Back while inside a bacta tank. Also, from this picture it is clear that Darth Vader’s burns have healed quite a bit over the past nineteen years since Revenge of the Sith. This makes me think that this isn’t the first time he used a bacta tank. I think Vader routinely bathed in a bacta tank in order to heal is injuries so that he could survive outside of his mask and armor. In addition, it was claimed that Vader would be getting a new set of prosthetic limbs after this healing session. This made me wonder what would be powerful enough to injure someone of Darth Vader’s caliber to the point in which he would be forced into a bacta tank. The only way this could happen is if the rebels caught Vader by surprise. We will find out next week!



Since I have been gaining inspiration from various historical events in medieval times, I am thinking of drawing inspiration from an event known as the Hundred Years’ War. The Hundred Years’ War was a conflict that lived up to its name as England and France clashed with one another. The reason I am choosing to draw inspiration from this particular event is because I was thinking of creating a war that lasts a generation in my fantasy book. Essentially, after the rightful dynasty supposedly dies out, every nobleman would compete with one another to fill the power vacuum.



Even though mathematics is my greatest weakness, I have been doing the math on just how large Daenerys Targaryen’s Dothraki khalasar really is. In Season 6, it was estimated to number 100,000 strong. However, after reviewing the history on how large the average Dothraki khalasar is, I think her Dothraki army is significantly larger than that. The average Dothraki khalasar numbers at least 20,000 or more. Daenerys burned seven khals when she took over the Dothraki. If each khal commanded 20,000 men that would mean that Daenerys controls at least 140,000 strong. On the other hand, if each of the khals commanded 40,000 men like Khal Drogo did, then Daenerys would command 280,000 men or more. Even without the Reach’s entire support with House Tarly’s betrayal and Highgarden sacked, Daenerys would still command more soldiers than all of the other factions combined. The problem will be to feed her colossal army and without the full support of the Reach that will be complicated especially since winter has finally arrived. On the other hand, it was rumored that the Iron Bank of Braavos is going to make its move next season. With Stannis Baratheon dead and the Lannisters’ rule hanging by a thread, the Iron Bank might financially support Daenerys, giving her the funding she would need to feed her massive army and finance her entire campaign. Either way, Daenerys has all of Westeros outnumbered and outgunned.



Last night, I saw a film I have not seen in many years: The Sword in the Stone. It was all because of this film that I got into the Arthurian legend in the first place. Even though this was an enjoyable film and was simplified for a younger audience, there were some things that I would have changed if I was one of the writers. For instance, with the girl squirrel, I considered the possibility of Merlin using his magic to turn her into a human and that would lead to her becoming Guinevere, King Arthur’s wife and queen. Also, what if the writers added a band of servant boys that Arthur was friends with. These boys would then become Arthur’s future Knights of the Round Table. I think these changes would have connected the dots between this story and the original legend. Overall, though, this was a film that was full of nostalgic memories from my childhood.


As many of you know, I am a fan of the legend of King Arthur, the man who pulled the fabled sword Excalibur from the stone and became king of England. It looks like the Once and Future King is having yet another film next year. It will feature actors such as Jude Law and Eric Bana as well as Game of Thrones actors who played Littlefinger and Roose Bolton (two of the most hated backstabbers in the universe). It looks like this version of King Arthur is more roguish that what we are used to, which would bring something new to the table. It would make him the most unlikely person imaginable to be king. From what it looks like, one of the actresses who played the mermaids from Pirates of the Caribbean will play Arthur’s future wife and queen, Guinevere while Jude Law will play the tyrant Vortigern. Also, Djimon Hounsou will play Bedivere, who was one of the knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This would hint that Arthur’s fellow rogues will one day be his future Knights of the Round Table. Either way, I look forward to seeing this movie and enjoy the legend of King Arthur like never before.


I have been watching and learning from Youtube videos about forging swords as well as the History Channel show Forged In Fire. I had an intense idea of the forging process of the most powerful weapon in my fantasy book. This weapon’s power was so great that it allowed its chosen bloodline to rule unopposed for thousands of years. With this in mind, I wondered what kind of forging process would be worthy enough to create a sword of power. I am thinking of a system that would involve dragons, volcanoes, and lots of blood. Whether or not this is how the sword was actually made or just the stuff of local legends will be left to debate as the story progresses. Overall though, this sword’s power is as formidable as it is terrifying and I look forward to exploring how the main character harnesses its power.