Great news!  I have just completed the epilogue of my first short story, therefore completing my very first short story!  I am satisfied with the ending.  I feel that it projects the characters’ emotions as well as tie in this short story’s connection with the other two I will be releasing before publishing volume four.  Editing will begin soon and I will commence with publishing sometime after WonderCon.  I will keep you updated.


Good news! There is a high school in Pomona that agreed to collaborate with me in preparation for WonderCon. They had an entire art class do concept art of my characters, which will be presented at my booth on a large computer screen in a continual loop. I look forward to seeing this concept art this weekend.


Only one week remains until my book signing at WonderCon. It is the final push and I am getting the final touches ready. This weekend, I will receive my banner, book marks, and fliers. In addition, I will be gathering all of my required materials in preparation for next Thursday, which is when I will be checking into my hotel next to the convention center. I am more excited than I have ever been and look forward to the results of this book signing. Wish me luck!


Emotions have always been one of mankind’s most defining traits.  I thought it would be interesting to introduce a character who could influence the emotions of others any way they choose.  Some people could sense emotions, others could induce emotions in another person, or a few could draw strength of one or more emotion in order to unlock previously dormant abilities.  What would be the results if someone wielded that kind of ability?  In my upcoming short story, the main character will have a love interest who possesses this power.  At first glance, it looks as though she can only sense the emotions of others, but as the story progresses, her ability quickly evolves into something more fundamental.  The details of just how much her powers will grow will remain confidential until the short story is released.  Overall, I believe she will be a unique character who is the general incarnation of a “people person”.


I have just concluded the battle between the main character and the supervillain in my upcoming short story and I must say that its ending was satisfactory.  I have just started the epilogue, which will depict the aftermath of the main character’s battle.  In addition, it will have a revelation that will link this short story to another of the three I have planned, which in turn will lead up to the fourth volume of my series.  Once the epilogue is complete, the citing process will begin followed by publication.  I am eager to get to work and I will keep you all updated.


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