In a post-apocalyptic world where most of the planet has died, I can imagine that the remaining humans would take drastic action to try and breathe life back into their dead world. The most pragmatic way would be to terraform it, which would clean out the pollutants and pave the way for new life forms to grow. However, like all scientific methods, there is always a risk of things going wrong. What if the terraforming worked TOO well? You would clean the dead planet and revive it, but the possibility exists where you could supercharge the growth of the planet’s remaining life forms. Such plants and animals could potentially surpass the dinosaurs in terms of size and power. With such powerful and unpredictable wildlife, I can imagine that such a world would be a place where no human could survive. In terms of appearance, I will draw inspiration from anime such as Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters while writing my superhuman series.




Many of us have dreaded the thought of a nuclear holocaust. Most people believe it will come through nuclear warfare, but I feel it could come from another means. The film Olympus Has Fallen introduced a scenario in which a country’s nuclear weapons could detonate while inside their silos. I took this idea and expanded it to an even larger level. Imagine what could happen if the nuclear weapons of ALL countries detonated in their silos instead of just one country? When I consider this possibility, I think it could have extremely dire consequences to the planet. The resulting heat, radiation, and fallout would melt the polar ice caps instantly, resulting in rapidly rising sea levels. The explosions would shatter continents and create colossal tsunamis that would swallow up the surrounding islands and countries. The vaporized debris and fallout would block out the sky in a nuclear winter and super storms would ravage what remains of the heavens. Most of the planets biosphere would be gone and the surviving humans would be struggling to survive with what little resources remain. Essentially, this would be an extinction level event. I will toy with this idea when creating the backstory of the dystopian Earth in my superhuman series.


During the reigns of Henry III and Edward II, there were families who acted as enforcers to the king. For Henry III, his enforcers were his half-brothers the Lusignans. For Edward II, his enforcers were the Despensers. Both kings made these families their enforcers in exchange for being allowed to do whatever they wanted. Eventually, their brutality and greed created all-out chaos throughout England. The Lusignans fled for their lives from rebellious barons while the Despeners were hung, beheaded, castrated, drawn and quartered. I am thinking of basing some characters after these two families in my third fantasy book and their lust for power will result in civil war.



Simon De Montfort was a French knight who was given lands and titles by King Henry III of England. Henry III thought Simon De Montfort was the kind of man who could make the tough choices that he never could. However, Simon led a rebellion against the king and briefly made the barons more powerful than the monarchy. This resulted in the groundwork for what would eventually become Parliament. Henry was not strong enough to regain control of his kingdom on his own. However, Henry III’s son and heir, the future Edward I AKA Longshanks, led the assault to take De Montfort down. Eventually, Longshanks defeated De Montfort and had his body desecrated to send a warning to anyone who would dare defy the crown. Thanks to his son, Henry III regained control of his kingdom, but had to yield to the demands of Magna Carta forever. I am thinking of basing a rebellious noble after Simon De Montfort in the third volume of my fantasy series.



As I delve into my medieval research, I reach an undeniable conclusion. The medieval world was a savage world that bred savage people. It was not called the Dark Ages for nothing. Countless atrocities of all kinds were common place, pestilence and famine ravaged the land, religious zealots hounded and persecuted people they feared and hated, kings and lords always extorted the populace and betrayed one another for their own gain, and there was a nearly constant state of war when peacetime was very short-lived. When I write my fantasy series, I try to make the story as close to these dark standards as I can because it feels more real than the fairy tales we were told as children.