I have been watching the sixth season of Game of Thrones and I have multiple predictions about how events will unfold. Because I have watched the whole show so far, I feel as though I can see everything before it happens. For example, I have a very strong feeling that House Stark is going to make a comeback! At last! The reason for this is because of the events that have occurred so far with House Bolton. I am very happy with House Bolton’s current situation for a number of reasons.

Without Sansa Stark, who was the lynchpin to their hold on the North, the Bolton’s scheme to take over the North is coming undone. Not only are they surrounded by Northern Houses that hate them as a result of the Red Wedding, but they have Littlefinger plotting against them in the east, the Lannisters plan to march against them in the south, the Iron Islands preparing to renew their efforts in the west, and the White Walkers about to breach the Wall in the north. Thanks to Ramsay Snow’s actions, he is now the sole surviving member of House Bolton without an heir to succeed him. That means if anything happens to Ramsay, House Bolton will be as good as extinct and they will have betrayed and murdered Robb Stark for nothing. Also, because Ramsay murdered Walda Frey, the Bolton’s Frey allies will march against them. In addition, Roose Bolton said that if they act against the Night’s Watch the rest of the North will rally against them.

Since Ramsay’s plan to attack Castle Black will rally the rest of the North against him, I think Sansa will take command and lead them against House Bolton. Plus, we saw Littlefinger in the trailers and since he was conspiring with Sansa Stark last season, I think they will form an alliance against House Bolton. Also, Dorne, the southernmost kingdom in Westeros, is finally coming out of neutrality. In addition, the Lannisters’ alliance with House Tyrell hangs by a thread.

In general, I notice that everyone is ultimately moving in one direction: north! With this in mind, the war we have all been waiting for will finally arrive and all of these Westerosi citizens will finally come face-to-face with the one true enemy: the White Walkers! All of the fighting that will take place in the north will stockpile thousands of corpses for the White Walkers to add to their constantly growing army. If the Wall is breached, all of the armies that have gathered will suffer Winter’s wrath and the Long Night can begin once again!


I have been developing an intriguing idea for my sequel series. In order for these new Young Guardians to serve as an evolution of the first generation, I was thinking of introducing a series of specialized martial arts to help them in their war against evil. These martial arts will allow them to utilize their powers while simultaneously using hand-to-hand combat. For example, if a superhero possessed fire manipulation, they would combine close-quarters combat with fire-based techniques such as fireballs or flamethrowers. The way these martial arts would be utilized would be unique to each superhero depending on which powers they have. In general, these hand-to-hand combat kills would be entirely dependent on the user’s improvisational skills. This would allow them to make usage of their superhuman powers more efficient instead of simply blasting away carelessly. I have reached a section in the first volume of my sequel series in which the main characters will be introduced to these techniques after completing their basic training.


As I continue to work on my sequel series, I start to envision how several of my characters will look like. For instance, the main supervillain will wear dark clothing that will consist of a tattered cloak that looks like a banner of war and featureless mask. Another supervillain will be encased in armor plating that gives him the appearance of a demonic creature. The most aggressive of my protagonists will have unique eyes that will strike fear into his enemies. My main protagonist will have a lanky build and will wear a roguish outfit. These are only a few examples of the character appearances I have planned for my sequel series and I am excited to envision more of them.



I have been thinking about Donald Trump in the Presidential Race of 2016. He reminds me of certain versions of the supervillain Lex Luthor who became President. In the Justice League cartoon, Lex Luthor became President, but created policies that nearly triggered World War III. This is the most likely scenario I can think of if Trump becomes President. With this in mind, I think Lex Luthor and Donald Trump are very alike in that they are billionaire businessmen with huge egos. The only difference is that Lex Luthor is a genius and Donald Trump is not. A dimwitted and egotistical man is unworthy of being President.


Every government possesses a seat of power that serves as the core of the whole system. In the interstellar government in my sequel series, there will be a planet that will serve as its capital. This planet will be the home of representatives from every planet in the government’s territory and will have elements from all of the other specialized planets, which will give it a cosmopolitan appearance. This will also be the locations where the Young Guardians’ successors will be trained. I am thinking of a terraformed planet from our solar system to be this capital, but I won’t say which planet it will be.


Even though many of the planets in my sequel series’s interstellar government are vital for political reasons, one must always think about nature. I like the idea of certain planets serving as large wildlife preserves or national parks because the plants and animals would completely unaffected by human or neohuman interference. This way the flora and fauna would have the entire planet all to themselves and exploiting the planet’s natural resources would be outlawed. One might say that these wildlife planets could serve as representations of what Earth could have been if humans never existed.


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