One of the most terrifying and iconic supervillains is Batman’s nemesis: the Joker. In many ways, I find the Joker to be a model supervillain because not only is he a complete and utter psychopath, but he is cunning, unpredictable, and craves chaos for the sake of chaos. My favorite incarnation of the Joker is Heath Ledger’s version from The Dark Knight because he was anarchic and frighteningly convincing. Jared Leto’s version of the Joker in the Suicide Squad film looks promising, but Leto has some serious shoes to fill after Ledger’s performance. One thing I find interesting about the Joker is that even though he has caused Batman pain from time to time such as when he murdered the second Robin, Jason Todd, the Joker cannot imagine a world without Batman. With that in mind, it would be fair to say that the Joker finds his battles with Batman to be a never-ending game that he enjoys.


I have started the fourth volume of my series and I am already into the first two chapters. Even though it is just the beginning of the story, the plot is intense. In the first chapter, the Young Guardians receive a warning that will foreshadow the coming of a powerful new enemy. In the second chapter, the plots of the main series and three of the short stories start to converge. The second is particularly important because it signifies something that has never happened in my writing before since it will connect the dots between the main series and the short story sub-series and the new characters will be fully assimilated into the Young Guardians universe. I look forward to how the story will develop as the writing process progresses.


I am already in the planning stage for the fourth volume of my main series, I have decided to introduce a weakness that the Young Guardians, and neohumans in general, all share. Now every neohuman has their own unique weakness based on what powers or physical conditioning they possess, but in volume four, there will be a weakness that they would all be vulnerable to as a species. This way, the Young Guardians and their allies would be able to face a enemy that could potentially kill them, which will increase suspense and tension. With this in mind, the possibility exists that one or more of the main characters could die in volume four, which would provide a much darker and emotional ending. Just thinking about this weakness gives me the chills because what I have in mind is both repulsive and unexpected.


I have completed my fourth short story! Soon the editing process will begin as well as preparations for the cover design. With this short story completed, I will now publish it and the other three into a collection of short stories in a single book. Hopefully, I will have it ready in time for WonderCon next year. It is important to note that even though the super villain’s role in the fourth short is complete, they will have a significant role in the sequel trilogy that will take place after the main five volumes. In addition, now that these four short stories are finished, I may now proceed to the fourth volume of the main series. Wish me luck!


I have just started the third and final chapter of my fourth short story! This will show the aftermath of the main character’s battle with the supervillain as well as set the stage for volume four of the main series. It will illustrate how the main character has evolved as a superhero due to their confrontation with their first supervillain. I predict that I will finish this short story either tonight or tomorrow night. If that is the case, then I will have completed four short stories in one season, which will be the most I have ever written in that amount of time! I will keep you updated!


I must say that I am completely disappointed with the latest Fantastic Four film. The acting was unconvincing and the story looked as though it had been written by a novice. The characters’ interactions with one another were limited and almost looked like a failed attempt at improv. The Invisible Woman was portrayed like an emotionless android, never properly expressing her feelings or making the audience connect with her. Even worse, Doctor Doom’s origins in the film were sloppy and rushed due to the fact that his fall to the dark side had not been relatable or elaborated. The only positive aspect of the whole film was the Thing’s appearance even though it did not stay true to the comics like everything else in the film. I fear that this film’s complete and utter failure will effectively destroy any chance of another Fantastic Four film being made ever again. If you love the superhero genre, I advise you not to waste your time or money with this abomination.


I have reached the second chapter of my fourth short story and the plot is becoming increasingly intense. In this section of the story, the main character will acquire an unexpected mentor while the supervillain will begin their rampage with catastrophic results. I am rather pleased with how I created the supervillain because they are an individual who represents an unstoppable force, which will provide the main character a very sizable challenge when they confront one another. This chapter will be a combination of mass destruction and gaining the will to fight the forces of evil. In addition, the spiritual side of the plot will become more developed and the inner workings of the super villain’s origins as well as the forces that made them will be further elaborated.


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