Due to recent developments, it looks like I may have another book signing in the near future. This book signing will take place at the Tustin Public Library, which will host a comic book convention. Plans are being drawn for this convention and once they are complete, I will have a certain date for my new book signing. I will keep you updated on any further developments and wish me luck!



Castles have always served as fortresses and strongholds in both medieval Europe and fantasy. The largest of these castles was Prague Castle and I am planning on drawing inspiration from the architecture of this castle for my fantasy project. When I envisioned the largest castle in my fantasy project, I thought of a fortress that was large in terms with width as well as having the tallest towers and the strongest walls. This was how I envisioned the royal capital of the kingdom in my fantasy project and it will house a secret underneath its foundations that is so great that every lord in the realm will kill for it.


I have reached the eighth chapter of the fourth and final volume of my main series and things are intensifying with each word! The first battle is over and the next one is about to begin. Vogan’s deadliest minions have revealed themselves with apocalyptic consequences. These individuals are more demon than man, each one wielding enough power to singlehandedly desolate entire continents! Later in the novel, the Young Guardians will face these creatures one last time and there will be blood. Lots of it!



As I mentioned in my previous posts, the king of my fantasy project will undertake a conquest in order to unite a fractured kingdom under his banner. In order to do that, he must fight the armies of the various factions in the kingdom he will rule. With this in mind, I have been imagining an epic battle between the king’s army and the combined armies of the other factions. This battle will serve as the climax of the king’s initial conquest. Even though the factions’ combined armies will outnumber his own, the king will have a little surprise up his sleeve. I have replayed the battle several times in my head and I get chills when I think about every conceivable detail. I am planning to draw inspiration for this battle from the real life Battle of Hastings, which was the battle that made William the Conquerer king of England.



As an admirer of superhuman abilities, I love the concept of magic and plan on including it in my fantasy project. Due to Fanoxean’s near extermination of Tinisha’s home world, only a single group of individuals in the entire world can use it. This organization will be a combination between sorcerers, scholars, alchemists, and warriors. One could say that they would be similar to the Shaolin Monks. In addition to the Shaolin Monks, I will be drawing inspiration from the druid priests of my Celtic ancestors. As for what form their magic would take, I will be drawing inspiration from traits of the various gods and deities of my Celtic ancestors. This will include elemental manipulation, controlling nature, transmutation, healing, and clairvoyance. Also, these individuals will be the secret puppet masters to the king’s rise to power and their reasons for doing so are elaborate. Essentially, I look forward to developing these characters further because it will allow me to reconnect with my Celtic roots.


I have started the seventh chapter of the fourth and final volume of my main series and things are getting more intense. The Young Guardians are about to rally their new armies and evaluate the true devastation their enemy is capable of unleashing. This is when the story becomes both political and militaristic. It has only been the first battle and things are already heating up! I will keep you updated on any further developments.


Swords have always been an iconic weapon in fantasy, producing several famous blades such as Excalibur, Longclaw, and Brisingr. However, such a weapon does not manifest out of nothing. It is made from the fires of the forge, the ore of the earth, and the hammer of the craftsman. A sword will play a significant role in my fantasy project and it will be made from a metal that is lighter, sharper, and more durable than any other steel. I will be drawing inspiration from this video on how to forge a sword, but the process will also have a touch of magic and alchemy.


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