Tomorrow, I will utilize my cooking skills to create a large, three course Memorial Day feast for my family. The meal in question will involve crispy baked pork chops, brown sugar-glazed carrots, oven-fried red potatoes, and a chocolate peppermint trifle for dessert. I thoroughly enjoy cooking. I love it about as much as I enjoy writing my books and short stories. I will present a followup and review tomorrow. Wish me luck and Happy Memorial Day!


I have discovered a new form of writing to add to my arsenal: screenwriting. I have been taking screenwriting classes and am currently writing a full screenplay. Unlike my books, which are science fiction, fantasy, and superhero genres, this screenplay is murder mystery. I have been writing up to five to six pages a day and plan to turn in the screenplay as my final project in the class. Even though this screenplay is outside of my comfort zone, I am enjoying exploring something new and interesting. Also, this class and screenplay could serve as practice for when I plan to achieve my ultimate ambition with my work: have my work converted into films. I look forward to what this class will bring in the near future.


The first volume of my series, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell, received another review on Barnes and Noble:

“I began reading I found myself remembering my own childhood dreams of being a Superhero. I wanted to continue reading the book to find out all of their strengths and weakness, and see if they all choose the path of fighting evil. Still wondering about Brick Baxter and if or how he may re-appear in the future.

The plot is left open for future installments. I wonder where that may lead.”


In my earlier posts, I described how a utopia would play a role in my sequel trilogy and the fifth volume of my series. With this in mind, I plan to portray the opposite of a utopia in both my fourth and fifth volumes. In the fourth volume, something cataclysmic happens in the Young Guardians’ battle with their latest enemies that causes the planet to be all but ruined and society on the verge of collapse. Because this dystopia would be heavily infested with disorder and chaos, it would be the perfect working environment for superheroes such as the Young Guardians and their allies. This ruined world will be the stage for the final battle between the Young Guardians and Vogan and his army. However, the events that will lead up to this dystopia would simultaneously pave the way for the utopia that will appear at the end of the fifth volume.


Good news! Having completed the negotiations to have the cover illustration for the short story, the school who helped me at my book signing at WonderCon said that they will be refining the cover illustration. So far, I saw the cover illustration and am pleased with how it looks. If the illustration looks good by itself, I cannot wait to see what it will look like with the adjustments the school will make. The modifications should be completed within the next two weeks, which means I can begin publication for this new short story around the start of summer. I look forward to the completion of this latest project and proceeding to the next one. Wish me luck!


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