Over the past week, I have written over thirty pages and four chapters in my fantasy book. I am on a serious role right now with this project. I have written about one sovereign rising and another undergoing trials. I have written the introductions of interesting characters as well as tensions increasing. On the upcoming seventeenth chapter, I will be introducing a powerful creature that I have been eager to write about. Whether this creature will be friend or foe will remain to be seen. Overall, the past week has been more addictive than any adrenaline rush and I am eager to get more of it. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I had a interesting yet frightening idea today while researching the occult. What if there was a ritual that could transform thousands or millions of people into an army of darkness? When I think of an army of darkness, I am thinking of something more radical and intense than an army of orcs from Mordor or undead warriors in the White Walker host. Imagine an army of warriors who feel no emotion such as fear, feel no pain, they would not require food or sleep, and they would not tire. These beings would not be undead, but they exist in a different state of being that is unnatural beyond imagining. What would you do if you were confronted by such an enemy? I am thinking of including such an army in my fantasy book and they will be the terror of the Earth!



A had a sinister idea for my fantasy book. I am thinking that things will go so south for the main villain that they will become completely desperate to hold onto their power at ALL costs. Therefore, I am going to manifest this desperation in the form of a deal with the Devil. However, this deal will come with a steep price that turns this character into a soulless Dark Lord. I will be drawing inspiration from the occult in order to accurately portray the formation of this deal. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl since I can be very superstitious, but I must soldier on if I am to complete this book.


I remember a type of sword known as the rapier, which was the weapon of choice for the Three Musketeers. Unlike the longsword or greatsword, the rapier relied on skill, speed, and precision rather than strength and power. I used to take fencing classes so I have a good idea on how the rapier is used. I am thinking of including the rapier in my fantasy book and make it the weapon of choice for a major character.


I decided to include a prologue at the start of my fantasy book because prologues traditionally set the stage for the story. The Lord of the Rings possessed such a prologue that talked about how the One Ring was forged, how the Dark Lord Sauron was defeated, and how the One Ring came into the possession of Bilbo Baggins. I thought of following this custom by writing a prologue that talks about the major historical events that led to the beginning of the story.


I have reached the first 100 pages of my fantasy book and things are getting electric so far. I have started to explore the concept of the medieval mercenary. Therefore, I have introduced a new character who is both strong and mysterious at the same time. In addition, I am introducing one of the towns and villages of the fantasy world and give the reader a closer look at its inner workings. It has been an enjoyable section of the story in which I give the reader a look at the smaller and more humble residents of the fantasy world.