As I have mentioned before, magic always comes with a price. Sometimes, the price of using magic becomes so steep that it takes a serious toll on your body. In my third fantasy book, one of the characters will perform magic that is so costly that it causes their body to deteriorate beyond recognition. Despite being in their mid-30s, this character will look significantly older than they really were and become hideously deformed. I will be drawing inspiration from the deformities that Supreme Leader Snoke and Darth Sidious sustained throughout the Star Wars sequel trilogy.


“We’ve been using animals in combat for centuries. Horses, elephants, the Soviets used disease-bearing rats against the Germans at Stalingrad.”

Eli Mills, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In my previous posts, I talked about the possibility of a mystically created armada and mystically created soldiers. I am also thinking of the possibility of mystically created war beasts. Such creatures have been introduced in my second fantasy book, The War of the Gilded Beasts. These abominations were specifically bred to counter the dragons of House Magnus. Now, I am thinking of including this form of blood alchemy in my third fantasy book. However, these abominations will be smaller and more numerous than the chimeras that appeared in the second book. For the sake of diversity, these creatures will have multiple kinds that serve a specific purpose on the battlefield. Imagine fighting war beasts that are stronger, faster, and more resilient than horses or elephants.


“Think loyalty can be bought or demanded. But not true. Can only be built. And so I bring friend General a plan.”

“Sire, imagine an army of unstoppable soldiers, engineered to be loyal.”

Chamberlain and General, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

In several of my previous posts, I mentioned the creation of a mystical army in my third fantasy book. I won’t say how this army will be made, but they will be immensely superior to the best medieval soldier. The problem with normal soldiers is that they are human, which means their loyalty can be bought and corrupted. However, what if you could get rid of that problem with the right kind of magic? You would end up with an army that was not only mindlessly loyal and unstoppable, but they would also be incorruptible. In addition, this army will never eat, sleep, tire, or even go to the bathroom. Even the cavalry’s horses will be conditioned this way. This would save a lot of money that would normally feed and accommodate a regular army. They would also feel absolutely no emotion at all and have no survival instinct. This army will be divided into five divisions: infantry, archers, cavalry, bodyguards, and city guards. The unique nature of this army’s creation is very sinister. Due to this, when this army is discovered by the public, they will experience their very first war and their very first test as a viable military. That will be one of the main conflicts in my third fantasy book.


A few days ago, the creation of the seventh illustration of my dinosaur book has begun. This will be the first herbivore illustration to be made. It will feature my fictional species of ceratopsian or horned dinosaur. While this animal will have similarities to the real life ceratopsians, it will have a number of notable differences as well. Not only will this beast have its own illustration, but it will also be featured in the cover illustration. I look forward to seeing this critter in the flesh.


One of the factors that judges the strength of a nation is the strength of its navy. This fact has been featured both in fiction and in real life. In Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, the Final Order had a fleet of thousands of Star Destroyers that were equipped with cannons that could destroy entire planets. In the final season of Game of Thrones, the Iron Fleet was equipped with scorpions that were so large and powerful that they could shoot dragons out of the sky. During the Napoleonic Wars, the United States created ships such as the USS Constitution that were larger, faster, more powerful, and more durable than any ship that existed at the time. The hull of the USS Constitution alone was nearly two feet thick with solid oak, which was a hard nut to crack. Those early American ships were so formidable that English ships were advised to not engage one alone. For my fantasy series, I am thinking of featuring a powerful armada that will have a similar construction to the USS Constitution and be armed with a highly destructive weapon like the Final Order Star Destroyers and the Iron Fleet.


A few days ago, I received the first draft of the sixth illustration for my dinosaur book. It features an animal that is not only the smallest predator in the story, but also the smallest species of dinosaur in the entire series. This creature is also the first species of reverse engineered dinosaur to be created in my story’s universe. I am amazed at my illustrator’s ability to flawlessly give my imagination physical form. So far, I would say that my collaboration with my illustrator has been a perfect match for me. I look forward to seeing the rest of my illustrations when our collaboration is over.


Like many writers, I often dream of the possibility of my books one day being adapted into films. Even if it is a remote possibility, I try to keep that dream alive. If that dream ever does come true, I think I have an idea of what the theme song for my dinosaur books would be. I remember the ominous tribal drums from Jumanji, which always sent a shiver down my spine whenever I heard them. I would want that same sense of tropical horror for my dinosaur books if they became a film. Imagine giant dinosaurs moving through the jungle with ominous drums echoing through the darkness.

WHAT IS E750? (PART 6)

“Where have you been?”

“Change of plans. Mission took a jog to the left. I’m taking everything off-site.”

“The embryos are safe here. They can live up to eight weeks on the generators.”

“No, no. You — You listen. Park’s gonna be Chapter 11 by morning. Okay? Our little side project’s about to get shot in the arm. I don’t want a bunch of lawyers messing around with something they don’t understand. You get it?”


“Hey. I’m gonna take that as a yes.”

Dr. Henry Wu and Vic Hoskins, Jurassic World

Upon closer examination, I realized that the mysterious hybrid dinosaur known as E750 was indirectly mentioned in Jurassic World. Near the end of the movie, Dr. Henry Wu and Vic Hoskins spoke to one another over the phone and mentioned a “side project” they were working on. When Hoskins mentioned the “side project”, Dr. Wu looked visibly afraid. Considering E750 attacked Dr. Wu, it is easy to see why he would be frightened by the mention of the “side project”. Due to this, E750 was the side project that Dr. Wu and Hoskins were working on behind the scenes. Later in the movie, Hoskins mentioned the possibility of making a hybrid that was a more compact version of the Indominus Rex that was every bit as deadly and intelligent as the original and could hide from the most advanced military technology. At the time, we thought Hoskins was foreshadowing the Indoraptor, but now it is clear he was talking about E750. This would make sense because the Indoraptor would be made on the mainland two years after Jurassic World fell. Meanwhile, E750 was already made and fully grown on Isla Nublar by the time the events of Jurassic World took place. Essentially, E750 is Dr. Wu’s and Hoskins’s version of the Indoraptor before the Indoraptor itself was created. With all of this in mind, the kids in Camp Cretaceous are up against a creature that is not only a genetic freak, but also a living weapon that is specifically bred for combat. This has raised the stakes even higher and I look forward to seeing what will happen in Season 3 of Camp Cretaceous.