As an avid fan of Star Wars, I have kept a close eye on the hints in Rogue One that connect it to the show Star Wars Rebels. In the hangar of the Rebel base, a character named “General Syndulla” was mentioned from the loudspeaker. Whether or not this character is Hera Syndulla or her father Cham Syndulla remains unknown, but I am betting on Hera, which would mean she gets a promotion at some point in Star Wars Rebels. Also, in the Rebel hangar, you can see the little droid from Star Wars Rebels, Chopper, briefly in the photo on the left side. In addition, in the space battle to steal the Death Star plans, you can see the Ghost ship from Star Wars Rebels in the Rebel Fleet, circled in the picture on the right. This makes me suspect that the show Star Wars Rebels will ultimately culminate in the Battle of Scarif from the point of view of the Ghost crew.


As an avid anime and manga fan, I love it when one character is powerful enough to take on an entire army. You can also find the same concept in films that are anime-based such as The Matrix and Kill Bill. For the final battle in the fourth and final volume of my Young Guardians Series, I am envisioning the main villain Vogan going up against all of the Young Guardians at the same time. This would depict how much more powerful Vogan is compared to his multiple opponents. It will also make the reader question just how the Young Guardians are going to defeat such a powerful foe. Imagine a battle where many superhumans, possibly hundreds or thousands, try to take down one superhuman! That’s just insane! I draw closer to this battle with each page I write and I cannot wait to finally reach it. It is going to be epic beyond words!



I learned a great deal about both the early and late Middle Ages. Among these revelations was the fact that in the Early Middle Ages, countries such as England and Ireland were divided up into several petty kingdoms before being unified under a single banner. Throughout history, empires started with a single kingdom before being forged by conquering new territories. With this in mind, I am thinking of including such petty kingdoms in my fantasy book. Each of these petty kingdoms will be based on my ancestral heritage in Scandinavia, Ireland, England, and all of Western Europe.


One of the most interesting reigns of English kings I have researched is that of Henry VII, founder of the Tudor Dynasty. Because of his precarious claim to the English crown, Henry’s reign was full of oppression and extortion. In order to control his allies and keep an eye on his enemies, Henry amassed an army of spies, bankers, and lawyers. The spies posed as servants in his subjects’ households or as priests in churches when they came to confess. Whenever supposed treachery was detected, Henry’s bankers and lawyers would extort the targets, which made defying the king both unthinkable and unaffordable. This tactic not only kept the majority of England under control but it also made Henry obscenely rich. After winning the Battle of Bosworth Field, Henry consolidated his hold on the throne by marrying Elizabeth of York in an attempt to reconcile a divided England. However, despite marrying a lady of House York, Henry had to put down rebellions from Yorkist factions who wanted the throne for themselves such as the royal pretender Perkin Warbeck. For my fantasy book, I am thinking of heavily drawing inspiration from Henry VII’s reign and quest for the throne for my main character.


While I do enjoy characters who wield a single weapon, I also like the idea of characters who wield dual weapons whether if it is two swords, a sword and some other weapon, or a sword and a dagger. I am thinking of including a character in my fantasy book who wields a sword and dagger at the same time. Here is a video that shows what both weapons can do individually then imagine what they could do together. Yikes!



This Saturday in Star Wars: Rebels, we will get to see more about Sabine Wren’s backstory. My father and I both have a crush on this Mandalorian girl because she is a feisty fox and a cunning warrior in the rebellion. Now she is in possession of an ancient weapon called a Darksaber, which was created for by the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi, Tar Vizsla. This is significant because that lightsaber has been a symbol of leadership amongst the Mandalorians for centuries. Because Sabine possesses the Darksaber and is Mandalorian, she has a chance at becoming the undisputed leader of all Mandalorians: the Mandalore! Due to the Mandalorians’ fierce sense of honor, when a new Mandalore called, his or her loyal subjects answered. This would be a serious boon for the Rebel Alliance because Mandalorians are among the greatest warriors in the galaxy and if they side with the Rebellion they can be used to great effect against the Empire. One Mandalorian is worth at least ten stormtroopers so they can cause serious damage for the Rebellion. I cannot wait to see if this happens.


I have finished the sixth chapter and about to begin the seventh chapter of my fantasy book. This next chapter will give the reader a look at the cold, dark wilderness of the fantasy world. In addition, it will depict some of the other members of the feudal nobility. Overall, it is going to be an interesting chapter to explore.