A while ago, I toyed with the idea of writing a story that takes place in Hell and is told from the point of view of the damned. However, I decided to take a unique approach on the overall concept. Every religion has a version of a dark afterlife for sinners. Christians have Hell, the Vikings had Helheim, and the Greeks had Tartarus. The setting of my story will be a dark afterlife that has similarities between the various versions depicted in every culture. It will be all of these interpretations of damnation and at the same time it will be none of them. The nature and concept of a dark afterlife would be the same, but it would be a religious neutral place that has gone by countless names throughout human history.


Today, I got an idea for the main character of my new superhero book to have his own bodyguard. This bodyguard will be superhuman and be as strong as the Hulk. However, due to a crippling injury, they cannot speak. Even so, this character will have a sense of humor that allows him to make anyone laugh without saying a word. This would be similar to how Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean made people laugh in this fashion, using only their facial expressions and body language. So, in addition to protecting his client, this character will also make them laugh with good humor. Also, this character would be a good representation of what happens to superhumans who are used as weapons before being discarded when the government has no more use for them.


It has come to my attention that bigotry and hate crimes are on the rise in recent years. Since my new superhero book will reflect the times America is currently in, I will be featuring a group of anti-superhuman activists who frequently commit hate crimes against superhumans. If you are superhuman, you automatically become a target for this group. This group will be some of the first criminals the superhero will face when he starts his crusade against crime.



With the introduction of the High Republic Era in the Star Wars universe, we are introduced to a new cast of villains to the franchise: the Nihils! The Nihils are a band of raiders, marauders, pillagers, reavers, and plunderers who came from the outskirts of the known galaxy. The Lucasfilm Story Group refer to them as “space vikings.” I don’t know if they are Force-sensitive or if they are normal criminals, but from what I hear even the Jedi are afraid of the Nihils. The Sith may have been the Jedi’s oldest and most prominent enemy, but the Nihils are clearly the Jedi’s greatest fear. The Jedi are not allowed to feel fear because it can lead to the dark side. So, if the Nihils are able to make the Jedi tremble with fear, then we know that they are a group to be feared. I look forward to when these blood thirsty warriors reveal themselves later this year.



I have big news regarding the future of Star Wars! With the Skywalker Saga completed, we enter another era in the Star Wars timeline known as the High Republic Era. The High Republic Era takes place two centuries before The Phantom Menace. Apparently, this marks an age of peace and prosperity in the galaxy and the Jedi are particularly active. From what I hear, the Jedi in the High Republic Era are not like the Jedi we have seen in the past. They will be a combination between the Knights of the Round Table and cowboys. With this image, I can envision Jedi who have personalities like Han Solo. The main villains in this era are not the Sith, who are currently in hiding and will not reveal themselves until The Phantom Menace. Overall, I am pleased beyond words that we are finally expanding beyond the Skywalker Saga and we will be introduced to a new cast of characters as well as new storylines. The Force is strong with the future!


I have reached an epiphany regarding my new superhero book. At first, I planned for it to be a standalone book, but I am noticing aspects f the story that would lead to the formation of my own superhero universe. In future sequels, I will be depicting a different kind of superhuman army. There will be two superhuman armies, one of superheroes and one of supervillains. Unlike battles between warriors like the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, the war between these two armies will be a war of ideologies. Each army will be divided into several regiments: one for warriors, one for intelligence, one for politics, one for propaganda, and one for corporations. Both of these armies will be competing not just to save the world, but also winning the support of the public. It will be like the Cold War except it is between two superhuman armies instead of two nuclear countries.


In my fantasy series, Numen Magnus is famous for battling the demonic bear known as the Graega. Numen’s sons slew chimeras the same size as their dragons. Monster slaying has become a tradition in House Magnus and each time they kill a monster, the fame and prestige of their House grows. I am thinking of having Numen’s grandson carry on the family tradition and battle his own monster. I am imagining this new monster to be a mixture between the wendigo, Grendel, and Loki’s bastard from The Ritual. How this beast comes into being will remain a mystery, but its existence will send ripples through the surrounding kingdoms.


I have finished the third chapter and started the fourth chapter of my new superhero book. The third chapter introduces the first supervillain of the story, who is a mad scientist with both sadistic and masochistic tendencies. The fourth chapter depicts the chain of events that lead to the superhero’s first skirmish against criminals. In addition, the fourth chapter will show a glimpse of how the superhero is haunted by his demons. These will be chapters that will be the penumbra of the dark times to come.