I am pleased to report that even though I finished my space opera book, I still have plenty of other projects to work on. I have my ongoing fantasy series, my superhero book, two other fantasy series, my cosmic horror story idea, and sequels to my space opera book. Overall, I have quite the busy writing schedule, which is perfect for me because if I don’t have something to do then I go Joker level crazy.



In the past, when I wrote superhero stories, I would not include sidekicks. Now, with my new superhero story, I am changing my mind. I am thinking of making the story about a single hero with three sidekicks that will consist of two boys and one girl, which will mirror Batman’s three most famous sidekicks; Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin. However, all three of these sidekicks will have their own unique powers instead of relying on gadgets and martial arts. In terms of personality, these sidekicks will be similar to the Top Gear boys; Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. One will be obsessed with power and constantly make mistakes, one will be old-fashioned and detail oriented, and one will be loud and flashy. Overall, these three kids will serve as comic relief yet still put up a significant fight against criminals when they have to.


For my next superhero series, I am thinking of creating a character who can generate an energy aura around themselves in order to display their power. There have been multiple examples of superhumans who generated energy auras that gave them unique powers. Superman and the Juggernaut had energy auras that served as the secret to their superhuman strength and invulnerability. In Superman’s case, his energy aura also allowed him to control his personal gravity field, which is the secret to his ability to fly. The Flash envelopes himself in an energy aura known as the Speed Force, which grants him his superhuman speed. Overall, I am thinking of creating a formidable character with this power.


I have reached the twenty-fourth chapter of my space opera book. I am almost finished writing the story and I have reached the 130 page marker. Now, we see the full aftermath of the brutal battle. On the villains’s side, we get to see the full extent of their endgame. On the heroes’ side, we get to see their next course of action. Overall, it is going to set the stage for future stories in the series.