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Overall, the medieval reenactment I went to was very productive, fun, and educational. I got to participate on medieval sports such as an archery competition and a viking equivalent of chess. The food was also educational and I documented all the tastes, smells, and textures for future reference in my writing. A number of the food that was presented I never had before. Also, I learned how to play the lute and spin wool into yarn. My hypocras was hugely popular and I got to sing The Rains of Castamere from Game of Thrones to the baron and baroness hosting the event. I also learned how I can get archery and swordsmanship lessons because the group had connections to such programs. It was a very enjoyable experience and I look forward to the next event they will be hosting next month.



Tomorrow, I will be attending another medieval reenactment that will show what it is like to be part of a lord’s feast. This will give me more authentic inspiration for my fantasy book because it will display food from the period that I will sample. This is also where I will take the five bottles of hypocras I brewed. I told them that I was bringing it and they went berserk. Apparently the hypocras is going to make me super-popular at the event. There will also be medieval games such as archery and bocce among others. It is going to be an epic event and I look forward to being a part of it. I will share videos and pictures when the event is over.



Today, I managed to brew five bottles of hypocras, which is a medieval drink that was a form of medicinal wine that helped a king get through the night and help digest his countless meals. I used a non-alcoholic recipe in which I used grape juice instead of red wine. I had a small taste of the hypocras and it tasted exactly as it did in a documentary I watched. It was sweet, spicy, and rich all at the same time. I believe this will increase after the hypocras marinates in the sugar and spices for a day or two. I will wait for the results and keep you updated.



Soon, I will be undertaking an experiment in which I try to recreate a medieval form of win called hypocras, which is a medicinal red wine seasoned by various spices. The spices that went into hypocras helped tend to ailments such as heart burn and flatulence. During the Tudor Dynasty, Henry VIII drank this in order to help with his digestion from his countless meals and help him get through the night. In documentaries I have watched and studied, it was described as rich and spicy, but now I will be able to find out what it is like firsthand. I will conduct this experiment and document the results. Wish me luck!



While studying my heritage, I discovered that my ancestors on my mother’s side owned Crathes Castle in Scotland. The land the castle inhabited was given to us by Robert the Bruce, King of the Scots while the castle itself was built during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. My mother’s family were a cadet branch of the main owners of the castle, but we still had a claim to it. We no longer own the castle and it is open to the public nowadays as a museum. Still, it is comforting to know that my family is descended from Scottish nobility. Since I will be modeling the setting of the first volume of my fantasy book after Scotland, I am thinking of modeling one of the castles after my ancestral home.


Easily one of the most suspenseful moments a person can possibly face is fighting to the death for the entertainment of others. Because I will be drawing inspiration from certain elements of the Roman Empire, I am thinking of including gladiatorial fights in the near future. In this scenario, the characters will face a special kind of despair as they struggle to survive. These fights will serve as one of the many obstacles the characters will overcome in their quest.