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In order to keep with my viking roots, I am thinking of including funeral pyres in my fantasy book. Normally, during a funeral pyre the deceased’s ashes are scattered into the wind or the sea. However, I will be adding my own twist to the process by finding a way to preserve the ashes and put them in the most unlikely tomb imaginable. This unique tomb will be reserved for individuals of Imperial descent.


Panabas Book

As I mentioned before in some of my earlier posts, I am thinking of including very exotic weapons in my fantasy book. For instance, I am thinking of giving the Celt-like culture in my fantasy world tribal weapons from Africa and the Philippines. One such example is the panabas, which is a weapon from the Philippines that was used for war, agriculture, and executions. In my fantasy book, I am thinking of having the panabas the design in this picture above, but I will be making a few changes to the weapon. The blade will be made from bronze instead of iron or steel. The wrapping will be made from either rawhide, sinew, or leather. The handle will be made from either ivory, bone, or wood. What do you think?



Did you know that by the time of her death Queen Victoria had nine children, 42 grandchildren, and 87 great grandchildren? That is a grand total of 138 descendants! I am thinking of applying something similar with the main character in my fantasy series. With that many descendants, he could easily establish a dynasty that would last a thousand years.



While doing research for my fantasy book, I discovered that my Celtic ancestors had a reputation for being headhunters. This was one of the reasons the Romans feared them with great passion. I am thinking of including this practice in my fantasy book as a way for some groups to claim and preserve the heads of their defeated enemies and keep them as trophies.



I thought of an interesting feature to add to the siege battle in my fantasy book. In my medieval research, I learned that some siege battles included a tactic that involved what is called a sally port. A sally port is a small, easily concealed and defensive hole in the side of a castle in which a small force of defenders can sneak out and sabotage or fend off invaders before retreating back into the hole to regroup. I am on the verge of writing a scene that involves to usage of a sally port and it will be chaotic and full of loss.