I have reached the 200 page marker of my second fantasy book! I would say I am either halfway done or two-thirds done. Either way, I eager to keep writing and see where it will lead.


I have reached the twenty-first chapter of my second fantasy book. This is when the female leads really start to take charge of their current situation. I did say I was going to introduce strong female protagonists and this is when their strength is displayed. It will lead to another epic battle that will decide the fate of a kingdom. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have started the twentieth chapter of my second fantasy book. In this chapter, you will see the fallout created by the aftermath of the first collection of battles in the war. The fallout is significant on both sides and things are just getting warmed up. This is definitely the most intricate story I ever wrote, even more so than Numen the Slayer. I will keep you posted on any further developments.


What would the Earth look like five thousand years from now if everything that is wrong today was taken to the highest level? With global warming, pollution, and nuclear war, I think Earth would become a dead graveyard planet. Sea levels would rise to the point in which few large land masses remain due to the polar ice caps being destroyed. The water would be so polluted and putrid that it would be black and sludgy. There would be ruins from human civilization such as cities with skeletons that turn to dust when you touch them. The atmosphere would have more carbon dioxide and no oxygen due to the complete absence of plants. There would be life at all, not even bacteria. Overall, Earth would become the embodiment of death itself. I am thinking of elaborating on this when I depict the dystopian future in my superhuman series.


In Jurassic Park, they introduced the concept of salvaging prehistoric DNA from fossils and amber. I learned that this is only partially true in real life. A group of scientists tried to extract DNA like the scientists in Jurassic Park, but they used a different method than in the movie. In the movie, scientists drilled through amber to gain access to the DNA. In real life, scientists sterilized the amber before coating it in liquid nitrogen, which cracked the amber open. They did get DNA, but it was insect instead of dinosaur and it was only extremely small amounts. Later on, scientists cracked open Tyrannosaurus bones to find intact blood vessels and bone cells inside. However, like the amber experiments, there was only an extremely small amount of DNA that could be salvaged, which was nowhere near enough for cloning like in Jurassic Park. Still, these experiments gave me some ideas for my dinosaur theme park story idea. Even though the DNA samples were small, they may still be of use. For example, while retro-engineering birds back into dinosaur-like creatures, you could theoretically splice the embryos with whatever dinosaur DNA that could be salvaged, which could make them even more dinosaur-like. They still will be nothing like the dinosaurs that existed in the past, but they will be the next best thing. With the insect DNA from the amber, you could splice it into modern insects to make hybrids between prehistoric insects and modern ones, which would make good attractions for an insect house like what you find in any zoo.


There have been many kings who were unfit to rule and a few of them were completely insane. Two prominent examples of mad rulers are Henry VI of England and Charles VI of France. Henry VI was a pious man, but a weak, indecisive, and insane king. His unstable rule and inability to reign under his own power was one of the main factors that led to the War of the Roses. Henry VI’s grandfather, Charles VI was so crazy that he thought he was made of glass and about to break. He even had his servants stitch iron rods into his clothing to keep him from shattering. Charles even forgot he had a family from time to time and had unpredictable mood swings that resulted in him murdering some of his servants. In my fantasy series, there is a mad Emperor known as Caelum II and I based him on both Henry VI and Charles VI. Caelum II was so weak and indecisive that he was unable to hold his Empire together when the Dark Death plague ravaged it. House Sylva used the resulting chaos as a pretext to seize the Imperial Throne from Caelum, which resulted in House Sylva serving as the new Imperial Dynasty for three hundred years. You will see his madness in closer detail in a flashback in the second book.