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As I write my Kaiju story, I contemplate on how big my Kaiju should be. Throughout the genre, Kaiju’s ranged in size between 50 to 300 meters tall. What do you think? How big do you want my Kaiju to be?



One of the most important features of a Kaiju is its roar. Every Kaiju has their own unique roar, which allows them to be instantly recognized from a distance. For example, Godzilla’s roar is the most famous and iconic Kaiju roar and it starts as a high shriek before turning into a deep bellow. While I have successfully came up with a name for my Kaiju, I have yet to come up with its own roar. Any suggestions? I would appreciate the help. Thank you.



One of the strangest and most disgusting creatures I have ever seen are hagfish. Hagfish are eel-like creatures that are voracious scavengers, picking a carcass apart in minutes when feeding in large numbers. To make the hagfish even more disgusting is the fact that their bodies secrete a thick slimy mucus that makes the surrounding water very sticky and slippery. Because of their seemingly unnatural appearance and abilities, I am thinking of including similar creatures in my Kaiju story.



I came across an interesting creature called isopods, which are marine relatives of woodlice. Some isopods are large enough to kill and eat sharks while others are small parasites. The parasitic isopods tend to eat away the tongues of fish before replacing the fish’s tongue. Due to the parasitic nature of smaller isopods and the aggressive predatory nature of larger isopods, I am thinking of including similar creatures that will be based on isopods in my Kaiju story. What do you think?