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I have started the twenty-second chapter of my space opera book. I have so far written twelve pages in a single day. This is where things will get even grittier. The battle is over, but a race against time is about to begin. Great sacrifices have been made throughout this battle and a number of characters paid the price while fighting a determined enemy. Now, the aftermath of the battle is about to unfold.


I have reached the twenty-first chapter of my space opera book. The long, complex battle is starting to come to a close. There will be a sword fight that will lead to a terrifying fight with a horrendously disfigured man. This will be one of the most scary scenes I have ever written and I am looking forward to writing it.


I have reached the twentieth chapter of my space opera book and I am turning up the heat! The epic battle is still going and some unexpected twists and turns will happen. For example, a third fleet will appear in the space battle, but I will not say which side they are on. There will also be a fight between some of the main characters and one of the main villains. Overall, this chapter will be one of the most exciting sections in the whole book.



I am watching the old science fiction film known as Scanners. In this film, there were psychic characters with telepathic powers that were so great that they could literally make their target’s head explode. Villains often punish their subordinates for failure by executing them through violent methods. I am thinking of including exploding heads as a punishment for failure in one of my future books.


I have started the ninth chapter of my space opera story and things are starting to pick up. An army is being recruited, a fleet is being assembled, and a city is being fortified. Overall, this chapter will give you a little glimpse of the weapons and warships the defenders will deploy as they defend a strategically important star system. It is going to be so much fun to write as the story progresses. Later in the story, I will be depicting two epic battles: one fought in space and one fought on the planet’s surface. The outcome of one of these battles will decide the outcome of the entire campaign. It is going to be fantastic and epic!


I have started the eighth chapter of my ongoing space opera book. Here is where I start introducing the morally ambiguous characters. For these characters, I have taken inspiration from war veterans who suffer from PTSD, doomsday preppers, and crime syndicates. These characters will be a combination of all these things. Like traumatized war veterans, these characters will be battle-hardened warriors and yet a part of them never left the battlefield. Like doomsday preppers, these characters will be taking extensive preparations for a worst case scenario such as a planetary invasion. Like crime syndicates, they have contacts with smugglers, pirates, and arms dealers that allow them to stockpile weapons and warships as well as other equipment. Overall, my main characters are beginning to tumble down the rabbit hole as they enter the underworld. This is when the lines of right and wrong become blurred.


Robots designed for war are a common theme in space opera. Nothing is more frightening than legions of soulless juggernauts demolishing everything in their path. It fits what the Borg say, “Resistance is futile.” I am going to depict a diverse army of robots in my space opera book. Some will be humanoid in shape, some will look like mechanical dogs, some will look spider-shaped tanks, and a few will be bird-like drones.