The following contains spoilers from chapter 282 My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

It has been a chaotic chapter this week and a lot has happened. It turns out Aizawa got hit by the quirk-destroying bullet. However, Aizawa, ever the pragmatist, chopped off his own leg before the bullet could take effect. This saved him from losing his quirk, but it has weakened him from blood loss. Izuku was more brutal than usual as he desperately tried to stop Shigaraki. He even resorted to using 100% of One For All, which he is not ready to wield on his own. When the bullet failed, Shigaraki broke free from the superheroes restraining him and tried to crush Aizawa’s skull with his bare hand. However, his attempt was thwarted by the timely arrival of Shoto Todoroki, who blew Shigaraki away with a shockwave of ice. Izuku then proceeded to wrap his Blackwhip quirk around his fists to cushion the kickback One For All would have on his arms before pummeling Shigaraki.

Unfortunately, the superheroes are in big trouble. Even though Aizawa did not lose his power negation, the damage was done. The wounds on Aizawa’s face caused blood to flow into his eyes, forcing him to blink. After keeping his eyes open for so long, Aizawa won’t be able to use his power negation for a while. Weakened by blood loss from his maimed leg, Aizawa has also become unconscious. If Aizawa does not get medical attention fast, he will die from his wounds. For the moment, Aizawa is out of this fight for the remainder of the battle. Even if Aizawa gets a prosthetic leg, it will take an extended period of physical therapy before he is in fighting condition again.

With Aizawa’s power negation out of commission, Shigaraki regained all of his quirks including All For One. Thanks to his regeneration, Shigaraki’s wounds healed up instantly and his stamina returned. He is ready to pay the superheroes back for all the punishment they gave him. To make matters worse, Gigantomachia has finally arrived and about to unleash hell upon the superheroes. If Gigantomachia is present, the Paranormal Liberation Front is not far behind. The superheroes had one chance to bring Shigaraki down when he was most vulnerable. That chance has come and gone. Shigaraki managed to survive the superheroes’ onslaught long enough for his followers to come to his aid. Now that he has regained his quirks, Shigaraki is now ready to unleash his true power upon the superheroes, which includes who knows how many powers All For One accumulated. Due to Shigaraki’s tendency to evolve from his experiences, he will likely take measures to make sure he doesn’t become this vulnerable again, which may include putting a bounty on Aizawa’s head.

All that has happened in this war arc proves that despite the superheroes’ best efforts, they never could quell what Shigaraki represents. There was never any stopping what he was going to unleash upon the world. In the immortal words of Thanos, “I am inevitable!”



The following contains spoilers from chapter 281 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Tomura Shigaraki has proven to be a powerful and dangerous supervillain in the latest chapter. He has had all his quirks negated by Aizawa and has taken a serious beating from the combined efforts of Izuku, Bakugo, Gran Torino, and Endeavor. Even after all of that, Shigaraki refuses to stay down and shows no signs of slowing down or tiring despite the amount of damage his body has taken. However, the superheroes are running on fumes as they desperately try to bring Shigaraki down. Endeavor is overheating and Aizawa is struggling to keep his eyes open despite Manual’s efforts to moisturize his eyes. As Gran Torino pointed out, nothing Shigaraki is doing is humanly possible even without his quirks. Gran Torino deduces that Shigaraki’s body has become synthetic due to its physical augmentations, which has enabled him to push himself beyond all human limitations.

Then things become very violent very fast for Gran Torino. Shigaraki grabs and crushes Gran Torino’s leg before slamming him into the ground and impaling him with his bare hands. Gran Torino, who has fought alongside three generations of One For All wielders, is dead. Gran Torino’s death hit Izuku hard as he furiously tries to restrain Shigaraki. Izuku screams that he won’t forgive Shigaraki, but Shigaraki laughs at him by saying he can’t forgive anyone. Shigaraki then slams his elbow in Izuku’s gut hard enough for Izuku to cough up blood, but Izuku fights through the pain. The Dragon Hero: Ryukyu also tries to restrain Shigaraki with her bare hands, but Shigaraki uses his All Might-level strength to break all her fingers. As Izuku is restraining Shigaraki with his Blackwhip quirk, Endeavor prepares to wind up for his final attack. Endeavor has fought so hard and used his flames so frequently against Shigaraki that he only has enough juice for one last attack.

While this is happening, Shigaraki finally deploys one of his quirk-destroying bullets. He uses Ryukyu’s broken hand as cover while he prepares to fling the bullet between her mangled fingers. With the superheroes so focused on him, they won’t notice the bullet being fired between Ryukyu’s giant fingers until it is too late. His target is clearly Aizawa! Aizawa is already struggling to keep his eyes open, but if he permanently loses his power negation, any chance of stopping Shigaraki will be lost. Without Aizawa’s power negation, Shigaraki will be able to unleash his combined quirks once more and the superheroes will be doomed. Izuku is barely able to fight Shigaraki in his quirkiness state and Endeavor is almost out of fuel. If Shigaraki gets his power back at this stage, the game is over.



After receiving the original version of the All For One quirk, Tomura Shigaraki is in a state of conflict. He can hear his master’s voice trying to control him, but he has been able to maintain some measure of control. However, I don’t think Shigaraki will maintain control for long. This is probably due to the fact that All For One himself is still alive.

Just as Izuku Midoriya has a connection with the previous wielders of One For All, Shigaraki clearly has a similar connection with his master. While the One For All vestiges guide Izuku, All For One is clearly trying to control Shigaraki and take over his body. Because he is in a state of mental and spiritual conflict because of his bond with All For One, Shigaraki cannot exert the full potential of his new strength. I think in order to make All For One’s voice stop and assert complete control over the All For One quirk, Shigaraki will have to kill his master.

Killing All For One would be Shigaraki’s final test and the only way to truly consolidate his new position as the new king of the underworld. The world is not big enough for the both of them. In Star Wars, the Sith would betray and kill each other and this tradition was most prominent between masters and apprentices. A prime example would be Darth Bane’s Rule of Two, which dictates that there can only be two Sith at any given time, a master and an apprentice. When the master becomes weak, the apprentice overthrows the master in order to become the new Dark Lord of the Sith. My Hero Academia creator, Horikoshi, is a devout fan of Star Wars and has included several references to the Star Wars franchise in My Hero Academia.

All For One has clearly become weaker than he has ever been. Not only was he crippled by All Might, but he has been imprisoned. While being imprisoned, All For One is completely restrained and has guns on him at all times. He is blind and cannot even breathe on his own anymore. All this time, we thought All For One was grooming Shigaraki to be his eventual successor. However, it looks like All For One has been preparing Shigaraki to become a stronger and fitter body for his essence to inhabit. This is similar to what Darth Sidious tried to achieve in Rise of Skywalker.

My guess is that All For One is currently in the process of trying to transfer his essence into Shigaraki, but Shigaraki is maintaining some semblance of control for the moment. My Hero Academia fans have speculated on a prison break story arc in the near future. Due to this, I think Shigaraki will try to break into Tartarus Prison to not only kill his master, but also free every supervillain inside to increase his army further. Once All For One dies, his attempt to take over Shigaraki’s body will be severed and the all For One quirk will truly belong to Shigaraki.

I believe that the progression process of the Shigaraki’s surgery was to prepare him for All For One to take over. When the superheroes disrupted the process, they made All For One’s attempts to take over Shigaraki imperfect and incomplete. That is why Shigaraki is able to maintain some measure of control. The superheroes believe that they were trying to stop Shigaraki from powering up, but they may have unwittingly helped him. By disrupting Shigaraki when he was 75% complete, the superheroes may have interfered with All For One’s plans to take over Shigaraki. That has a sense of irony because the superheroes tried to stop Shigaraki but they inadvertently saved him. With his surgery incomplete, Shigaraki has a chance to fight All For One’s control long enough to sever it during the prison break. When that connection is destroyed, Shigaraki will become All For One’s successor for real. We shall wait and see.



Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.

Darth Bane

I always found the master and apprentice relationship between All For One and Tomura Shigaraki to be intriguing. As Tomura Shigaraki’s character arc progresses, it becomes clear that All For One’s teaching methods have been quite effective. When All For One first took Shigaraki under his wing, Shigaraki was a dirty and traumatized child who was struggling with the fact he killed his own family.  Rather than trying to deter Shigaraki’s destructive and bloodthirsty instincts and impulses, All For One nurtured these traits until they honed into a sharpened edge.

After fifteen years of training, All For One gives Shigaraki his first test, which was to orchestrate the attack on USJ. However, the mission was a failure and Shigaraki’s plan fell apart. While most villains are harsh and brutal towards their minions whenever they fail, All For One was not with Shigaraki. Shigaraki has already learned fear, hatred, and pain from his abusive upbringing. All For One did not need to subject Shigaraki to more. It would have made Shigaraki less willing to be his apprentice, which would have been counterproductive to All For One’s goals.

Instead of punishing his apprentice for his failures, All For One encourages Shigaraki to learn from his failures so that he would grow and develop as a supervillain. One example was how Shigaraki tried to figure out why the public paid more attention to Hero Killer: Stain instead of him. For most of his life, Shigaraki defined his purpose in life as destroying anything he did not like, but he found out that was not enough for him to be the feared villain he wanted to be. After using his mortal enemy, Izuku Midoriya, as a makeshift therapist, Shigaraki not only acquired his own ideology, but also took advantage of the misunderstanding that Stain was working for him so that he could recruit allies to his cause. This was something Shigaraki’s previous self was incapable of doing and is the first fruit All For One’s training produced.

During the Vanguard Action Squad’s attack in the forest, Shigaraki proved to be a more calm and tactical leader than he was before. He did not care if the attack succeeded or failed because the fact that it happened was enough to shake the public’s trust in the superhero society. This demonstrated extraordinary foresight that Shigaraki previously lacked. He even maintained a calm composure when Bakugo blasted him in the face and Shigaraki ordered his allies to stand down because he wanted Bakugo alive for his plans.

After All For One was defeated by All Might for the last time, Shigaraki was left to his own devices for the first time in fifteen years. When All For One threw Shigaraki into a portal so he could escape, he was trying to tell his apprentice that he taught Shigaraki everything he needed to know to survive. With his mentor imprisoned, Shigaraki was forced to grow and develop on his own and he put All For One’s teachings to good use.

When dealing with Overhaul, Shigaraki used the experience to both acquire quirk-destroying bullets and further improve his leadership skills. At this time, Shigaraki’s relationship with his minions also deepens. During the USJ Arc, Shigaraki viewed his allies as expendable game pieces and would threaten to kill them for failing to execute his poorly organized plan. Now, Shigaraki views his minions as extensions of himself and views any attack on them as an attack on him. While Overhaul viewed his allies as expendable assets, Shigaraki’s minions acted more like his friends who shared the same goal as him. Shigaraki even promises them their own unique slice of the cake when they reached the endgame of their cause. Shigaraki even goes as far as avenging fallen allies such as when he gave Overhaul a fate worse than death by stripping him of the usage of his quirk and the quirk-destroying bullets he spent so many years creating. Despite occasional squabbling, the League of Villains were a small yet steadfastly loyal group for Shigaraki to rely on.

Shigaraki’s final test came in the form of Re-Destro and his Meta Liberation Army. After fighting and defeating Re-Destro and his army, Shigaraki evolved to his highest character development yet. He was no longer bound by any moral, emotional, or logically boundaries. He was truly free in every conceivable way, including the strength of his quirk. In addition, Shigaraki learned to instill true fear in others as well as effortlessly inspire many others to follow him. Through this newly forged charisma, Shigaraki became the commander of a massive supervillain army: the Paranormal Liberation Front.

When receiving his surgery from Doctor Ujiko, Shigaraki declared that he would no longer underestimate the superheroes again. He would use Ujiko’s surgery to make sure he always had the upper hand. The old Shigaraki would not be able to think this far ahead or have the patience to undergo months of agony in order to receive his gift basket of powers. When Shigaraki was awakened prematurely, he found his surgery incomplete and his game plan completely compromised. However, he did not panic or scratch his neck like his old self did. Instead, he calmly put on a cape, called Gigantomachia, and engaged the superheroes. To make things more extreme, Shigaraki declared that he intends to become even greater than All For One himself. What was most fascinating is that Shigaraki did all of these things with a big fat smile on his face. This is similar to how his grandmother, Nana Shimura, and All Might would smile while fighting crime. Shigaraki was completely free and the world was his playground.

All of these character developments Shigaraki went through were due to how All For One trained him. While All For One did nurture Shigaraki’s dark instincts, the real lesson he taught his apprentice was how to evolve regardless of the circumstances he was in. Being stripped of his teacher’s guidance forced Shigaraki to grow on his own at a much faster rate. Beating Shigaraki once accomplishes nothing because he will just use that experience to learn and evolve as a character.



The following post contains spoilers from My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

I have always been fascinated by the evolution of Tomura Shigaraki as a character. When we were first introduced to him, he was a small time thug and man child who did not seem to present a significant threat. Two hundred chapters later, he became a Thanos-level supervillain. However, every villain has a beginning and Shigaraki’s origin story is quite heartbreaking.

Shigaraki’s real name is Tenko Shimura, grandson of All Might’s mentor and the seventh wielder of One For All, Nana Shimura. During her war with All For One, Nana Shimura’s husband was killed in a villain attack. The profession of a superhero gives a person a long list of enemies and those enemies will always target the superhero’s family as a weakness. To prevent her son, Kotaro Shimura, from sharing his father’s fate, Nana was forced to have her son live with a foster family, far away from the crossfire.

Unfortunately, even though Nana’s intention was to protect her son from her enemies, her actions would have dire consequences. Resentful about being abandoned by his mother, Kotaro was traumatized and he violently banned the mention of superheroes in his household. Whenever his son, Tenko Shimura, mentioned superheroes, Kotaro would abuse him. Throughout his upbringing, Tenko’s mother and maternal grandparents were kind and loving towards him, but they too spiritually weak to protect him from his father’s abuse. Tenko also had a sister named Hana, who supported his dream of becoming a superhero one day.

One day, Hana revealed the truth about their paternal grandmother to Tenko: that she was a great superhero. Hana even said she would start a superhero team with him. However, Kotaro found out his kids sneaked into his office and found out about his mother. To avoid getting abused herself, Hana betrayed Tenko and threw him under the bus. Kotaro was so enraged that he became even more brutal with Tenko than usual and savagely beat his five-year-old son. This beating resulted in the facial scars Shigaraki would have on his mouth and right eye. Tenko was forced to sleep outside with no dinner with only the family dog for company.

While he was consumed by hatred and despair, Tenko’s Decay quirk activated. His first victim was the family dog, who he was petting when his quirk activated. The dog was reduced to a pile of rotten chunks of flesh. Meanwhile, Hana came outside to apologize to Tenko for betraying him. When she saw Tenko with the disintegrated dog, she ran to the house in fear. Desperate for someone to save him, Tenko grabbed his sister, who was promptly disintegrated. Then Tenko’s mother and maternal grandparents came outside when they heard the racket. When Tenko’s hand touched the ground, his Decay rushed towards his mother and maternal grandparents like a tidal wave. Like the dog, Tenko’s mother and maternal grandparents were reduced to piles of rotten chunks of meat.

Finally, Kotaro arrived on the scene and was horrified by what he saw. Tenko begged his father to save him, but Kotaro was so afraid that he armed himself with gardening equipment. Kotaro fell back on his abusive behavior and struck Tenko in the head with the gardening tool, shouting at Tenko to stop. This was the final straw for Tenko. To bring a permanent end to his father’s abuse, Tenko attacked him with pure homicidal glee. He gripped his father’s face and shouted for him to die over and over. As Kotaro was disintegrated, the Shimura household crumbled all around Tenko until nothing was left. The itchy intent to destroy that plagued Tenko his entire life was finally appeased. It is as the Joker said: “All it takes is one bad day for someone to go insane.”

Despite the apparent glee he got from killing his family, Tenko was riddled with so much guilt that he repressed his memories of the event along with most of his power. After slaughtering his family and destroying his home, Tenko wandered aimlessly through the city streets. Bloody and traumatized, Tenko hoped someone would save him. However, no one ever helped him because they thought some superhero would save the day. Sadly, no superhero or civilian saved Tenko, resulting in his hatred towards the superhero society as a whole. Instead of a superhero, the most powerful and most sinister supervillain, All For One, saved Tenko and took him under his wing. Shortly afterwards, Tenko was given the preserved hands of his family, which would put all over his body. To label Tenko as his eventual successor, All For One gave him his surname: Shigaraki. All For One also gave Tenko the new name Tomura, which is based on the Japanese word for “to mourn”. This would symbolize the grief Shigaraki would ultimately bring upon the world.

For most of his life, Shigaraki was still the traumatized five-year-old boy he was when he killed his family. However, during his battle with Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army, Shigaraki regained his memories and the rest of his power. With this awakening, Shigaraki no longer felt any guilt or regret for killing his family. He would use the memories of his family’s destruction to further fuel his dark hatred rather than let them hinder him anymore.

Overall, Tomura Shigaraki’s origin story was both dark and sad. His family consisted of a sister who betrayed him, a mother and grandparents that were too weak to protect him, and a father who abused him every time he said the word “hero”. It is as Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars said: “Pups who are abused often grow into vicious creatures.” This further adds to Shigaraki’s status as a foil for Izuku Midoriya. While Izuku’s mother supported his dreams of being a superhero, Shigaraki’s family destroyed his dreams of being a superhero. It is ironic because Shigaraki’s father went to extreme lengths to prevent his son from becoming a superhero and now his son never will be a superhero. The Shimura family may have produced a great superhero like Nana Shimura. However, the ultimate legacy of the Shimura family was the creation of the greatest supervillain since All For One.


In order to prepare you for my forthcoming superhero book, I shall give you an overview of the main supervillain of not just this book but the entire series. The supervillain’s name is Ronald Macleod, who I greatly based on Donald Trump. Obviously, “Ronald” rhymes with “Donald” while “Macleod” is the maiden name of Donald Trump’s mother. Ronald has the same overall personality of Trump: a corrupt, bigoted, authoritarian man who had everything presented to him his entire life and never had to take responsibility for anything. However, I often wonder how Trump would handle being thrust into a situation where he loses everything and has to rebuild everything from scratch. It would be a situation he could not lie, bribe, cheat, or bully his way out of. He would have no money, no power, and would only have the clothes on his back. Would Trump be able to adapt to such a situation or would he throw his usual temper tantrums? That is a question I will be tinkering with regarding Ronald Macleod as the series progresses.




The following post contains spoilers from chapter 274 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

We finally got to see a true taste of Tomura Shigaraki’s new powers as he fought Endeavor. It looks like Shigaraki really has become an overpowered monster despite being only 75% complete. Let’s have a little overview of what Shigaraki can do so far. His Decay quirk can disintegrate entire cities. He not only gained the All For One quirk, but he also inherited every quirk All For One accumulated over the past several decades. Among those quirks are regeneration, which is demonstrated when Shigaraki could heal his body faster than Endeavor’s flames could damage it. Then Shigaraki demonstrated either an energy blast or air pressure cannon like the one All For One used against All Might. He was able to catch Endeavor off guard with this quirk and firing it point blank range in Endeavor’s face. It is then revealed the All For One the person never had Ragdoll’s Search quirk. While All For One did indeed steal Ragdoll’s quirk, he entrusted it to Doctor Ujiko to give to Shigaraki when the time was right. Shigaraki used the Search quirk to locate and target Izuku Midoriya. Then Shigaraki either flew at supersonic speed like Superman or jumped really high like the Hulk while he was pursuing Izuku. Shigaraki could even fend off Endeavor’s flames with his bare hands.

What was even more frightening about Shigaraki’s upgrade was the fact that he was not putting any real effort in his fight with Endeavor. If Shigaraki did put any effort, Endeavor would be dead right now. Instead of fighting seriously, Shigaraki was distracted by a sense of emptiness that was plaguing his mind. A voice in Shigaraki’s mind was compelling him to get his hands on One For All. It looks like in addition to inheriting the All For One quirk and all the powers that came with it, Shigaraki also inherited the side effects that came with it. Because of its nature to steal and accumulate quirks, the All For One quirk seems to give its user an insatiable desire to steal quirks that interest them. All For One himself stated that stealing quirks he likes is a bad habit of his, but I think it was something more than just a bad habit. Now that Shigaraki has inherited this side effect and has a fascination with One For All, he will be relentless in hunting Izuku down to the ends of the Earth. To make matters worse, now that Shigaraki has the Search quirk, there is nowhere for Izuku to hide. Shigaraki has proven able to fight someone as strong as Gigantomachia for one and a half months while Izuku does not have that level of endurance yet. That means that Shigaraki will run Izuku ragged until he is physically and spiritually broken while Shigaraki himself remains strong.

When Izuku started displaying the quirks of the previous wielders of One For All, fans thought Izuku was becoming too overpowered. Now, we know why Izuku was becoming overpowered. Because he was being set up to battle an even more overpowered supervillain. So far, we haven’t truly seen what Shigaraki is truly capable of because he was holding way back. In future chapters as Shigaraki confronts Izuku, he may start taking the fight seriously and really put his back into it as he tries to take One For All from Izuku.


The following contains spoilers from chapter 272 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Now that Tomura Shigaraki is awake, we finally got to see a small taste of his new power.  For now, all we got to see was his augmented Decay quirk and none of the quirks he got from All For One. Even so, the power of that one quirk was more than enough to cause all-out chaos on the superheroes. After he woke up, Shigaraki wasted no time using his Decay quirk to disintegrate the hospital, the surrounding area, and all heroes present. A lot of superheroes died by Shigaraki’s hand in a matter of moments. The whole scene looked like something from an earthquake as the superheroes frantically tried to save as many people as they could while desperately trying to escape Shigaraki’s wrath. Those who failed to escape were turned to dust. As the superheroes ran for their lives and evacuated the area, they tried using their quirks to stop Shigaraki’s rampage, but it was useless as his Decay quirk disintegrated everything in its path. While this was happening, Doctor Ujiko laughed maniacally at the heroes, saying all their efforts to stop Shigaraki have been in vain. Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya could sense what was happening long before the city disintegrated and he started using One For All at 45%, which is the highest he has been able to activate on his own so far. In the epicenter of the destruction is Shigaraki himself, laughing with joy while claiming a hero’s cape as his own. I think we are about to see the first round of Izuku and Shigaraki’s grudge match. I can imagine it being similar to when Batman first fought Bane, which resulted in Batman getting his spine snapped in two. Overall, this was a satisfactory taste of what the new and improved Tomura Shigaraki is capable of and I look forward to seeing what other quirks he has gained from All For One in the next chapter.


The following post contains spoilers from chapter 271 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Unfortunately, we did not get to see Tomura Shigaraki unleashed this week. However, it still looks like the tide of the battle is still turning in the supervillains’ favor for two reasons. First, the ice villain known as Geten is rallying the Paranormal Liberation Front against the superheroes. When the battle at the mansion started, the supervillains were completely caught off guard and were in disarray. Because of this, the superheroes gained a lot of ground before the supervillains could regain their composure. Now, the supervillains have a strong leadership figure to rally behind and regroup. Due to this, the supervillains can finally unleash everything they have at the superheroes with a renewed sense of tenacity they did not have before.

Second, now that Tomura Shigaraki is awake and out of his capsule, Gigantomachia can smell his scent. Gigantomachia is a devout loyalist to All For One and has accepted Shigaraki has All For One’s successor. Now that Shigaraki is awake and in the presence of several superheroes, Gigantomachia will know his new master needs him. This is a clear sign that Gigantomachia will come for Shigaraki even if he has to plow through the superheroes’ ranks to do so. Gigantomachia has proven to be strong enough to collapse a mountain, fight nonstop for two days, and fight multiple superhumans at the same time. Based on these capabilities, Gigantomachia can singlehandedly destroy all momentum the superheroes have gained so far. Once out of the mansion, Gigantomachia will quickly make his way to the hospital Shigaraki is at. When he arrives, Gigantomachia can break the hospital siege by himself and rescue both Shigaraki and Ujiko. Gigantomachia has it in him to destroy all the superheroes’ efforts both at the mansion and the hospital.

Overall, the tide of the battle is slowly turning in favor of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Shigaraki is awake and more powerful than ever, the Paranormal Liberation Front is regrouping with renewed determination, and Gigantomachia is about to unleash hell on the superheroes to get to Shigaraki. We will find out what happens next when the next chapter comes out.


Now that we know what kind of power Tomura Shigaraki has gained from Doctor Ujiko’s surgery, it is time to theorize what to expect. It has been revealed that Shigaraki gained the original version of All For One’s quirk while All For One himself kept a duplicate. Now that we know that All For One had a copy of his original power, the pieces are starting to fit together.

When All For One revealed his ultimate quirk combination in his final fight with All Might, I thought something was fishy. Despite the strength the combination possessed, it seemed underwhelming. The reason it seemed underwhelming is because All For One spent over a century stealing the quirks of others. If that combination was truly the ultimate combination of his strongest quirks, it should have been something much bigger and more powerful. The quirks All For One used to form his ultimate combination largely consisted of muscle manipulation, bone manipulation, and arm transformation based quirks. Based on his history, that combination seemed more limited than it should have been.

Based on these facts, it is obvious now that All For One’s quirk was limited not just because he was weakened by his first fight with All Might. It was also because the copy he gave himself was the default setting, which means he had to steal and accumulate quirks all over again. In order to make the superheroes think he was the ultimate threat, All For One needed to gather enough quirks to make himself formidable enough. Meanwhile, his original quirk was safely in Ujiko’s care until Shigaraki was ready to receive it.

Now, Tomura Shigaraki has the original version of All For One’s quirk. However, we still don’t know what to expect on how it will manifest in Shigaraki. Will Shigaraki gain all the strongest quirks All For One stole over the past century or will he have the default setting of the quirk? If Shigaraki got the default setting, that means he will have to start stealing and accumulating quirks all over again. With so many superheroes in his presence right now, Shigaraki will have a golden opportunity to start stockpiling a truckload of quirks in one fell swoop. However, if Shigaraki gains all the quirks All For One stole over the past century, he will be as strong as All For One was in his prime.

We got a glimpse of All For One’s power in his prime during his fight with Nana Shimura. During that battle, All For One’s accumulated quirks had the power to not only summon unnatural abominations to do his bidding, but it also made the sky darken and the ground shatter. The fractured streets would be set ablaze with purple fire, fragments of concrete would levitate in the air, and the atmosphere crackled with black electricity. Overall, All For One’s original quirk had the power to summon hell on earth and that same power is inside Tomura Shigaraki and about to be unleashed upon the world once again!