I heard on the news this exciting story that we may have finally received a message from another civilization amongst the stars! It is not officially confirmed yet, but this could be the moment humanity has been waiting for since the dawn of time! I look forward to how this story develops in the near future! Live long and prosper!



I visited the Stanley Kubrick Museum and found exhibits that displayed props, costumes, clips, and story art from his various films. This is a picture of a costume from A Clockwork Orange, which was one of the darkest and most psychologically twisted films I ever saw. Still, I often imagine the so-called “therapy” that Alex went through in the film being applied to other villainous individuals I know. I also discovered clips and props from Fullmetal Jacket, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Spartacus. I even discovered films he made that I didn’t even know existed until now such as Eyes Wide Shut and that he almost made A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Overall, it was amazing to walk through a series of rooms dedicated to one man’s legacy.


I have started another minor work that involves writing a creative analysis on an inanimate object. The most significant I could think of writing about is a sword because it is not just a weapon, but a symbol of power. I will be addressing how a sword’s features and what kind of impact they have on me. It will be a relatively small piece, but it will be a significant addition to my writing arsenal. I will keep you updated on this process.



Sieges have always been a major aspect of medieval warfare. The overall idea is relatively simple; a small force defends a castle from a much larger army that is attempting to breach it. In my fantasy project, there will be several siege battles that involve either the main character fending off sieges or the main character laying siege to castles in order to conquer them. One castle in particular could withstand a siege for five years when at its peak.


I decided on the layout of the main villain of my fantasy project. Sorcerers have always been either heroes or villains in fantasy. With this in mind, I am thinking of making a dark sorcerer who is ambitious beyond reason and specializes in the use of necromancy and alchemy, which means his magic will be fueled by death and he will be capable of creating unholy abominations. Like I did for Cyber Shadow in my main series, I will be drawing inspiration from the various bullies who harassed me over the years. When it comes to creating juicy villains, that is my primary source of inspiration. I am thinking of making this dark sorcerer a polar opposite to the main character and I can imagine a final duel between them that will decide the fate of the kingdom.