I wish to do a review on a dystopian scifi film called Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale. I liked the overall concept of this dystopian world because it provided us with an idea of what society would be like if their was no human emotion. It was a fascist regime where being able to feel human emotion was punishable by death. Christian Bale’s character demonstrated how efficient and deadly someone would be if they had no emotions to cloud their judgment. However, we eventually see what happens when an emotionless person experiences emotions for the first time in their lives. I liked that from a psychological perspective. The film had a anime-like feel to it, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who likes dystopias and hardcore actions sequences.


The moment we have been waiting for years has finally happened: the White Walkers have breached the Wall! The Long Night has returned with a vengeance. The War of the Five Kings is over, but the battle for all of Westeros is about to begin! To make matters worse, the Night King has a dragon on his side. Dragons have been known to amplify magic, which would make the Night King’s magic stronger than ever. Luckily, I think the characters discovered the White Walkers’ weakness: if they can kill the Night King then the Long Night will end. I look forward to the next season even if I have to wait two years for it. Winter is here!


We finally got confirmation tonight that “Jon Snow” is not a bastard at all and is the one true king of the Iron Throne. In addition, we finally got to hear “Jon Snow’s” true name: “Aegon Targaryen”! Apparently, Rhaegar Targaryen annulled his marriage with Elia Martell in favor of Lyanna Stark, which would have made Elia’s children (Aegon and Rhaenys) illegitimate. Therefore, Rhaegar’s first son named Aegon became known as “Aegon Waters” due to being a bastard born in the Crownlands. In the books, this would make “Young Griff” the false Aegon VI and “Jon Snow” the REAL Aegon VI. Therefore, “Jon Snow” is Rhaegar Targaryen’s only legitimate heir and may have the potential to become the king his father never was. Also, we learned that Rhaegar Targaryen never kidnapped and raped Lyanna Stark as everyone was told. In reality, they fell in love and eloped. I can only imagine the political fallout that is going to consume the Seven Kingdoms when everyone finds out that their one true king has been harbored by the Starks all this time.



For my new superhero series, I am envisioning it taking place in a dystopian world. I have been monitoring the news very frequently lately and I see the makings of a real-life dystopia. Global warming, terrorism, the slow death of democracy, failing healthcare, the  rise of fascist factions, hatred and racism aplenty, the threat of a third World War. Due to all of these factors, I will be creating this dystopia based on the possibility of all these calamities reaching their zenith. Like what if superhumans are the result of radiation from nuclear war or human experimentation in a failed attempt to make living weapons. Now imagine fascism being the only form of government this world knows where cyborg super soldiers maintain absolute order. With global warming, I can imagine the ice caps gone and sea levels rising to the point in which only one continent-sized piece of land remains. Due to nuclear war, the environment would be putrid and toxic beyond measure. Overall, I am thinking of creating a hellish world where these new superheroes would fight to survive and overthrow the corrupt regime that rules what’s left of their world.



The majority of Numen the Slayer takes place in the northernmost kingdom in the Caliburn Empire, Umbran. I named this kingdom after the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. It is a region that is geographically isolated because it is surrounded by mountains in the north and east as well as swamps in the south. Its climate is similar to northern England and Scotland, being cold and temperate. Within its natural defenses, Umbran consists of fields, hills, and lakes. To the far north is an uncharted region known as the Territories, which is home to several monsters. It is divided up into eight baronies, each one with their own collection of landed knights. Like all the other kingdoms in the Empire, Umbran is ruled by its own royal family, House Baal, who rules the capital castle of Blood Arrow. In times of war, Umbran’s maximum military strength is around 35,000 strong. In addition to being inhabited by civilized people, Umbran is also home to tribal barbarians called Welts. Overall, Umbran is a dark and wild kingdom that breeds savage people.


I saw on the news that an autistic child was abused at a school by a teacher and an aide. The teacher and aide were trained to diffuse situations like this, but they discarded their training and just did whatever they wanted out of frustration. The kid was only seven years old and had no control over his condition and yet these women treated him like a rabid animal. To make matters worse, the two women were given paid leave and no prosecutions were made against them. This infuriates me beyond words because the law is not doing its job to inflict justice on two assailants who assaulted a defenseless autistic child.

After watching this video, I also noticed that some people who viewed the video were making VERY offensive comments about autistic people in general. One said that this child should have been tased and put in solitary confinement for half a day. Another said that the child should have been executed on sight simply because he was autistic. Both of these comments make me very disappointed and furious towards individuals who say such things about people who share my condition. I am autistic so should I be tased and executed too? Because several people think this way, I am concerned about the future of my autistic brothers and sisters. What if they become targets for hate crimes? The very thought frightens me greatly.

Something very similar to this incident happened to me when I was one or two years younger than this child. My parents put me in a day care center, but the people in charge there had no skill or experience in dealing with an autistic child. One day I lost control of my motor functions and emotions. Then they grabbed me by my arms and legs, dragged me down the hall, and locked me in a closet for the rest of the day. When my parents found out, they got me out immediately. I remember my mother was crying and begging me for forgiveness while my father was ready to inflict frontier justice on the women who harmed me. After this incident, my parents became much more careful when it comes to finding people to help me with my condition. The two women thought they were teaching me a lesson, but the only lesson they were teaching me was how to hate and it left deep scars in my mind.