Something has always interested me about the possible storylines of Game of Thrones. I often wonder how Jon Snow’s life could have been if he was raised by Ser Arthur Dayne instead of Ned Stark. What if Ser Arthur and his fellow Kingsguard slew Ned Stark and his companions at the Tower of Joy instead of the other way around? Jon Snow may have only been a newborn infant at the time, but he was still Ser Arthur’s king and like a true Kingsguard Ser Arthur defended his king until the bitter end. However, if Ser Arthur raised Jon Snow instead of Ned Stark, I can imagine their relationship to be very complicated. Jon Snow would be Ser Arthur’s adoptive son and the very king he is sworn to defend at all costs at the same time. Also, I can imagine Jon Snow being a much more formidable warrior than he already is because he would be trained by the Sword of the Morning himself. As the greatest and most legendary knight who ever lived, Ser Arthur would have a tremendous amount of influence across Westeros. Would Ser Arthur take Jon Snow to Essos with Viserys, Daenerys, and Young Griff or would he keep him in Dorne to be raised incognito until the time was right to retake the Iron Throne? I really am interested in this scenario. What do you think?




Among the many possible scenarios I analyzed from Game of Thrones, I thought of an alternate version of the iconic battle of the Field Fire. The Field of Fire was when King Mern of House Gardener and King Loren of House Lannister united against Aegon the Conqueror. Houses Gardener and Lannister outnumbered the Targaryen host six to one, but the Targaryens had three full grown dragons: Balerion the Black Dread, Vhagar, and Meraxes. Four thousand men were burned to death and thousands more were so badly burned that they could no longer fight. King Mern was among the dead and House Gardener died with him, which resulted in his stewards House Tyrell taking over the Reach. When King Loren Lannister saw Mern’s fate, he surrendered his crown and submitted to Targaryen rule. Personally, Aegon made a fatal mistake by sparing House Lannister because the Lannisters were the cause of the War of the Five Kings, which undid everything Aegon built. However, I often wonder how the story of Game of Thrones would have turned out if it was House Lannister that was exterminated on the Field of Fire instead of House Gardener. Who would take over the Westerlands? How would the Gardeners perform their duties as Lords Paramount of the Reach and Wardens of the South? Would the War of the Five Kings ever take place and would the Gardeners be the cause instead of the Lannisters? So many questions. Personally, I think House Gardener’s sigil, a green hand, would be an ideal symbol of one or more Gardeners serving as Hand of the King. What do you think?



I heard an interesting theory regarding Bran Stark and the Night King. Some people think that Bran Stark and the Night King are one and the same, which sounds insane, but I think I know how that can happen. When Bran Stark became the three-eyed raven, he became all-seeing and all-knowing with the power to not only see the past, present, and future, but also the ability to insert his presence throughout time. While training with the original three-eyed raven (Bloodraven AKA Brynden Rivers), Bran was warned if he wandered too long in time he would never return. What if BranĀ some time does this in the Dawn Age long before the Long Night and his essence became trapped in the past? He would have then been captured by the Children of the Forest, who could have sensed his presence due to their own greenseers. They would then turn him into a weapon against the First Men: the first White Walker and future Night King. By turning Bran into a White Walker, the Children would inadvertently amplify his magic. Because Bran can see the past, present, and future, he would come to realize that Westeros would be doomed to a constant state of war, conquest, and corruption. To solve this problem, Bran would turn himself into a common enemy for the people of Westeros to unite against. If this is so, Bran’s methods may seem cruel and questionable, but there is long-term thinking behind his cold madness. To make the Long Night even worse, if Bran and the Night King are one and the same then the people of Westeros are up against an enemy that not only controls cold, darkness, and death, but also knows everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen. The original three-eyed raven said Bran would fly and I think the Night King riding an undead dragon is the culmination of that prophecy. I hope we will get a clear answer to this theory next season.


The moment we have been waiting for years has finally happened: the White Walkers have breached the Wall! The Long Night has returned with a vengeance. The War of the Five Kings is over, but the battle for all of Westeros is about to begin! To make matters worse, the Night King has a dragon on his side. Dragons have been known to amplify magic, which would make the Night King’s magic stronger than ever. Luckily, I think the characters discovered the White Walkers’ weakness: if they can kill the Night King then the Long Night will end. I look forward to the next season even if I have to wait two years for it. Winter is here!


We finally got confirmation tonight that “Jon Snow” is not a bastard at all and is the one true king of the Iron Throne. In addition, we finally got to hear “Jon Snow’s” true name: “Aegon Targaryen”! Apparently, Rhaegar Targaryen annulledĀ his marriage with Elia Martell in favor of Lyanna Stark, which would have made Elia’s children (Aegon and Rhaenys) illegitimate. Therefore, Rhaegar’s first son named Aegon became known as “Aegon Waters” due to being a bastard born in the Crownlands. In the books, this would make “Young Griff” the false Aegon VI and “Jon Snow” the REAL Aegon VI. Therefore, “Jon Snow” is Rhaegar Targaryen’s only legitimate heir and may have the potential to become the king his father never was. Also, we learned that Rhaegar Targaryen never kidnapped and raped Lyanna Stark as everyone was told. In reality, they fell in love and eloped. I can only imagine the political fallout that is going to consume the Seven Kingdoms when everyone finds out that their one true king has been harbored by the Starks all this time.



So far the Lannisters are winning in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, much to my disappointment. The Lannisters managed to destroy Daenerys Targaryen’s allies in Dorne, the Reach, and the Iron Islands as well as stranding her Unsullied in Casterly Rock. Now it looks like the Iron Bank of Braavos may side with the Lannisters, but only if they can pay the Iron Thrones’ debts. If the Iron Bank supports the Lannisters, there would be no stopping them because they would be able to pay for food, weapons, ships, and sellswords. Fortunately, Daenerys has yet to use her dragons and Dothraki, which she is clearly going to use in the next episode.

Right now, Jaime and the Lannister/Tarly army is marching back to King’s Landing with all the gold they plundered from Highgarden, which they plan to use to pay back the Iron Bank. However, that gold will never make it to King’s Landing because the Lannister/Tarly army is going to get ambushed by over one hundred thousand Dothraki backed by a dragon that is the size of a Boeing 747. It has been confirmed through a leak that the Lannister/Tarly army will be annihilated, which not only greatly diminishes the Lannister’s military strength but also prevents them from paying back the Iron Bank.

After this one battle, Daenerys will have achieved a crushing victory over the Lannisters for several reasons. First, with their land army gone, the Lannisters’ only military strength will consist of the garrison at King’s Landing and Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet. Second, without the Highgarden gold to pay back the Iron Bank, the Lannisters will lose their support and the Iron Bank might support Daenerys instead. Third, without any allies from the Reach the people of King’s Landing and what is left of the Lannister’s army will starve especially since winter is here. If Daenerys does defeat the Lannister/Tarly army and intercepts the Highgarden gold, she will greatly cripple the Lannisters’ chances of winning the war to the point in which they cannot recover.

Overall, I am looking forward to the Lannisters getting their butts kicked as they face Robert Baratheon’s greatest fear: fighting the Dothraki on the open field. In addition, they will be the first Westerosi army to fight a dragon in over one hundred years. Up until now, Daenerys has been holding WAY back, but now the kid gloves are coming off next episode as the Lannisters witness the full power of Daenerys Targaryen! Before she died, Olenna Tyrell told Daenerys to be a dragon instead of a sheep if she hopes to rule Westeros. Next episode she will bring the Lannisters FIRE AND BLOOD!