I have reached the twenty-fifth chapter of my dinosaur book and I am three quarters of the way done with the whole book. Only three more challenges remain before the survivors’ journey is at an end. I depicted the biggest and most brutal dinosaur battle in the book and am about to depict the final encounter with vengeful predators. The last pieces are finally coming together and it has been one wild ride.


Over the years, I have noticed a pattern regarding the relationship between books and the film industry. The film industry has made many adaptations of books since its founding. However, they only seem to focus on best-selling books while leaving millions of other books to fade into obscurity. From a business perspective, this would make sense because a best-selling book means more money for the studio. Also, the film industry has become so desperate for new films that they have been recycling old movies into remakes. Meanwhile, there are countless hidden gems amongst the millions of books that the film industry continues to ignore. I think if the film industry is in need of new movies, they should develop a system that would allow some of these obscure stories to have their chance to be on the big screen. Should a movement or petitions be made that would allow these obscure books a chance to become films? Only time will tell.


I have reached the twenty-fourth chapter of my dinosaur book. This will be one of the scariest scenes in the story. The scenery will be very foggy and even though there are sounds of large predators nearby you cannot see them. It is going to make both the characters and reader constantly guess where these carnivores will appear in the thick haze. In addition to the threat of hidden predators, the unique and unnatural geology of the artificial island will also be explored.


I think I have an idea for how the sequel to my dinosaur book will unfold. I am planning to have it take place six months after the first volume. It will be told from the point of view of a team of zoologists who visit the island in order to document creatures that were previously unknown to the original research team. Along the way, the zoologists come in conflict with some big game hunters who seek the ultimate trophies. One thing leads to another until both the zoologists and hunters have to work together to survive. Both of these groups will have all the necessary preparations before entering the island and all hell still breaks loose. That is how dangerous and unpredictable these reverse engineered dinosaurs and creatures have become.


I have reached the twenty-third chapter of my dinosaur book and the stakes are getting higher. One of the characters suffers a debilitating injury, which will make them more vulnerable to stalking predators. The other characters do something borderline suicidal to escape a pair of carnivorous dinosaurs. In addition to dinosaurs, the characters have some close encounters with other reverse engineered animals. One example involves a colossal snake that looks constantly angry. On the upside, the characters have gotten a lot closer to the finish line in their race for survival.


I recall some maps from classic dinosaur books such as The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs. These maps were hand drawn as though they were drawn by a survivor who saw these primeval worlds firsthand. I may not be good at drawing creatures or characters, but I am good at drawing something of this quality. Due to this, I think I might do a map of the artificial island that my dinosaur book takes place on. I will draw it in the same fashion as a castaway would draw the island they were stranded on.


While James May was in Japan, he came across an interesting group of people in Tokyo called Salarymen. Salarymen are white-collar workers who practice a very specific pattern of behavior. They devote themselves to the company they work at above all else. While they are working, they adopt diplomatic behavior with both their superiors and colleagues. Even if they hated their boss, they had to display absolute loyalty to the company especially if their boss was older than them (senpai). When their shift was over, the Salarymen would go party with their colleagues. Their activities range from drinking, karaoke, and so on. During this time, the Salarymen get to relax and be completely honest about their true feelings about everything even their relationship with their boss. When morning comes, they start the whole thing all over again. During James May’s visit to Tokyo, he got to play karaoke with some Salarymen, who were more than eager to party after a hard day’s work. Among the Salarymen James partied with were two employees from a mergers and acquisitions company and a banker. James May had a surprisingly good karaoke singing voice as well.


I just had an idea for my dinosaur series. I am thinking of creating a spin-off story that takes place in a small Montana town in the middle of winter. Throughout the story, the townspeople gradually learn that their community is being hunted by a medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur. The story will be in the horror genre and will have a Stephen King feel to it. I will be taking inspiration from the Devil’s Footprints phenomenon, which was when unexplained tracks started appearing in 1855 England.


During one of his attempts to stage a coup in favor of Trump, Rudy Giuliani revealed he had super powers. He was melting in front of the press conference like a human ice cream cone. This was due to the fact that he hastily put dye in his hair and was sweating his butt off as he desperately tried to help Trump in his plot to overturn the election. Later in the press conference, Trump’s other lawyers were pitching all kinds of absurd conspiracy theories about the election. They even blamed Hugo Chavez for Trump’s defeat even though Hugo Chavez has been dead for seven years. When asked if they had evidence, the lawyers snapped at the reporters. This is because they have no evidence of voter fraud; not a shred of proof. The complete lack of evidence was why Trump’s lawsuits were being thrown out of one court after another. No evidence means no case. Trump’s cultists may not care about evidence, but the courts do. In fact, over the weekend, a judge from Pennsylvania went nuclear on Rudy Giuliani and the rest of the Trump defense team. This demonstrates that when Trump filed his lawsuits, the courts were annoyed. Now, after over two weeks, the courts are ticked off and want the clown show to end.