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One thing that is evident about corporations is that they will ALWAYS covet the ideas of their competitors and will try to supplant them. In some cases, rival corporations would either steal or reverse engineer their competitors’ ideas and products. I am thinking of including this theme in my dinosaur book series. The consequences of this espionage will be apocalyptic in nature. I’m getting chills just thinking about the aftermath of this espionage.


Like several complex stories, I decided to thicken the plot of my first dinosaur book by depicting a bitter betrayal. This betrayal will be the catalyst that causes everything to go wrong. The identity of this traitor or traitors will be saved for the end of the story. When their identity or identities are revealed, it will be one heck of a plot twist. As the characters try to escape the island, they experience a sense of paranoia as they wonder who betrayed them.


Tyrannosaurus Rex is famous for its title “King of the Dinosaurs”. However, even the biggest and baddest king inevitably withers and dies. A king has his reign and then he dies. Tyrannosaurus Rex had its reign and the title “King of the Dinosaurs” is without a successor. With this in mind, I have been imagining what kind of dinosaur would be worthy to inherit Tyrannosaurus Rex’s crown. I am envisioning the biggest and baddest dinosaur I could think of and I strongly believe it to be a suitable heir to Tyrannosaurus Rex’s legacy. This dinosaur will be the apex predator of my dinosaur series.


I have given some thought on what the island in my dinosaur series would look like and I think I have a pretty good idea of what its terrain would look like. I am envisioning an island that looks like a combination between the novel version of Isla Sorna from The Lost World by Michael Crichton and Skull Island from the 2005 King Kong film. Like Isla Sorna, my island will have a coastline consisting of cliffs, mountains, and crags. Like Skull Island, my island will have a broken and uneven landscape. I went through a number of island designs for inspiration before settling on this desired design.


I found a new interesting book to read called Primitive War. It takes place in the Vietnam War and a bunch of soldiers come in contact with dinosaurs in the war torn jungle. The book is like a combination between Apocalypse Now, Predator, and Jurassic Park all rolled into one. The characters are believable with their own set of relatable problems while the dinosaurs are more scientifically accurate with feathers. The dinosaur killings are definitely more brutal than Jurassic Park, but the dinosaurs have been described as animals instead of monsters. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dinosaurs and war stories.


One of the themes of my dinosaur series will be nature’s tendency to bite back when it is meddled with. When the human characters become vulnerable to the wrath of the surrounding dinosaurs, some dinosaurs will be hunting them. These particular dinosaurs will not be hunting the humans for food, but to satisfy a grudge. I got the idea from how lab animals would feel if they got the chance for revenge. Based on this, these dinosaurs will remember all the experiments that were done to them during their creation. When their creators are out in the open with no safe haven to retreat to, they will be coming for them with a vengeance!


Everyone is familiar with the famously small arms of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Some experts believe that they were meant to counterbalance its massive head. Recently, I discovered that despite their small size, these arms could each lift two hundred pounds. If these semi-vestigial limbs were that strong, how much stronger would they be if they were more developed? For my dinosaur series, I will not be depicting a predator with small arms like these. Instead, I will be featuring a beast with larger and more developed arms than Tyrannosaurus Rex. They will definitely make my predator even more deadly than Tyrannosaurus ever was.


One of the strangest oddities of nature would be carnivorous plants, flora that have evolved to become predators. Some plants like the Venus fly trap develop jaws while others grow into living pitchers filled with liquid to trap and digest unsuspecting insects. For both my zoology book and dinosaur series, I will be featuring two highly evolved breeds of carnivorous plants. These plants will be taking their predatory tendencies to the extreme.


There are some cases of organisms that become larger and more complex than others. When these factors are pushed to the extreme, they can produce super-organisms. Both in my zoology book and dinosaur series, I will be featuring my own super-organism. It will consist of various organisms fusing together to form a version of symbiosis where every creature it consists of benefits from the fusion. I have taken inspiration for this fusion from the Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish, which consists of multiple jellyfish working together in a single body. This super-organism will be the largest in the series, bigger than any dinosaur, and it will have the potential to consume entire landscapes if given the chance.


In preparation for the illustrator for my dinosaur zoology book, I am in the process of collecting concept art. This concept art consists of images I find online and sketches I draw myself. Each of these images will provide a piece of each creature such as their head, body, legs, tails, and so on. They are like pieces to a puzzle and I instruct the illustrator how to put them together. While I am not a professional artist, I am able to give a decent idea of what I am envisioning. I specialize in drawing heads, but the other body parts require images I can find online in order to complete the idea for the creature. By utilizing these images, I am giving the illustrator a vivid idea of what I am looking for. I look forward to seeing the final illustrations of my creatures.