I finished reading an interesting manga: Fullmetal Alchemist! This manga demonstrated one of the grimmest examples of the consequences of meddling with the laws of nature and paying the ultimate price for doing so. The main characters were well-written and the villains, the Homunculi, demonstrated human traits despite not being human. The bond that the Elric brother shared reminded me of the bond I have with my big sister. I also liked the fact that each of the Homunculi represented one of the Seven Deadly Sins and I think the author did a good job interpreting each sin. As for the main villain, Father or Dwarf in the Flask, I found his master plan to be both insanely ambitious and insanely blasphemous. Still, I could understand the twisted logic behind Father’s plan. The one thing that is greater than immortality is godhood because living forever is ultimately pointless unless you have absolute power to back it up. I would recommend this manga to anyone who is seeking a well-written story.


I have reached the 13th chapter of my sequel series and this is where the action really begins. The reason for this is because it will feature the first of three major conflicts that will take place throughout the first volume. Each of these conflicts will be more brutal than the last and will test the main characters’ limits as superheroes. This first conflict will feature a supervillain who is a “proper lunatic” and I will name him after the most prolific predator on the planet. The second conflict will feature a mercenary who lives for the kill. Finally, the third conflict will feature one of the supervillains who represent the seven deadly sins, but I won’t say which sin they will be up against. Each of these conflicts will take place in vital locations in the futuristic society and the way they will be executed will be similar to terrorist attacks. I look forward to how the story will unfold when the main characters come face to face with their own rogue gallery of supervillains.



I went to WonderCon 2016 today and it was an absolutely blissful experience. Not only did I acquire a number of prominent graphic novels, but I also met some of my author colleagues from last year as well as several significant individuals from both the superhero genre and comic book industry. The author colleagues I worked alongside with last year gave me advice on how to improve my future book signings and I was invited to become part of a writer’s group in Los Angeles. Among the significant individuals I met was Lou Ferrigno, who is best known as the Hulk! I got to shake Mr. Ferrigno’s hand and the entire experience brought out my inner fanboy and left me emotionally drained afterward. Also, I encountered Marc Silvestri, CEO of Top Cow Productions and creator of Witchblade! Mr. Silvestri and I had a conversation about the anime version of Witchblade and we reached a mutual understanding about the story. Overall, even though I was unable to have a book signing this year, going to WonderCon 2016 as an attendee was a wonderful experience and I hope to sign up for a booth next year.


I have an interesting idea with the main characters of my sequel series. In order to further tie in the sequel series to my main series, I was thinking of giving the main characters an unexpected connection to the original Young Guardians. I will not reveal what form this connection will take, but it will explain certain aspects of the main characters’ individual powers and personalities. This connection will also make them worthy as the next generation of Young Guardians.


Imagine a drug that could temporarily give you superhuman powers. It is frightening to think of the chaos that such a drug would create if it existed. The reason for this is because it would give its users a rush that would be greater than adrenaline, which would make it dangerously addictive. Also, there would be a psychological effect when the user wields superhuman power for brief periods because it would make them want more and more in a never-ending cycle. It could also give them a superiority complex towards those around them. Just thinking of the greed and destruction that would follow this drug’s creation is frightening to even consider.



I had an interesting thought! What if at some point in the future the human race becomes infertile and unable to reproduce? If such an event happens, then humanity would become extinct within a generation unless something is done to solve the problem. How can such a scenario be solved? While contemplating this question, I had a brain wave!

While many people are against cloning, it could be a viable solution at first, but it has a problem of its own. With cloning, the children that are produced would lack genetic diversity because they are carbon copies of the original template. With this in mind, it would be logical to have a system to house the genetic material of enough donors. Then, to guarantee genetic diversity, the genetic material of the donors would be combined to create generation after generation of children who are each genetically unique. In order to provide enough genetic diversity, the system should contain the genetic material of at least ten thousand or more donors.

If cloning is used to ensure humanity’s survival, could it be used for other methods? With eugenics and genetic engineering, you could not only provide genetic diversity, but you could also improve the genetic potential of the children you produce. This could result in the creation of a form of humanity that is at peak human conditioning with ideal health. This could make humans immune to disease and increase their lifespan.

Hopefully, it will not come to this, but if the survival of the species is at stake, what price would you be willing to pay to save the human race?


The writing process of my sequel series is really heating up! I have written over 20 pages since my last update and it has become intense process. To start, my main character is slowly beginning to overcome his psychological limitations and forms connections with the other characters. One of the characters will be his love interest. Unfortunately, the main character will have an encounter with individuals who covet his power, which will also give him a close encounter with some of the other characters who have taken an unexpected interest in him. Also, another of the main character’s limitations is revealed and this limitation is potentially lethal to him.

I am particularly interested in working on the main character of my sequel series for a number of reasons. To start, due to my autism I occasionally have difficulty forming emotional connections with others. Because of this, I decided to make emotional connections the source of the main character’s powers. Through this project, I hope to experiment with the main character’s psychology because I want to know if I truly understand what an emotional connection is. This makes my sequel series extra special to me apart from it being the next phase of my superhero universe. Because the main character will be one of the most powerful characters I ever created, I wanted to give him limitations that reflect my own. That immense power and potential that the main character wields represent the rewards that one could attain from overcoming their psychological limits.

I look forward to tinkering with this story and seeing how it will unfold. I will keep you updated on any further developments.