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I thought of a frightening power for my next supervillain to have in my next superhero book. The most common motivation for supervillains is to destroy things. With this in mind, what if their power doesn’t just destroy things, but is destruction itself. Imagine being able to destroy everything you touch until not even dust remains. The most extreme example of destruction was in the anime Bleach, where a character possessed a power of destruction that was so complete that not even his target’s soul would be able to reincarnate itself. To make my new supervillain’s power even more devastating, I think I will give them a form of destruction that destroys their target’s body and mind. As the target’s body disintegrates, parts of their mind including memories and emotions also fade away until nothing is left. You could also control how fast your target is destroyed. You could destroy them instantaneously or destroy them slowly and painfully. The very thought of this power frightens me to the extreme, which assures me that it will make my new supervillain all the more terrifying.


I remember a show I used to watch with my parents when I was a kid called Family Matters, which features the biggest nerd in the universe, Steve Urkel. I always found Urkel’s high voice, sense of humor, and awkward mannerisms to be beyond funny. For my next superhero story, I am thinking of making a sidekick who has a nerdy personality ┬álike Urkel’s. This sidekick would add comic relief to the otherwise serious story.


Last night, I had an intriguing idea for a superhero. This character would be able to use immense power, but there are serious drawbacks to their power. The character starts out as an overweight character who never exercised a day in their lives. However, when their powers activate, they experience a crippling limitation to their boundless power. All their fat reserves are burned away and their muscles and joints undergo the equivalent of a ten year triathlete workout. And all of these physical changes happen within a matter of hours after using so much of their power at once. As a result, they experience more pain than anyone has ever known and they won’t be able to move for a while because of the pain. Overall, this character will be a more limited and realistic version of One Punch Man; someone who is overpowered yet has serious restrictions to their great power. I got the idea for this limitation from Josh Brolin while he was filming the remake of Old Boy. In that movie, Josh Brolin had to lose a considerable amount of weight and gain it back within a matter of weeks. As a result, his body was experiencing a lot of painful strain from so much physical strain in such a short span of time.


There are two examples I can think of when a monarchy was nearly turned into a democratic republic. The first example was when Simon de Montfort led England’s barons to overthrow King Henry III. This rebellion ultimately failed, but it gave rise to Parliament. The second example was during the English Civil War where King Charles I was overthrow and executed by his subjects. For a time, England was a democratic republic until King Charles II took back the crown, reestablished the monarchy, and executed all the rebels who were responsible for his father’s regicide even those who were already dead. In my third fantasy book, my main character will be spending three years undermining the authority and credibility of his regents. At the time, my character is in his minority and cannot legally rule under his own power. Despite that, he is able to weaken the power and influence of his regents. As a result, his regents decide to go to war with him by replacing the imperial monarchy with a democratic republic.


I have started the twenty-second chapter of my space opera book. I have so far written twelve pages in a single day. This is where things will get even grittier. The battle is over, but a race against time is about to begin. Great sacrifices have been made throughout this battle and a number of characters paid the price while fighting a determined enemy. Now, the aftermath of the battle is about to unfold.


I have reached the twentieth chapter of my space opera book and I am turning up the heat! The epic battle is still going and some unexpected twists and turns will happen. For example, a third fleet will appear in the space battle, but I will not say which side they are on. There will also be a fight between some of the main characters and one of the main villains. Overall, this chapter will be one of the most exciting sections in the whole book.