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Every adventure starts with a good sized skirmish. When the cast of my upcoming fantasy books start their journey into the unknown, they will come in contact with an unexpected enemy. Their entourage will face a skirmish that will force them to be left to their own devices. It will be like the a combination between the Battle of the Fist of the First Men in Game of Thrones and the Skirmish at Amon Hen from The Lord of the Rings. I will also be drawing inspiration from when King Alfred the Great was on the run after being ambushed by Vikings.


The third major battle in my future fantasy books will be like a combination between the Battle of Pelennor Fields from The Lord of the Rings and the last Battle of Winterfell from Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Both battles were crucial in their respective storylines and decided the fate of their respective worlds. My battle will decide the fate of my fantasy world as well and it will have much better battle tactics than the Battle of Winterfell ever did.


In my next three fantasy books, I will be featuring three major battles that will take place throughout the trilogy. Each volume will feature one of these battles. For the first volume, I will be featuring a battle that will be like a combination between the Battle of Azanulbizar from The Hobbit and the Battle of Hardhome from Game of Thrones. The Battle of Azanulbizar took place outside the mines of Moria while the Battle of Hardhome took place in a sizable settlement. My first fantasy battle will take place in a settlement that is inside a mine.


I have some news to report regarding my dinosaur books. I have completed the dinosaur guide, which will soon be edited. At this rate, the dinosaur guide might be released alongside my first dinosaur book at the same time, which is part of my plan. Meanwhile, the other dinosaur book that was supposed to be the second in the series will now be rescheduled as the third in the series. Thanks to my newly acquired outlining technique, I have the entire second book planned out with twenty-three chapters and a prologue. I have written the prologue and the first chapter and I am half-way through the second chapter. I have a basic idea of how the third dinosaur book will unfold, but I will need to formulate an outline to make the writing process much easier. Who knows? With these outlines, I might complete a total of four dinosaur books, including the dinosaur guide, over the course of a year or a year and a half. Overall, I have no shortage of story ideas for my dinosaur series and I look forward to delving deeper into it. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


For some time, I have been having trouble coming up with a suitable version of my third fantasy book. While I have finally came up with a suitable version and made some progress with a few chapters, I will need an outline to come up with the rest of the story. The next three books will revolve around one member of the Magnus Dynasty. The previous two volumes each revolved around a different member of the Magnus Dynasty, which made it a generational story. This time, there will be one constant cast of characters from this point forward. It will be nice to get my fantasy series back up to speed.


I must say that creating outlines for my future books has proven to be very useful. I have successfully created an outline for my second dinosaur book and it has made the writing process a whole lot simpler. Thanks to this outline technique, I have written the prologue and first two chapters of the second dinosaur book. I will now begin working on the outline for my future fantasy books. When my schedule opens up, I should be able to write them in an orderly manner. Overall, the usage of these outlines is making my writing methods far easier to manage compared to just winging it like I used to.


I have been doing a lot of tinkering with my second dinosaur book lately. I tried a new writing technique that I heard about in my writer’s group, but never tried until now. For the past few days, I have been creating an outline for my second dinosaur book. The outline consists of 23 chapters and a prologue. This has my overall story idea organized in such a way that getting writer’s block will be impossible. I have already gotten started writing it. I have completed the prologue and the first chapter. This outline makes writing a whole lot simpler. Up until now, I have just been winging it with my writing, but I think the usage of such outlines will make it a lot easier. The other dinosaur book that was intended to be the second book will be rescheduled as the third book instead of the second in the series. Overall, things are changing for the better with my writing since I am expanding my horizons in terms of writing techniques.


My illustrator has completed the eighth illustration for my upcoming dinosaur book, The Kaligen Experiment: Genesis. This marks the halfway point in our collaboration. This illustration features my fictional species of sauropod or long-necked dinosaur. You can tell based on how big it is to an average human that if it stepped on you, you would become stuck to its foot like an old gum wrapper. This is the largest species of dinosaur in my entire series.


I have been reaching a series of milestones regarding my dinosaur series. My illustrator has completed the eighth illustration, which means we are halfway done with our collaboration. I have also completed the manuscript for a field guide into the zoological nature of my fictional dinosaurs. I will send it to me editor in the near future. I plan to release both the first dinosaur book and the field guide at the same time. I have changed course with my second dinosaur book. Instead of taking place on the mainland, the second book will revolve around an expedition to the manmade ecosystem that tries to uncover the island’s many unexpected secrets. However, the expedition goes horribly wrong and the survivors fight to survive. Overall, I have been experiencing a lot of developments with my dinosaur series and I look forward to what happens next.