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The largest animal to ever fly was the pterosaur known as Quetzacoatlus, which had a forty foot wingspan and was as tall as a giraffe when it walked on all fours. If it still lived, I can imagine some people would mistake this animal for a dragon. As you can see in the picture above, Quetzacoatlus could kill a grown man with a single peck of its long beak. On the other hand, this pterosaur could also snatch a grown man off the ground like a hawk snatching a field mouse. I am thinking of featuring a creature that is as big as Quetzacoatlus in my dinosaur series.


Everyone knows Tyrannosaurus Rex, but some people do not know that Tyrannosaurus Rex had a cousin in Asia: Tarbosaurus. Tyrannosaurs Rex and Tarbosaurus were so similar in size and appearance that paleontologists initially thought they were the same animal. It was only thanks to subtle differences in their skull structures that they could tell these animals apart. Just as Tyrannosaurus Rex ruled North America, Tarbosaurus ruled Asia. It was the apex predator of Cretaceous Mongolia. Because of its relation to Tyrannosaurus Rex, some scientists theorized that a few Tarbosaurus migrated a land bridge that connected North America and Asia. Over time, those Tarbosaurus evolved into Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tarbosaurus will make an appearance in my dinosaur series as a genetic donor in the creation of my fictional dinosaurs.


Even though no real life dinosaurs will appear in my dinosaur series, real life dinosaurs will nevertheless be used in the creation of my fictional dinosaur species. One such example is Saurophaganax, Allosaurus’s bigger and badder cousin. Allosaurus may have been one of the most common predators in the Jurassic Period, but Saurophaganax was larger, more powerful, and more aggressive. Saurophaganax was the T. Rex of its day and the true king of the Jurassic. Because of these superior features, Saurophaganax not only could take down formidable prey, but it could steal kills from smaller predators such as Allosaurus. Since Allosaurus has been featured multiple times in dinosaur media, I decided to give Saurophaganax a chance by making it a donor in the creation of a new kind of carnivore.


Dinosaurs were not the only giants of their day. There were colossal crocodiles that were large enough to eat dinosaurs for breakfast. Among these giants were Deinosuchus, Kaprosuchus, and Sarcosuchus. All three of these large crocodilians were the terrors of the prehistoric lakes and rivers. Even Tyrannosaurus Rex feared these crocodiles. I am thinking of including a reverse engineered species of giant crocodile that is of the same caliber as these prehistoric behemoths. Unlike the dinosaurs in the experiment, this crocodile will have been bred behind the research team’s back. Because of this, these crocs will become an unexpected and terrifying surprise for the survivors as they try to escape their manmade ecosystem.


I just had a messed up idea regarding my dinosaur book. It involves some of the more intelligent dinosaurs setting a gruesome trap for their human quarry. I often wonder what would happen if dinosaurs were capable of setting traps. What kind of traps would they set? The trap in question will be bloody and psychological in nature. I have taken inspiration from traps set by guerrilla fighters. I will not say if the humans will take the bait or not, but it will be a scene full of traumatic, psychological strain.


I have wonderful news! In the near future, my sister will be getting married and I have been chosen to officiate the ceremony. To celebrate this glorious occasion, I will be having a very rare giveaway where five of my books will be FREE on Amazon Kindle. These books include Numen the Slayer, The War of the Gilded Beasts, Cosmic Genten, Karmathaur, and Herawulf Rising: Origins. This giveaway will last five days.


Like all reptiles, the longer a dragon lives the larger they become. As their size increases, so does their power. Easily the largest dragon I have seen would be Shruikan from the Inheritance Cycle. Shruikan was so large that he was almost a living mountain. In the picture above, you can see that Shruikan (the black dragon) dwarfs all other dragons in the story. The small speck that is positioned between the red and blue dragons is an average sized person. Most fans speculate that Shruikan was 300 meters (984 feet) long with a wingspan twice that long. When you put that scale into perspective, Shruikan made Balerion the Black Dread (the largest of the Targaryen dragons) from Game of Thrones look like a small lizard by comparison. Even though we never got to see Shruikan truly unleashed on a battlefield, I believe such a dragon would wield enough firepower to rival a megaton nuclear warhead. Unleashing a dragon of Shruikan’s caliber on a battlefield would be a new definition of the word “overkill.” In my third fantasy book, I am thinking of including a dragon that is as large and powerful as Shruikan.


I have always liked the idea of a powerful warrior that is augmented by magic. One example includes General Glauca from Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, who not only had immense endurance and could slay strong foes but also had armor that could repair itself. A second example would be Guts from Berserk, who became an unstoppable force when armed with both his Dragonslayer sword and Berserker Armor. A third example would be Lord Barst from the Inheritance Cycle, who was not only augmented by magic but was made impervious to it. A fourth example would be Gregor Clegane from Game of Thrones, who was augmented by Qyburn to such a degree that he needed to be incinerated in order to stay dead. Each of these characters were large and powerful warriors who could slay multiple foes with one blow. This physical prowess was enhanced even further with the help of magic, which made them nearly unstoppable. I am thinking of introducing a character of this archetype for my third fantasy book. My character will serve as the commander of a new kind of army.


I have reached the third chapter of my third fantasy book. It will be told from the point of view of the dragons of House Magnus. This will be an intriguing chapter to read because I have always wanted to write something from a dragon’s point of view. As creatures of fire, magic, and power, dragons are likely very vain and proud beasts. I also get to depict what a dragon’s natural habitat would look like and how their social order is organized. I will be drawing inspiration from interactions wolves have with one another as they arrange the pecking order.


I have done some great thought about the companions of the main character in my third fantasy book. I am thinking of making these characters a mix between the Top Gear boys, Boromir, Legolas, and Gimli from The Lord of the Rings, and Prince Noctis’s companions in Final Fantasy XV. They will be like the Top Gear boys in the sense that they will have their quirky personalities and often bicker with each other. They will be like Boromir, Legolas, and Gimli in the sense that they each are good fighters and wield their own specialized weapons. They will be like Prince Noctis’s companions in the sense that they are fiercely loyal to the main character and maintain an informal friendship. These characters will be princes from three of the southern kingdoms of Gradaia. They come into the main character’s life to improve relations between their kingdoms and the new Imperial Dynasty. Even though these three princes come into the emperor’s life for political reasons, they eventually become his genuine friends.