The medium-sized ships in my fantasy world are longships, which resemble and function the same way as Viking longships. Unlike my fantasy world’s version of galleys, which are propelled by wind and sails, longships are propelled by both sails and the usage of oars. When not used for war, longships are used as cargo vessels for merchants and traders.


One of the smaller ships in my fantasy world are cogs, which serve three purposes. First, in times of war, they are used as troop carriers for small scale skirmishes. Second, they act as civilian transports from one river crossing to another. Third, they are used by traders and merchants to transport goods. Out of all the types of ships, the cogs alongside barges are the most common type in my fantasy world.


The largest type of ship in my fantasy world is a galley. In real life, galleys were used by the Greeks, Romans, and Persians. Unlike real life galleys, which were propelled by many oars, the galleys in my fantasy world are propelled by wind and sails much like the ships of the 17th and 18th centuries. In my fantasy world, galleys are either used as large cargo ships or the biggest warships on the market. As such, galleys frequently appear throughout my fantasy books.