I have always been interested in the idea of a psychic being with immense telepathic and telekinetic abilities. My favorite example of a psychic being is Tetsuo from the classic anime Akira. Tetsuo’s psychic powers were so extreme that he could decimate entire cities and alter his physical structure on an atomic level. I thought it would intriguing to feature in my graphic novel series psychic powers that are capable of creating mass destruction with a single thought. When thinking about what kind of family the main character for my graphic novel series would have, I decided that one of his family members would be a powerful psychic being. Because the main character can mimic the powers of other super humans, it would make sense that the first powers he would copy would be the powers of his family. With this in mind, I find it interesting that the main character would copy the combined powers of his family.


I saw the latest trailer for the upcoming Doctor Strange film and I must say that I am excited to see the Sorcerer Supreme! After examining the clips in the trailer, I realized that Doctor Strange’s arrival is going to be a serious game changer. The reason for this is because in Captain America: Civil War, the world’s governments tried to control superhuman activity. After witnessing Doctor Strange’s magic warping reality to such an extreme degree, it became clear that Doctor Strange is too powerful for the world’s politics to control, which will make a lot of people question the effectiveness of the Sokovian Accords. Overall, I look forward to seeing this film and feel the magic literally radiate off the screen.


I found it fascinating when an individual possesses more than one personality. In many ways, it makes me think of mitosis from biology in that the person’s mind divides and multiplies into several distinct mindsets, each one a unique spiritual life form. I had a friend who said he possessed six personalities and after recalling all of my interactions with him, I think I may have spoken to two or more of his personalities. Since I often base my superhero characters on my friends, I am thinking of basing a character in my sequel series on this particular friend. The character will also have six personalities like my friend, but I thought of adding a little twist to the character’s powers. Instead of having one set of superpowers, this character would have six, each one in the possession of each of her personalities. This would make her a versatile character in that when her personality shifts so does her power set, which can be a useful feature under the right circumstances. Also, I think such a character would add more psychological intrigue to my graphic novel series since most of my other characters have their own issues.



In fantasy, it is common for main characters to possess a signature weapon. King Arthur wielded Excalibur, Eragon Shadeslayer wields Brisingr, and Jon Snow wields Longclaw. I am thinking of following this tradition and giving the king in my latest fantasy project a signature weapon. In my opinion, a weapon worthy of a king would be lighter, sharper, and more durable than the average sword or axe. As the story progresses, this weapon will become an heirloom to his bloodline so it will play significant role both on the battlefield and the political field. I already possess a very complex description of this weapon and it is beautiful and deadly at the same time! I look forward to writing about this weapon when the time comes.


I finally saw the trailer for the upcoming Justice League film and I am excited! On the side note, even though I am excited I am praying that it will be better than Batman v Superman. I liked the look of Cyborg and the Flash because they resemble their Injustice: Gods Among Us versions. Still, I was saddened that I did not see Green Lantern among the rest of the team. We all know that Superman will be back at some point, but it is just not the Justice League without Green Lantern. Overall, I look forward to seeing the whole gang together. May justice prevail!


What would you get if you mixed various superhuman powers together? Would you create an unstoppable force or an unstable explosion? I have used this concept in my main series in which the Young Guardians combine their powers in order to overwhelm an opponent they cannot defeat individually. Usually, this method of fighting was a last resort because of the devastation it unleashes. I am planning to continue this concept in my graphic novel series through the main character and main villain of the series. The hero will be a power mimic while the villain will be a power absorber. As a result, both of these characters will have a vast arsenal of superhuman powers at their disposal. With the right usage, they would be able to combine several of their copied/absorbed powers together in order to overwhelm their opponents. For example, if they could use telekinesis, ice manipulation, and electricity manipulation, then they would be able to summon a powerful beam of elemental energy that would blow away most opponents. With thousands of superhuman powers our there, the combinations that can be used is literally limitless. It is an exciting concept to think about and I look forward to tinkering with it further.


I had a relatively sad thought for my fantasy project. Because the king would have a large brood of children, the possibility exists that some of his children and grandchildren might be unsatisfied with the current line of succession. With this in mind, I was thinking of some of the king’s children and grandchildren rebelling against the king, led by one of his sons. I thought it would fundamentally complex and emotional if the king was forced to fight his own son even if his son rebels against him. I can imagine that the king would be greatly conflicted with such a situation and must choose between the future of his kingdom or the life of his son. The real question would be how the king would cope with the consequences of his choice. I am planning to draw inspiration from the Arthurian legend of King Arthur and Mordred for this section of the fantasy project.