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I have long imagined this scenario for my superhuman series. I imagined a powerful superhuman battling while he listens to music they like. How they would listen to this music would be unusual and unorthodox. This music would help them concentrate while fighting and they would fight while moving as though they were conducting an orchestra. Without the use of this music, this superhuman would not have the concentration to properly control their immense power. This will be similar to how I use music to help me concentrate while writing.



I thought of the ultimate culmination of my superhuman series, a war between humans and superhumans. For over five thousand years, humans would be the rulers of the known solar system. However, the introduction of superhumans would challenge the normal humans’ status as the supreme rulers. Throughout the series, a chain of events will result in an all-out war that would decide the fate of the entire solar system. Who will triumph in the end? Mere mortals living on borrowed time or empowered beings rising to prominence? Like Game of Thrones, the characters will be morally ambiguous because they are both heroes and villains at the same time.


As you are aware, I have a dark imagination as both a writer and as an overall individual. Some people avoid the darkness, but I walk towards it because I find dark things to have a sense of realism compared to more optimistic stories. I have seen countless dark things in my lifetime, both in fiction and in real life, and the darkness feels more real than the light as a result. This allowed me to incorporate dark elements into my writing; some would fascinate my readers and some to horrify them. Other authors have dark imaginations just like me such as Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, George R. R. Martin, and countless others.



I like the idea of being reincarnated and live an infinite number of lives in various vessels. I am thinking of applying this concept in my fantasy series. In most fantasy stories I have experienced, whenever a sorcerer dies that is the end of their story. However, what if when they die their spirit leaves their human body and becomes reincarnated into a great beast of magic? For example, if the sorcerer in question was good then they would be reincarnated into something magnificent like a wolf that is larger than any bear or an eagle with feathers as colorful as a peacock’s. But if they are evil, they would be reincarnated into monstrous abominations such as flying gargoyles that could snatch away women and children to feed or large demonic snakes with acidic venom that could melt through armor. The possible new forms a deceased sorcerer could take would be limitless.


I do not like the concept of betrayal, but treachery is an integral part of medieval life because loyalties always shift from one side to another. Due to this, I am thinking of depicting a major betrayal in my second fantasy book that will threaten House Magnus’s hold on the kingdom of Umbran. This betrayal will cause a war within a war, which will be a complex situation I never explored before. This will also add to more complexity to the story.


Gaena copy

In Numen the Slayer, I introduced the kingdom of Gaena, which is the capital region of the Gradaian Empire. The Empire’s capital city, Chrysos, is also in Gaena. Before the surviving Homantians invaded Gradaia, Gaena was originally a collection of dwarf kingdoms that were overflowing with gold mines. Because of its gold mines, Gaena is the wealthiest kingdom in the Empire. In addition to being the home of the Empire’s capital, Gaena is also the home of the Imperial Palace, the largest and most impregnable castle in the realm as well as the residence of the Imperial Family. Along with gold mines, Gaena also has numerous port towns along its coast. Gold may have made Gaena rich, but trade made it even richer. If you are seeking a life of luxury in the Gradaian Empire, Gaena is the kingdom to live in. Gaena will appear again in the second volume of my fantasy series and you will get a better idea of its military strength and the quality of their armor and weapons.


It has become a common custom in storytelling that a leader of an army would give a speech to boost the morale of their army on the eve of battle. The most famous of these speeches in literature would be the St. Crispin’s Day Speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. Henry V of England said this speech to arouse his army right before they defeated the French in the Battle of Agincourt. In the second volume of my fantasy series, I will be including a series of speeches before major battles throughout the story. I don’t think I could ever top the St. Crispin’s Day Speech, but I will do my best.