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What happens when you combine magic and technology? The end result is complex machinery that is powered by sorcery instead of electricity or nuclear power. Imagine building an army of metallic soldiers that are given life by magic. Such soldiers would be immune to conventional medieval weapons such as swords and axes. Now, think of a type of bomb that is fueled by magic that is powerful enough to destroy castles. It would be a fantasy equivalent of a neutron bomb! These innovations will look like something out of a steampunk universe, but they will be powered by magic instead of steam. As factions grow in strength and power thanks to sorcery, new abilities to wage war will be invented that would ravage the land. I will be exploring this in greater detail in my fantasy series.



For the longest time, I have always been more of a writer than a reader. However, I am taking advice from several of my teachers. The best writers gain their inspiration from reading other books. For some time, I felt like something was missing in my writing. I will do more reading to see if I can find some way to refine my craft more than ever before. Wish me luck!


Apart from their size and strength, one of the most iconic Kaiju abilities is their immunity to conventional weapons from bullets to bombs. Not even nuclear weapons can harm them because it would only make them even more powerful as they absorb the nuclear radiation. The secret to a Kaiju’s immense durability has ranged from either a very thick hide, fast regeneration, or a personal force field that shields them from harm. In my revised Kaiju story, I developed a way to explain how a Kaiju can acquire all three elements as parts of its durability.


I am thinking of becoming my own illustrations for my revised Kaiju story. They will be sketches I have done myself. I thought this would be a good way to give my audience a better look at what I am envisioning as I write. Up until now, I thought my sketches were no good because they are not professional, but they are starting to grow on me. Among these illustrations will be some of the copyrighted concept art I drew for my Kaiju story.


I have finished the fourth chapter of my revised Kaiju story and started the fifth chapter. It is definitely an improvement to the original and there are far fewer loose ends than there were before. Thinking back, the original version of the story was messy and had too many unanswered questions. Now, the story is tighter and the characters are better developed. I look forward to the final product and I will keep you updated on any further developments.