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I have reached the thirteenth chapter of my new superhero book and things are heating up. This will be part two of the free-for-all I set in motion. Another player to the game will enter the fight as the lives of dozens of children hang in the balance. It is going to be an intense chapter that will show a lot of fighting and heart.


Due to the fact that the first supervillain in my new superhero book is a mad scientist, there will be A LOT of unnatural abominations in the story. I have partially taken inspiration from Dr. Frankenstein, who is famous for creating an eight-foot-tall monster. However, unlike Dr. Frankenstein, who used alchemy and 19th century technology, my mad scientist will utilize far more advanced technology. The abominations that my supervillain will produce will be a grotesque mixture of dead flesh and complex machinery. Even the mad scientist turns himself into one of his abominations just because he wanted to tinker with his own biology. This man’s machinations serve as the catalyst for the main character’s motivation for crimefighting. When my main character hunts down this mad scientist, he will come face-to-face with an army of unholy monstrosities.


I have reached the twelfth chapter of my new superhero book and I have effectively set the stage for an all-out free-for-all! My main character will find himself in a situation where he must face cyborg soldiers, undead abominations, and the police you seek his arrest. In addition, two characters will enter the protagonist’s life, but it is unknown if they will be friend or foe. This event will take place during his second night of crimefighting. He will be pushed to his limits and come face-to-face with the cop who is leading the manhunt against him.


I have started the eleventh chapter of my new superhero book. Armed with new equipment, my superhero continues his crusade against crime, but he is not alone this time. We get to see more of the main character’s various powers at work. In addition, we will see what new methods the supervillains will use to counter his attempts to thwart their operations. It is going to be an interesting chapter that will highlight how my protagonist evolves as a crimefighter.


In previous posts, I spoke of a man named Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick AKA the Kingmaker. Warwick is famous for making Edward IV King of England, but was discarded shortly afterwards, which resulted in him betraying Edward three times. I will focus on Warwick’s first betrayal, which almost destroyed England as a kingdom. Warwick’s first betrayal involved him orchestrating tax riots in northern England, which were fueled by rumors that the king’s in-laws were taking tax money for themselves. Later on, Warwick published an open letter that not only repeated the accusations against the king’s in-laws, but also invited anyone who shared this opinion to rally at Canterbury and take up arms against the king. After Warwick’s allies gathered, they defeated and captured Edward IV. However, Warwick captured and imprisoned Edward without a coherent plan to replace and to kill him. This resulted in the fragile peace Edward IV built to collapse with astonishing speed. During this time, Warwick took his frustration and hatred in a killing spree meant to exterminate as many of Edward’s in-laws as possible. In addition, the unrest Warwick engineered in the north backfired on him and spread south like wildfire. Desperate to restore order, Warwick tried to rally other nobles to his cause, but they just laughed at him because he arrested the king and started all the trouble in the first place. In the end, England could not function without a king to lead it and Warwick’s scheming and wounded vanity drove the kingdom into anarchy. For my third fantasy book, I will be heavily draw inspiration from Warwick’s first betrayal in order to portray the villains’ actions.


My first fantasy book, Numen the Slayer, got a four star review on Amazon:
“This was a complex yet enjoyable medieval fantasy series. Numen the Slayer had the tropes I expect in a fantasy story, so that was covered. This is the story of a boy who has a magic weapon, a classic, but there is also some politics here and there. Numen was a coherent character.
A classic fantasy story, a hero’s journey that, despite some minor issues, works, and makes you wonder how will Numen’s journey continue?”