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I just realized something that I could include in my new superhero book. In my story’s universe, superheroes have only been around for three years. Characters such as that can have a big influence on the public. As my characters’ exploits increase, some members of the public may be inspired by them. This would lead these civilians to become superhero copycats and start taking the law into their own hands. A development such as this will not only affect the main characters and New York, but also the government as well. My main characters’ war against crime will be the spark that brings about an age of heroes.




New York City has been the city of choice for superheroes for decades. It has been featured throughout Marvel Comics, TMNT, and even cities like Gotham City and Metropolis have served as inspiration from the Big Apple. I am thinking of doing the same in my new superhero book. However, it will be a completely different version of New York City. Earlier in the story, a series of wars had been burning fossil fuels a lot faster than normal. As a result, the ice caps melted and the old New York is underwater. Therefore, the city was rebuilt as a collection of five artificial islands interconnected by a network of bridges.


Last night, I had a very vivid dream that entertained me until I woke up. As I pondered on the dream, I realized that it had the makings of a new fantasy series. It will not be related to the Magnus Dynasty Saga. Instead, it will be set in its own unique universe. The story will take place in a Victorian-style world where every human is partnered with a magical creature as part of a peace pact. However, there are some of these creatures who do not approve of this pact. As a result, they declared war on the human-creature alliance. With no end in sight to the war, three children and their creature partners leave the safety of their walled community and go on a quest to destroy the source of the conflict. Essentially, this series will be a combination between Digimon, Attack on Titan, and Eragon all rolled into one.



There have been cases of dragons with multiple heads in fantasy. I am thinking of depicting a dragon with three heads. A dragon with three heads would mean three times the size, strength, and firepower compared to a normal dragon. There have been cases in real life when snakes with two heads. Even more strange are experiments done with salamanders. In those experiments, a salamander would have its head cut off and a new one would take its place. Then the severed head would be placed to the salamander’s side and naturally graft itself over time, resulting in the salamander having two heads. The three-headed dragon in my fantasy book will be the result of a genetic deformity that only happens once every one thousand years. Such a dragon would be larger and more powerful than a normal dragon and would live three times longer, but a side effect of the mutation renders the dragon sterile. However, each of these heads will have their own personality and individuality, which makes this dragon harder to control than a one headed one. My main character has the chance to claim the ultimate dragon, but the process will be extremely difficult and potentially life-threatening. This will add more depth to the main character’s quest for absolute power over the empire.


I remember the fictional martial art known as “Guns Kata”, which was prominently portrayed in the film Equilibrium. It also made appearances in various anime and manga. Gun Kata is usually achieved through intense mental and physical training. However, I will be creating a character in my new superhero book who can fight with guns in this fashion. He achieves this fighting style not through training, but through natural superhuman accuracy, reflexes, and mental processing. This character will also be cowboy themed so finding creative ways to fight with guns would be ideal for him.


I remember the show known as The Tudors, which depicted the life and reign of Henry VIII in four seasons. After watching this show in its entirety, I had a revelation about my third fantasy book. The main character’s story is far too big to fit in just one book. Instead, I will divide up his story into multiple volumes just as Henry VIII’s story was divided up into the four seasons of The Tudors. The volume I am currently working on will revolve around the main character’s coronation, his minority, his war against dissent, and when he reaches his majority. Numen the Slayer told the story of the Magnus Dynasty’s founder while The War of the Gilded Beasts told the story of House Magnus’s rise to power. The future volumes will tell the story of the consolidation of the Magnus Dynasty through the life and reign of the greatest Magnus of them all.


I have made great progress with my new superhero book. I have written the opening crawl that explains the alternate timeline of my world, the prologue, and the first two chapters. I have decided to make this a standalone book instead of part of a series. I will, however, write a group of spin-offs that talk about the origin stories of the main characters and how they came to work together as a team. The prologue is a scene in a talk show host, where the superhero team is discussed with differing opinions. The first chapter introduces the strongest of the main characters while the second chapter introduces the female lead. One character will be a lazy writer while the other works in a strip club when they are not fighting crime. I am taking this route with their secret identities because I want them to be flawed and relatable. In addition, this is a dystopian story so places such as strip clubs would be common place like something out of a Mad Max film.