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How would the world react if dinosaurs suddenly reappeared and we had no explanation why? That will be one of the themes in my dinosaur series as it progresses. I am not just depicting an artificial island filled with reverse engineered dinosaurs. I will also be featuring these creatures suddenly appearing in seemingly random parts of the world. Based on what I know about animal behavior, I think I would have a good idea of how these animals would adapt to their new environments. Some herbivores may keep a low profile and keep away from human- populated areas. However, some may cause property damage when they walk through a town or plunder farmland like feral livestock do. The smaller dinosaurs would be harder to find because of their size and they could potentially multiply unchecked without anyone noticing. The carnivores would not only cause human casualties, but they would also feed on the native wildlife as well. Entire ecosystems would be either disrupted or destroyed by the sudden reappearance of dinosaurs. As for how humans would react, I think the result would be disorganized chaos as the public and government struggle on how to handle these new lifeforms. Groups like the National Guard would be outgunned and would have no idea what kind of dinosaurs they would run into or how many there are. Overall, I think by the time everyone starts noticing that dinosaurs are appearing, the dominos would already be falling.


I remember doing a school project that revolved around a detailed description of a dinosaur known as Iguanodon. Iguanodon was one of the earliest dinosaurs discovered. Its body structure had been debated and modified for decades between the 19th and 20th centuries. Some thought Iguanodon resembled a large lizard while some thought it walked on its hind legs like a kangaroo. In the end, Iguanodon resembled neither. Back in its day, Iguanodon and other ornithopods were among the most successful dinosaurs during the mid-Cretaceous Period. Their success allowed them to colonize almost every continent. Even though they were mostly harmless herbivores, Iguanodon were armed with thumb spikes that could either puncture a predator’s throat or stab into an attacker’s brain. I think for old time’s sake, I will be creating my own species of ornithopod like Iguanodon for my dinosaur series.


For my third fantasy book, I have made an unusual choice. I have decided to include a character who literally does not have a soul. I never worked with a character like this before because of its inherent complexity. Does a soulless person have the same emotions as a person with a soul or do they not have emotions at all? Would they have a sense of identity or would they be a blank slate? How would they interact with other characters? So many questions and just as many concepts to work with.


One of the most bizarre dinosaurs that ever lived was Therizinosaurus. Therizinosaurus is a strange dinosaur that looks like a half-plucked turkey and walked like a potbellied bear. When its massive claws were discovered, they were thought to be the ribs of a large turtle. Later, those claws were thought to belong to a formidable predator that could kill its prey with one swipe. However, Therizinosaurus is an oddity among theropod dinosaurs because while most theropods were carnivores, Therizinosaurus was a herbivore. Instead of using its large claws to kill prey, Therizinosaurus used them to hook down branches in order to feed on the vegetation. When attacked by predators such as Tarbosaurus, Therizinosaurus would use its claws as defensive weapons to either wound or kill its attacker. Its leaf-shaped teeth were designed to slice up vegetation while its big belly allows it to digest large quantities of plants. Therizinosaurus evolved into its own set of subspecies, which include a species in North America known as Nothronychus. For my dinosaur series, I will be creating my own unique version of Therizinosaurus because this breed of dinosaur does not get the exposure it deserves.

Dividing up my creatures

I had a revelation about my dinosaur series. As much as I would like to give each of my fictional reverse engineered creatures an appearance of some kind in my first book, I feel like it may be too much for my readers. With this in mind, I am thinking of dedicating the first volume on just the dinosaurs, the second volume on the new terrestrial lifeforms, and the third on the marine lifeforms. After that, who knows? This would be a good idea considering I have made up to fifteen different dinosaur species and three dozen non-dinosaur species aside. I have been busy coming up with the creatures of this new series.


For millions of years, animals that were a transition between species have vanished off the face of the earth. Mammal-like reptiles served as the transition phase between mammals and reptiles and died out in the early Triassic Period. There were also fish such as tiktaalik that served as a transition phase between fish and amphibians during the Devonian Period. During the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, some dinosaurs grew feathers and became a transition phase between reptile and bird. Throughout natural history, evolution made animals diverge into different groups by producing transition species such as these. In my dinosaur series, I am using a method that involves awakening certain genes in birds in order to turn them back into dinosaurs. However, could the same concept be applied to other animals as well? If you awaken enough genes in a mammal, would it develop reptilian features? If you awaken enough genes in an amphibian, would it become more fish-like? If you awaken enough genes in a bird, would it turn into something like a terror bird instead of a dinosaur? These possibilities are what I will be basing on the non-dinosaur creatures in my series. They will be the first of their kind to exist in millions of years.


One thing that is evident about corporations is that they will ALWAYS covet the ideas of their competitors and will try to supplant them. In some cases, rival corporations would either steal or reverse engineer their competitors’ ideas and products. I am thinking of including this theme in my dinosaur book series. The consequences of this espionage will be apocalyptic in nature. I’m getting chills just thinking about the aftermath of this espionage.


Like several complex stories, I decided to thicken the plot of my first dinosaur book by depicting a bitter betrayal. This betrayal will be the catalyst that causes everything to go wrong. The identity of this traitor or traitors will be saved for the end of the story. When their identity or identities are revealed, it will be one heck of a plot twist. As the characters try to escape the island, they experience a sense of paranoia as they wonder who betrayed them.


Tyrannosaurus Rex is famous for its title “King of the Dinosaurs”. However, even the biggest and baddest king inevitably withers and dies. A king has his reign and then he dies. Tyrannosaurus Rex had its reign and the title “King of the Dinosaurs” is without a successor. With this in mind, I have been imagining what kind of dinosaur would be worthy to inherit Tyrannosaurus Rex’s crown. I am envisioning the biggest and baddest dinosaur I could think of and I strongly believe it to be a suitable heir to Tyrannosaurus Rex’s legacy. This dinosaur will be the apex predator of my dinosaur series.


I have given some thought on what the island in my dinosaur series would look like and I think I have a pretty good idea of what its terrain would look like. I am envisioning an island that looks like a combination between the novel version of Isla Sorna from The Lost World by Michael Crichton and Skull Island from the 2005 King Kong film. Like Isla Sorna, my island will have a coastline consisting of cliffs, mountains, and crags. Like Skull Island, my island will have a broken and uneven landscape. I went through a number of island designs for inspiration before settling on this desired design.