“The night is darkest just before the dawn. I promise you, the dawn is coming.”

Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight

The following contains spoilers from the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Now that we have gotten a look at the immediate aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War, it is time to theorize how this will affect hero society as a whole. Even though the heroes succeeded in suppressing the majority of the Paranormal Liberation Front, the damage is done. Hero society will never be the same again after this war.

For decades, the hero society enjoyed a sense of peace and security under the protection of All Might. However, they have grown far too dependent on this one man. As a result, the rest of the superheroes and society as a whole became complacent. Because of this, All Might became the lynchpin to the stability of hero society. Without that lynchpin, society would implode. This change was inevitable from the moment All Might retired.

When All Might retired after his final battle with All For One, supervillains grew increasingly bolder and the rest of the superheroes struggled to fill All Might’s shoes. Despite being All Might’s successor, Deku was not ready to take his place as the Symbol of Peace. With one disaster after another in a short span of time, the public’s trust in the status quo and sense of security gradually eroded.

The Paranormal Liberation War was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There was so much death and destruction that the public has lost their faith in hero society. Some civilians talked about leaving the country while they still could even though they did not have the money. Even some superheroes cracked under the pressure of their profession, causing them to become disillusioned with the status quo. With this disillusionment, superheroes are planning to resign and find new jobs. If enough superheroes resign, it will weaken the superheroes’ already diminished numbers. Due to this, these superheroes have chosen the worst possible time to quit because things are about to get a lot worse.

Dabi’s revelations about Endeavor and Hawks will also erode the public’s trust in hero society even more. Despite being the Number One Hero, Endeavor had poor public approval ratings. The only reason Endeavor achieved his rank was because he resolved the most cases out of any other superhero except All Might. Now, the truth about what Endeavor did to his family will make his public approval numbers plummet to the degree in which the public will never trust him again. As a combatant and an asset, Endeavor will still be of use to the Hero Public Safety Commission. In terms of public relations, Endeavor is no longer of any use to the Commission and he will likely be forced to step down as the Number One Hero. Hawks is more complicated because Dabi told the public that he murdered both Twice and Best Jeanist. Best Jeanist being alive was a setback for Dabi’s plan, but he still broadcasted footage of Hawks murdering Twice across the entire country. There is no way to sweep that footage under the mat and Hawks would not be in a position to deny what he did. Overall, the public will no longer entrust their safety to a thug (Endeavor) and a murderer (Hawks).

We now move on to another big problem that is fast approaching. All For One/Tomura Shigaraki is about to orchestrate a prison break in Tartarus Prison. Due to being the largest maximum security prison in Japan, Tartarus Prison likely houses hundreds or even thousands of supervillains. These supervillains include, the original All For One, several Nomu, Kurogiri, Overhaul and his Yakuza, Stain, half the Vanguard Action Squad, and many others. Also, nearly 17,000 members of the Paranormal Liberation Front have been detained and are likely on their way to Tartarus Prison. If all those supervillains are released all at once, Japan’s already chaotic state will become so much worse. They will likely be assimilated into the Paranormal Liberation Front and become an even larger army than before under All For One/Tomura Shigaraki’s command. If this happens, the weakened superheroes will not have the strength left to fight them. When the superheroes started the Paranormal Liberation War, they caught the supervillains with their guard down. Now, with this prison break, the superheroes will be the ones caught with their guard down.

With these factors in mind, the future for hero society is looking extremely grim. For now, the superheroes are dealing with the war’s aftermath, which includes saving wounded civilians, assessing damaged buildings, and arresting defeated supervillains. With an army of supervillains about to be released from Tartarus Prison, the chaos we have seen in the latest chapter will become a whole lot worse. All For One/Tomura Shigaraki will not give the superheroes room to breathe. When the dust finally settles, it is likely a new Age of Darkness will rise. It will be a sinister world that has not been seen since the height of All For One’s power.

The fate of the country rests in the hands of All Might’s successor, Deku. However, Deku is nowhere near ready to fill All Might’s shoes. He put up a good fight against Tomura Shigaraki, but his body has been crippled as a result. After his fight with Muscular, the doctors warned Deku that if he punched with 100% of his power two or three more times he would lose the usage of his arms. By my count, Deku punched Shigaraki at 100% a lot more than two or three times with each arm. Even though his limbs with spent, Deku kept pummeling his nemesis. Deku’s legs were also crippled in the fight. Because of his injuries, Deku will be out of commission for the foreseeable future. It is possible that Deku’s wounds will likely be healed by Eri’s Rewind Quirk since she was able to restore Mirio’s phasing Quirk.

His mother was already losing faith in UA’s ability to keep her son safe and was worried about him getting injured. When she sees her son in such a broken state, she will likely pull him out of UA or even try to convince him to not be a superhero. I cannot help but feel as though Deku’s mother may die at some point in the story. The reason I think this is because one of the main motivations for superheroes is family tragedy. If anything happens to Deku’s mother, it will likely motivate him further in taking Shigaraki down.

In addition to being able to safely use 30-45 % of One For All’s basic power, Deku has awakened three of his six additional Quirks: Blackwhip, Float, and Danger Sense. He still has three more Quirks left to unlock and master before he truly controls One For All. Despite putting up an impressive fight against Shigaraki, Deku still has a long way to go before he is fully ready to succeed All Might and become the new Symbol of Peace. Until then, the new Age of Darkness will consume the country, but when Deku recovers from his wounds and masters One For All in its entirety, the spark of hope that went out in recent chapters will be lit once again.


For my second dinosaur book, I am thinking of drawing inspiration from the show Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks is about an isolated mountain community where strange things happen. My second dinosaur book will take place in a remote valley in Montana that seems normal at first, but it gradually becomes clear that something is not right. I used to watch a show known as Wayward Pines and discovered that the writer who created it also drew inspiration from Twin Peaks.


When I wrote my dinosaur book, I decided to create fifteen different species of fictional dinosaurs. To make these animals as diverse as possible, I decided to make one new animal per dinosaur group. For the herbivores, I made one long-necked sauropod like Brachiosaurus, one Stegosaurus-like creature, one armored animal like Ankylosaurus, one duck-billed hadrosaur, one horned ceratopsian like Triceratops, one small herbivore, one bone-headed dinosaur like Pachycephalosaurus, one ostrich-like dinosaur like Gallimimus, and one sloth-like dinosaur like Therizinosaurus. For the carnivores, I made one small predator, one medium sized predator, one raptor, one large predator, one flying pterosaur, and one aquatic predator. These fifteen species will be appearing throughout my dinosaur series. If they are allowed to evolve, they can diversify into all kinds of subspecies like the original dinosaurs before them. They will also have a special feature that allows them to transform the world around them. These creatures will not be like any dinosaurs that have been portrayed in the past.


“I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless. It’s frightening. Turns the legs to jelly. I ask you, to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now, it’s here. Or should I say, I am.”


The following contains spoilers from the latest chapters of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

It has been an intense story arc as the superheroes battled the Paranormal Liberation Front. Now, the latest chapter gives us a glimpse of the immediate aftermath of the war. The results are a lot sadder than I had anticipated. That happy concert the students did in earlier arcs truly was the calm before the storm. Now, hero society has gone to Hell.

On the upside, the superheroes managed to detain most of the Paranormal Liberation Front and a number of key figures. Among those arrested were Doctor Ujiko, Mister Compress, Gigantomachia, Re-Destro, Geten, and Trumpet. With these supervillains apprehended, their rampage has finally been stopped and their military strength has been severely weakened.

Despite the positive aspects of the war’s aftermath, the negative aspects far outweigh the upside. Even though most of the Paranormal Liberation Front has been caught, over a hundred supervillains managed to escape. Among those supervillains who escaped were Himiko Toga, Dabi, Spinner, Skeptic, seven High-End Nomu, and Tomura Shigaraki himself.

The superheroes suffered countless casualties; the exact number is unknown. Easily the most heartbreaking loss was Midnight, who was last seen making a last stand against a mob of supervillains. It turns out she was brutally violated and murdered by these supervillains. Her defiled corpse was found by the Class-1A students, who were already traumatized by nearly getting crushed by Gigantomachia. Seeing one of their teachers in such a state will scar the students for life. Midnight was another longtime friend of Aizawa and Present Mic. They were already angered by the death of their friend Shirakumo and his subsequent transformation into Kurogiri. When they find out that Midnight is dead and learn of the exact nature of her death, it could push them over the edge.

The mass destruction and civilian casualties were extreme beyond imagining; far exceeding anything we have seen in the series so far. Because of these developments, the country is starting to lose whatever faith they have left in the superhero society. Some citizens are even considering leaving the country. Even some of the superheroes are thinking of resigning and finding new jobs, having been disillusioned with the status quo. To make matters worse, Dabi’s revelations about Endeavor and Hawks are already spreading like wildfire. This will add further damage to the people’s fragile sense of security.

Most crucially of all is the fact that Tomura Shigaraki escaped with the vestige of All For One possessing him. Now, at a safe distance, Tomura Shigaraki/All For One orders his remaining Nomu to break the original All For One out of Tartarus Prison. Meanwhile, the original All For One in Tartarus Prison mused that despite a few miscalculations the war unfolded just as he wanted.

Apparently, All For One wanted the war and the resulting chaos to happen so he could break his original body out of prison. That is a brilliant usage of three dimensional chess that would impress Darth Sidious. I can’t help but wonder why All For One would want his original body, which is barely able to function on its own, when he already has a new one in Shigaraki. Could All For One have some kind of plan that involves making Shigaraki’s incomplete body 100% stable? If this happens, will Shigaraki regain control of his body or will All For One take over completely? I guess we’ll find out soon.

With the Paranormal Liberation War complete, we finally reach the long-awaited prison break story arc. With most of the surviving superheroes dealing with the war’s aftermath, Tartarus Prison will be lightly defended. It is not just the original All For One who might be broken out, but every supervillain who has been arrested so far in the series, including all the Paranormal Liberation Front members who were just detained. If these recent arrests are broken out at this stage, it will pour additional salt into the superheroes’ wounds and make their few hard-won victories in the war amount to absolutely nothing. Also, Tomura Shigaraki/All For One will have a golden opportunity to replenish his ranks. With the superheroes weakened and the supervillains acquiring fresh troops, Shigaraki/All For One will be able to strike back at society with a vengeance; effectively delivering the killing blow to superhero society.

Overall, it has been an intense story arc and the aftermath has been sad and heartbreaking. Although the superheroes won the physical battle, the supervillains have won the moral battle. The superhero society is on the verge of imploding and things are about to get a whole lot worse with the upcoming prison break arc. It feels like the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. I look forward to seeing how the story will unfold from here.


While listening to the audiobook version of Jurassic Park, I got to experience the original version of Dennis Nedry’s death at the hands of the Dilophosaurus. Turns out that the book version is far more gory and brutal than the film version. While the film version of Dilophosaurus was roughly the same size as a Velociraptor and had a neck frill, the book version was about three times bigger, standing ten feet tall and had no neck frill. When the Dilophosaurus encountered Nedry, it was forty feet away from him and gave a hooting sound similar to an owl. Then it launched its venom at Nedry’s shirt, neck, and finally his eyes. The Dilophosaurus venom was so corrosive that it operated like acid, resulting in Nedry permanently losing his eyesight. Blinded, Nedry could not see the Dilophosaurus coming, but he could hear its footsteps and feel its hot breath near him. He flailed his arms in a futile attempt to ward off the attack he knew was coming. Then he felt a new pain in his belly, causing him to reach down and discover he was holding his own intestines in his hands. After Nedry toppled over, the Dilophosaurus grabbed him by the head with its jaws and lifted him off the ground, breaking his neck. Overall, Nedry’s death in the book was definitely one of the more gruesome ones in the series. If it had been included in the movie, it would have made it R-rated and I would not be able to see it until I was seventeen.


In my previous posts, I mentioned the idea of giving the protagonist in my third fantasy book six wives. I have never written a love story this complex and with this many moving parts before, but I am up for the challenge. I think I will draw inspiration from various anime, which frequently depict harem stories where the protagonist does not have one love interest but many. One thing I noticed about anime harem stories is that they are full of drama with the protagonist being dense and his harem constantly competing for his affection. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have reached the second chapter in my second dinosaur book and things are becoming primal! This chapter will include two scenes where everyday people have close encounters with dinosaurs. One encounter will involve a couple of campers and the other encounter will involve a farmer and his daughter. I will write these scenes as though they were Bigfoot sightings where people see something extraordinary yet cannot convince anyone of what they saw. The occurrence of these encounters will be like small stones that start an avalanche.


Here is the cover of my upcoming dinosaur book! The title will be The Kaligen Experiment: Genesis. I chose the word “Kaligen” because I based it on the Latin word “caligo”, which means “mist” or “fog”. This would fit the artificial island’s hazy atmosphere. I also included the word “Genesis” in the title for two reasons. First, this book is the very first volume of the series and will show the creation of the catalyst for the forthcoming dinosaur apocalypse. Second, I wanted to give my dinosaur series a similar feel to the Old Testament as a new beginning takes shape. I will keep you updated on further developments.


I have started my second dinosaur book and I began with a bang. The story began with an oddity of nature taking place inside a store. The incident shakes an entire community to its core. Meanwhile a conspiracy theorist goes mad due to an unexplained development happening across the country. The story is full of suspense and emotion, foreshadowing something cataclysmic over the horizon.