When I was in elementary and middle school, I was an avid fan of the anime known as Digimon. As such, I often imagined what it would have been like to have my own Digimon and what the creature would look like. The series has seen its fair share of Digimon that looked like either dinosaurs or dragons. In season one, we were introduced to Agumon, who was the Digimon who was partner of protagonist Taichi Kamiya. In the second season, we were introduced to Veemon, who was the Digimon partner of Davis Motomiya. In the third season, we were introduced to Guilmon, who was the creation and partner of Takato Matsuki. Each of these three Digimon possessed features that belonged to either dragons and dinosaurs. I am definitely a fan of both dragons and dinosaurs, which was why when I daydreamed about having my own Digimon, I wanted it to be like a combination between these three Digimon. I even brainstormed on what kind of attacks it would have and what its Digivolved forms would look like.


What would the world be like if it was run by a science-based society? I ask myself this when watching the post-truth anti-science politics that have been plaguing the United States. I can imagine a lot of things would be better for everyone if politics did not interfere with scientific advancement. I will portray a world in my dinosaur series in which conventional governments are overthrown and abolished. In their place, councils of scientists will run every country. However, just like political governments, this science-based society is corruptible. The reason for this is because a hunger for knowledge can be twisted into a thirst for power and knowledge IS power.