In order to prepare you for my forthcoming superhero book, I shall give you an overview of the main supervillain of not just this book but the entire series. The supervillain’s name is Ronald Macleod, who I greatly based on Donald Trump. Obviously, “Ronald” rhymes with “Donald” while “Macleod” is the maiden name of Donald Trump’s mother. Ronald has the same overall personality of Trump: a corrupt, bigoted, authoritarian man who had everything presented to him his entire life and never had to take responsibility for anything. However, I often wonder how Trump would handle being thrust into a situation where he loses everything and has to rebuild everything from scratch. It would be a situation he could not lie, bribe, cheat, or bully his way out of. He would have no money, no power, and would only have the clothes on his back. Would Trump be able to adapt to such a situation or would he throw his usual temper tantrums? That is a question I will be tinkering with regarding Ronald Macleod as the series progresses.


While writing my dinosaur book, I have had to tackle one of the biggest questions of all. ┬áIt is as Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park: “Your scientists were so preoccupied about whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Even though we could create dinosaurs, why should we do it? Would we do it to advance our knowledge in genetic engineering? Would we do it to better understand evolution? Would we do it for medical research? After much thought, I have decided that the scientists in my story would create dinosaurs for an even more ambitious purpose. That purpose will remain top secret until the book’s publication, but it will definitely be outside of the box.


Some carnivorous dinosaurs developed a taste for fish and in some cases adopted an amphibious lifestyle. One of the most prominent fish-eaters were the Spinosaurs such as Baryonyx and Suchomimus. Spinosaurus itself was recently discovered to live and hunt like a crocodile, hunting in water and sometimes coming on dry land. As a group, Spinosaurs had specialized equipment that were well suited for hunting fish. Their clawed hands were perfect for scooping fish out of the water while their cone-shaped teeth and long snouts were perfect for gripping slippery fish. One of the predators in my new dinosaur book will have some Spinosaur in it, which will allow it to employ amphibious hunting.


Throughout the Mesozoic era, there were many species of small, fast-moving herbivores. Such species included Dryosaurus, Leaellynasaura, and Othnielia. Because of their small size, these creatures did not have any defense against predators. Instead, they evolved to be fast and agile, which helped them to outrun and outmaneuver most predators. I am thinking of creating my own species of this creature for my dinosaur book and they will be a common sight in the manmade ecosystem.


One of the most famous dinosaurs would be Triceratops. It is known as the sworn enemy of Tyrannosaurus Rex and often clashed with it. Every prehistoric ecosystem needs a ceratopsian dinosaur like Triceratops, especially during the Cretaceous Period. With this in mind, I will be creating my own species of reverse engineered ceratopsian for my dinosaur book. My creature will be as big as Triceratops, but it will have a different set of weaponry. There will also a battle between this ceratopsian against the apex predator of the story, which will serve as a homage to when Triceratops battled Tyrannosaurus Rex. It will be a different prey and predator, each with a different set of weaponry to deploy.


Tonight, I conducted an experiment with my dad. He was in the other side of the house and I played this video at full volume. My dad thought the laughter this parrot made was that of a woman. He also said that this bird’s laughter was so scary.

The reason I conducted this experiment was to test a theory I had been working on while writing my dinosaur book. As I mentioned before, birds, including parrots, are the descendants of dinosaurs. As such, some species of dinosaurs should have made vocalizations that were similar to birds. With this in mind, I thought of introducing a species of reverse engineered dinosaur that could laugh like the parrot in this video. My dad’s reaction to the parrot’s laughter proved what I thought about what would happen if I included a cackling dinosaur in my story.

If a carnivorous dinosaur could laugh and cackle like this parrot, I can imagine it would be a frightening thought. Imagine running through the jungle with a relentless predator chasing you, laughing like a madman. It would be like being chased by a crazed serial killer with claws and fangs. What is most scary of all is you won’t see the carnivore, but you definitely hear its laughter echoing through the trees and you wouldn’t know which direction it is coming from. That will pretty much sum up some of the scarier scenes in my dinosaur book.


I came up with an idea regarding the second volume of my new superhero series. With a revolution in full swing, there will be superhumans who want to follow in Herawulf’s footsteps. It will involve Herawulf taking seven teenage superhumans under his wing as he continues his crusade against crime. During this time, Herawulf will have to learn how to be a teacher while facing the political consequences of his war on crime. This will contribute to Herawulf’s growth and development as a character as he continues his hero’s journey.


While there have been civil wars that involved the nobility rebelling against the monarchy, there have been other wars where the commoners rebel against the monarchy. One example involved the Peasant’s Revolt where the commoners almost succeeded in overthrowing the royal government. Another example involves the English Civil War where the commoners succeeded in not only overthrowing the monarchy but also killing the king. I am thinking of depicting a similar civil war in my third fantasy book where the commoners rise against House Magnus. In the second book, House Magnus burned several towns and cities during their war effort against House Sylva. Now, the survivors of those cities are out for bloody revenge against the Imperial Dynasty.


I have finished the tenth and eleventh chapters and epilogue of my dinosaur book. I dedicated these chapters to the main characters attempts to form connections with his teammates. I know this from personal experience. One of the drawbacks of being autistic is having difficulty forming connections with others. The main character has no problem bonding with his dinosaur creations, but he has a lot of difficulty bonding with other humans. The character’s support system will also be highlighted as he receives praise from some and persecution from others. Also, the epilogue will highlight the first stages of the experiment’s aftermath, which has the potential to change the world forever.


You know how some animals in zoos have their own names like Fiona the Hippo? I am thinking of introducing a number of dinosaurs in my book that were given names by those who created them. There will be sections in the story that will be told from the dinosaurs’ point of view. You will get to see how these creatures view the world around them and how they perceive their creators. Overall, you will get to see things from an inhuman point of view.