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In my new fantasy book, I will be featuring a Damascus steel dagger that looks like this recurve hunting knife. Some stories start with the actions of a single knife. In Game of Thrones, the War of the Five Kings started when a dagger was used to try to assassinate a comatose Bran Stark. In real life, William Wallace’s story started when an English noble tried to steal his knife and William Wallace responds by killing the man and fleeing from the town. I am thinking of doing the dagger theme in my new fantasy book and the story kicks into high gear because of how this dagger is used.




While contemplating what kinds of mythical creatures to include in my new fantasy book, I realized something. When I think about the concept of a chicken being retro-engineered back into a dinosaur, it kind of resembles the mythical creature known as the cockatrice. The cockatrice was a reptilian beast with the head of a rooster. By combining the science of the dinosaur retro-engineering project with myth, I can envision including a cockatrice. It would be the size of a chicken and would resemble a chicken, but it would have scales instead of feathers, claws instead of wings, and a long tail. I can picture it now.


I have decided to include a love triangle in my new fantasy book. It will involve the main character falling in love with two women and them falling in love with him. The chemistry becomes increasingly complicated as the three of them try to adjust to their relationship. Just as one love interest will be a mixture of Merlin and Guinevere, this other love interest will be loosely based on Britomart, who was a female knight in Edmund Spenser’s the Faerie Queene. It is going to be an interesting scenario to tinker with and I will keep you updated.


I have reached the third chapter of my new fantasy book. Here, I plan to depict what kinds of holidays are celebrated in my fantasy world. I am thinking of basing them on the changing of each season. The spring holiday would resemble Easter, the summer holiday would be like the Fourth of July, the fall holiday would be like a mixture of Halloween and Thanksgiving, and the winter holiday would resemble Christmas. This chapter will give you a look at the summer holiday and how a small town celebrates it. Both at work and at home, I am called the Holiday Man because I always bring festivities to each holiday. So, I will have plenty of inspiration.


I like layered steel because its rippling pattern makes the blades look like liquid metal. There have been multiple versions of layered steel over the years. The most common form of layered steel is Damascus steel, but the original process to make it has long since been lost. The Japanese have a form of layered steel called Hada. Even my Viking ancestors had their own version of layered steel that resulted in formidable swords. The layers not only make the blades beautiful, but they also make the blades sharper and more durable than normal blades. I am thinking of including layered steel in my new fantasy book.


I had an interesting thought regarding the mindset and personality of the villain in my new fantasy book. In one of my earlier posts, I addressed how Henry VIII suffered from two jousting accidents that resulted in him getting concussions. These concussions gave Henry mood swings that made him murderously bad tempered and paranoid. In the manga Battle Royale, one of the villains Kiriyama suffered a concussion as a child. Unlike Henry VIII, Kiriyama was the complete opposite and had no mood swings. Instead, Kiriyama was left with no emotions at all, turning him into a stone cold sociopath. This made me wonder if the villain in my new fantasy book suffered from a similar accident that robbed him of his emotions and empathy. The villain would run his kingdom like a soulless machine would, which would be very efficient yet incapable of compassion when his subjects suffer. You could say it would be like Spock turning to the dark side.


I have started the second chapter of my new fantasy book. This chapter will explore the inner workings of how the main character’s family functions on a normal day. Also, there will be an incident that will kick the plot into high gear. In some of my previous projects, I did not spend enough time on certain aspects of the characters especially when it came to how they interacted with one another. This time, I will take my time, but not too much time. I will keep you updated on new developments and wish me luck.