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Easily the most terrifying prehistoric creature would be Megalodon, the ancestor of the great white shark. While the largest great white shark was over twenty feet in length, Megalodon was three times that size at 60 feet! Its jaws had a bite radius was roughly three yards across and its teeth were seven inches long. As Quint from Jaws would say, “This shark swallow you whole!” Still, Jaws is a mere sardine compared to Megalodon. Megalodon was so big and powerful that it most fed on whales. When the climate changed and the whales migrated further north, Megalodon’s food supply eventually ran out, which resulted in its extinction.

In various forms of mythology, there was mention of a mighty sea serpent known as the Leviathan. Since I am drawing inspiration from prehistoric wildlife for my fantasy series, I am thinking of making Megalodon the Leviathan. Imagine how medieval galleys and longships would react when they see this monster swimming past them. Gives me the goosebumps!




The final battle of the Trojan War was the Sack of Troy. It was when the Greeks infiltrated Troy with a small force concealed inside a large wooden horse. By doing this, the Greeks were able to open Troy’s gates and allow the rest of the Greek army to sack the city. For the second volume of my fantasy series, I am thinking of drawing inspiration from the Sack of Troy in order to come up with a battle that will unfold in a similar fashion, but there will be no wooden horse.



Welt Warrior 2

Here is a Welt warrior from Numen the Slayer. When I created the Welts, I drew inspiration from my Celtic and Scandinavian heritage. They traditionally use bronze armor and weapons that they harden and sharpen with magic. Compared to the knights, lords, and kings in Gradaia, the Welts have a much more diverse collection of weapons. These weapons I discovered from Forged in Fire and could be found in Southeast Asia and Africa. They are a spiritual people who take pride in their way of life. While the Civil Folk have their castles, gold, and politics, the Welts had their forests, bronze, and gods.


Here is a sample from Numen the Slayer:


Eager for more food, Numen walked back towards the bank to recover his sword. However, the moment Numen picked up Gramfyre there was the sound of nearby footsteps. Numen looked up and jumped when he saw two of King Robar’s men, one wielding a sword and the other using an ax. The two men glared at Numen with fierce intensity like a pair of predators stalking their prey.

In an instant, the two soldiers fell on Numen with great savagery. Desperate to defend himself, Numen swung Gramfyre to the side, slicing through the sword-wielding soldier’s abdomen. The man fell instantly, and Numen was forced to fend off the ax-wielding soldier. When their weapons clashed, the impact threw the ax off course enough to miss Numen’s head by mere inches. The ax-wielding soldier tried to swing again, but Numen grabbed his ax arm before thrusting Gramfyre into the man’s throat. Choking on his own blood, the soldier collapsed limply next to his fallen comrade.

Numen panted heavily as he processed what had happened. He looked at his hands and saw that his enemies’ blood stained them. Consumed by volatile emotions, Numen fell to his knees and shivered with shock. He was sickened by the fact that he killed more men and wondered how many more he had to kill before his nightmare was over.


Imagine being one of the most intelligent human beings to ever live. Your brain would operate in the same capacity as a supercomputer and there would be few things you would not know. You could invent any machine and solve any problem. Still, as impressive as this power would seem, I can see a potential problem that would turn this power into a double-edged sword. It would explosively amplify your mental capabilities at the expense of your physical capabilities. You would be the most intelligent being in the world, but you would be a quadriplegic with atrophied muscles. In my future superhero series, I will include a character who would exhibit these conditions. They will be an interesting character to work with.



I like the idea of a strong female character who likes to get her hands dirty. When it comes to getting your hands dirty, one of the top tasks would be noodling. Noodling is a type of fishing that involves standing near the shore of a lake or river and pull a catfish out of the water with your bare hands. In order to get a good grip on the fish, fishermen let the catfish bite their hand. Noodling can be dangerous because fishermen are at risk of either drowning or having the fish break their arms. Since one of the kingdoms in Gradaia has an abundance of rivers, I thought of featuring a princess who goes noodling. She would not be a pampered princess in a ballroom. She will be a tough tomboy who likes to risk her life for the thrill of the hunt. What do you think?