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I like the idea of being reincarnated and live an infinite number of lives in various vessels. I am thinking of applying this concept in my fantasy series. In most fantasy stories I have experienced, whenever a sorcerer dies that is the end of their story. However, what if when they die their spirit leaves their human body and becomes reincarnated into a great beast of magic? For example, if the sorcerer in question was good then they would be reincarnated into something magnificent like a wolf that is larger than any bear or an eagle with feathers as colorful as a peacock’s. But if they are evil, they would be reincarnated into monstrous abominations such as flying gargoyles that could snatch away women and children to feed or large demonic snakes with acidic venom that could melt through armor. The possible new forms a deceased sorcerer could take would be limitless.



I do not like the concept of betrayal, but treachery is an integral part of medieval life because loyalties always shift from one side to another. Due to this, I am thinking of depicting a major betrayal in my second fantasy book that will threaten House Magnus’s hold on the kingdom of Umbran. This betrayal will cause a war within a war, which will be a complex situation I never explored before. This will also add to more complexity to the story.



In the Game of Thrones show, House Bolton’s fate was clear. However, after analyzing their current situation, I realized that their future is going to be slower, more painful, and more complicated than in the show. The show foreshadows that Stannis Baratheon will be defeated by the Boltons, but would leave the Boltons weakened both in terms of military and political infrastructure. If Jon Snow comes back from the dead in the books and marches against the Boltons with over three thousand wildings, then that will weaken the Boltons even more. With Sansa Stark and Littlefinger plotting against them in the Vale, the Boltons will eventually meet the Knights of the Vale in battle. Depending on when the Wall will be breached, I think the Others will deliver the killing blow to the Boltons. Overall, the Boltons may be holding the North for now in the books, but I think they will be forced to fight at least FOUR armies in a short span of time. At the height of their power, the Boltons currently possess an army of roughly 7,200 men, but that is nowhere near enough men to deal with FOUR armies and they won’t have enough time to recover from each consecutive battle. Just as the Boltons enjoyed torturing and killing their victims slowly, painfully, and miserably, their ultimate fate will be just as slow and painful. In a way, this will be a much more fitting damnation for the Boltons than in the show.


Gaena copy

In Numen the Slayer, I introduced the kingdom of Gaena, which is the capital region of the Gradaian Empire. The Empire’s capital city, Chrysos, is also in Gaena. Before the surviving Homantians invaded Gradaia, Gaena was originally a collection of dwarf kingdoms that were overflowing with gold mines. Because of its gold mines, Gaena is the wealthiest kingdom in the Empire. In addition to being the home of the Empire’s capital, Gaena is also the home of the Imperial Palace, the largest and most impregnable castle in the realm as well as the residence of the Imperial Family. Along with gold mines, Gaena also has numerous port towns along its coast. Gold may have made Gaena rich, but trade made it even richer. If you are seeking a life of luxury in the Gradaian Empire, Gaena is the kingdom to live in. Gaena will appear again in the second volume of my fantasy series and you will get a better idea of its military strength and the quality of their armor and weapons.



In a plot leak, I discovered about Season 8 of Game of Thrones, I learned that King’s Landing will be taken away from the Lannisters for good and the remaining Lannister loyalists would surrender when they realize the battle is lost. Under normal circumstances, prisoners of war who surrender would be held for ransom or to ensure the future loyalty of their families. However, if I was in Jon Snow and Daenerys’s shoes, I would realize that such honor and mercy would have its limits. By siding with Cersei’s madness and abandoning the entire realm to die at the hands of the White Walkers, they have just as much blood on their hands as Cersei does and are complicit in her crimes. After defeating the White Walkers, I would give the Lannisters no more chances, no more trust, and NO MORE MERCY!!! After being betrayed by the Lannisters for the last time, if I was in Jon Snow’s and Daenerys’s shoes, I would have enough! All the Lannister bannermen who surrender will not be given any quarter and will be exterminated on the spot. In the aftermath of Cersei’s final defeat, King’s Landing will be purged of ALL Lannister loyalists (City Watch, Kingsguard, and Lannister men-at-arms) and all of their heads will be mounted on spikes and their headless corpses will be crucified throughout the city as a warning to anyone else who tries to repeat the Lannisters’ crimes. The Lannister banners, armor, and weapons will be piled up in the town square and burned in a large bonfire.

Even if Cersei dies at the hands of a “little brother”, death will only be the start of her punishment. I would put her corpse in a human-shaped cage, hang it outside of the Red Keep’s gates, and leave her for the crows to feast on. A sign that says “Mad Queen” will be nailed to the front of the cage so everyone will know what she was forever. If anyone tries to cut her down, they will be put to death and be placed in a cage next to her.

Overall, just as the Lannisters tried to make their victory over the Starks complete and absolute after the Red Wedding, I will make the Lannisters’ defeat and destruction complete and absolute.



In the books, what is Euron Greyjoy’s endgame? He won the kingsmoot, plots to marry Daenerys Targaryen and use his dragon horn to control her dragons, then he conquers the Shield Islands and gives them to his potential enemies. Euron said that he purposely gave the Shield Islands to his potential enemies so they would fail to hold them, destroying them in the process, which is pretty clever. However, now he is sailing his fleet up the Mander River and getting ready to face both the Redwyne and Hightower fleets. What is the Mad Kraken’s ultimate goal? He is surrounded by two enemy fleets with seemingly no hope of escape from the heart of enemy territory. However, he clearly has a plan for the warlocks and priests he captured including his brother Aeron. Does Euron plan to use the warlocks and priests in a human sacrifice in order to unleash some unholy magic upon the Redwynes and Hightowers? If that happens, what then? Aeron did have a vision of Euron on the Iron Throne with a mysterious woman by his side. Does Euron hope to use his ironborn as well as dark magic to pay the iron price and take the Iron Throne from the Lannisters? Also, who is the woman Aeron sees him with? Is it Cersei or Daenerys? I can’t wait to find out in the next book, The Winds of Winter.