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There is a thought that has been scratching in the back of my mind regarding Gregor Clegane from Game of Thrones. When he was a mortal man, he was an eight foot tall, four hundred pound mass of muscle with near superhuman strength and was surprisingly quick for his size. Because of his size, strength, fighting skills, foul temper, and violent tendencies, Gregor Clegane was the most feared warrior in the Seven Kingdoms. When he was modified by Qyburn’s mad science, Gregor’s mind was all but gone and his physical strength and fighting skills were greatly augmented. In his undead state, Gregor’s strength was comparable to a giant’s (about the combined strength of twelve normal humans), he was immune to pain and injuries that would kill a normal person, he did not tire and could push himself further and harder than any normal human, and he was completely obedient to his master (except when his brother was involved). Gregor was already deceptively fast for his size before his enhancements so it is possible that that agility was increased as well. In the Song of Ice and Fire books, it was revealed that his augmentations altered him to the point in which he did not require sleep, food, drink, and he didn’t even need to use the bathroom. With these enhanced capabilities and characteristics, Gregor Clegane became the ideal medieval warrior. Then I wondered what it would be like if there was an entire army of thousands of soldiers, each one as big, strong, and durable as Gregor in his undead state. That would be an army I would not want to fight.


In my second fantasy book, Kemrin Magnus was able to establish House Magnus as the new Imperial Dynasty of Gradaia. However, like all usurpers, he faces an unavoidable truth. Taking the Imperial Throne is the easy part. The hard part is keeping the Imperial Throne. I largely based Kemrin on King Henry VII of England, who did morally questionable things in order to secure his dynasty’s future. While Henry VII relied on bankrupting his nobles to consolidate the Tudor Dynasty’s power, Kemrin will rely on unlocking long forgotten magical secrets. Unfortunately, these secrets are unmistakably dark in nature and the price of using them is steep beyond measure. With these mystical secrets, Kemrin spends most of his reign creating an army that is suitably loyal to the Magnus Dynasty and undefeatable. This army serves as a large piece of the inheritance that Kemrin will leave to his heir. However, because the army was created from a combination of dark magic, necromancy, and blood alchemy, revealing this army to the world may have unintended consequences for the Magnus Dynasty. With such an army at its command, the Imperial Monarchy will never be the same again. I will reveal how extreme these changes will be in my third fantasy book.


Golems have been a common creature in fantasy for years. Oftentimes, these golems would be made from inorganic matter such as clay or the classic elements. However, there is one breed of golem that is more sinister in nature. Flesh golems are creatures that are made from multiple corpses fused together. These corpses can be from animals, some from humans, and sometimes from both. Because they are made from corpses, flesh golems are essentially undead beings yet far more resilient than the average zombie. Examples of flesh golems include the Darkasher from Carnival Row, Frankenstein’s monster, and some creatures in Dungeons and Dragons. I will be featuring flesh golems in my third fantasy book and they will serve as they heavy hitters in an army of darkness.


For a while, I had been wondering about what kind of personality the female lead of my third fantasy book will have. At first, I thought of giving her a noble personality with the intent of unifying a divided empire. Another idea was to make her a shrewd schemer hoping to use the main character as a means to restore her family’s power. Now, I am thinking of giving her personality a more crazed nature. I am thinking of giving her a personality similar to a yandere character from anime and manga. A yandere character is someone who is madly in love with the main character yet also incurably insane at the same time. After experiencing an act of kindness from the main character, the female lead becomes obsessed with him and will stop at nothing to keep him for herself. Overall, my female lead will be both Beauty and the Beast simultaneously. It will be a dark and twisted love story, which is something I have not tackled before and will be interesting to tinker with.


I have started the first volume of my new fantasy monster series. I was struck so hard with inspiration that I could not ignore it any longer. You may have noticed that some of my latest books start with a timeline that establishes the story’s setting and world building. When I worked on the timeline, I had a super fun time brainstorming on what historical events would shape the world my new story will portray. I also started the first chapter and I have decided to make an interesting innovation with naming my characters. They will have an English first name and a Japanese last name. This will enable me to add some anime-like vibes to the story while also taking the character names in a different direction. I also skipped ahead to one of the first battles in the series where the main character’s monster partner battles an enemy monster during a raid on the city. I have just started and it already has me hooked into the writing process. I look forward to seeing which direction the plot will take as I continue to write.


Allow me to give you an overview of the main character of my third fantasy book. I have given a lot of thought about what traits my protagonist would have compared to his forebears. I looked to other fantasy stories for inspiration and combined certain traits together into one character. Like Aegon the Conqueror from Game of Thrones, my character will command dragons to decimate armies. Like Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord, my protagonist will be a powerful sorcerer who strikes fear into his enemies and allies alike. Like Leto II Atreides from the Dune series, my character’s immense power earns him the title of “God Emperor.” Like Anduin Wrynn from World of Warcraft, my protagonist will genuinely desire peace despite the unrivaled power he wields. Overall, as the story progresses, my main character will evolve into a powerful yet complex individual.


In medieval times, it was common for monarchs to acquire hostages from their vassals in order to guarantee their future loyalty. These hostages were often gained in the aftermath of a quelled rebellion. If the hostages’ families rebelled again, the hostage would be executed. Therefore, it is the fear of what could happen to the hostages that keeps the vassals in line. I will be exploring this concept in my third fantasy book and depict the relationship between the emperor and one of his hostages.


Out of all the generations of House Targaryen, the one I find most intriguing would be the generation that lived before and during the Dance of the Dragons. Before the Dance of the Dragons, this generation represented House Targaryen at the height of its power over the Seven Kingdoms. Not only were there plenty of heirs that would secure the dynasty, but there were over twenty dragons, which were the most dragons seen since the glory days of Valyria. Sadly, despite the power they represented, this generation had one fatal weakness: they despised one another with a passion. This hatred started when King Viserys I remarried to Alicent Hightower, who produced several legitimate male heirs. These heirs undermined Princess Rhaenyra’s claim to the Iron Throne since she was named the designated heir apparent by her father, which was a decision he stood by until the day he died. Unfortunately, Alicent and her children failed to honor their patriarch’s dying wish and usurped the throne for themselves. This led to the bloodiest and most devastating Westerosi civil war in history: the Dance of the Dragons. Throughout the war, this generation of Targaryens gradually killed each other and their dragons until there were only two Targaryens and two dragons left. Shortly after the war, the last dragons eventually died out completely. This marked the start of the long term decline of House Targaryen. This generation had so much potential and they squandered it because they despised and coveted one another. I often think about what could have happened if this generation of Targaryens were not so dysfunctional. If they didn’t kill each other, would they still have their dragons and the Iron Throne? So many questions that will never be answered. All I can do is imagine and brainstorm this scenario.


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Like all reptiles, the longer a dragon lives the larger they become. As their size increases, so does their power. Easily the largest dragon I have seen would be Shruikan from the Inheritance Cycle. Shruikan was so large that he was almost a living mountain. In the picture above, you can see that Shruikan (the black dragon) dwarfs all other dragons in the story. The small speck that is positioned between the red and blue dragons is an average sized person. Most fans speculate that Shruikan was 300 meters (984 feet) long with a wingspan twice that long. When you put that scale into perspective, Shruikan made Balerion the Black Dread (the largest of the Targaryen dragons) from Game of Thrones look like a small lizard by comparison. Even though we never got to see Shruikan truly unleashed on a battlefield, I believe such a dragon would wield enough firepower to rival a megaton nuclear warhead. Unleashing a dragon of Shruikan’s caliber on a battlefield would be a new definition of the word “overkill.” In my third fantasy book, I am thinking of including a dragon that is as large and powerful as Shruikan.