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In my third fantasy book, I am thinking of introducing an albino character. Like certain anime characters, this character will possess an exotic beauty to her. Not only would this make her unique and stand out of the crowd, but it will make her one of the most sought after beauties in all the empire. This character will play a significant role in the story. Also, this beautiful pale rose has some thorns.


One of the greatest forms of pageantry would be a masquerade ball. During such events, members of the aristocracy would gather for fun, dance, and colorful masks. Such events would bring the aristocracy closer together as a community. The masks and dancing would make the partygoers living works of art. In my third fantasy book, there will be an epic masquerade ball where kings and queens, barons and baronesses, and even the imperial family itself would gather. This ball will be part of an elaborate engagement party that would reconcile a divided empire after a bloody civil war.


In my fantasy series, I wanted to create a palace for the imperial dynasty that would shame all other strongholds in terms of both lavishness and defense. I thought what would be more impregnable than a mountain, but could not find a suitable answer. If one were to make a mountain into a palace, a million men can lay siege on it and be repelled. Therefore, I drew inspiration from other mountainous castles in fantasy such as Casterly Rock from Game of Thrones and Erebor from The Hobbit. Both mountains contained limitless wealth and their mine shafts were expanded into halls, galleries, and bed chambers. I thought a stronghold such as either of these would be fit for an emperor and his heirs. The Imperial Palace in my fantasy series is essentially a combination between Casterly Rock and Erebor. It is where most of the third book will take place as the main character tries to navigate the cutthroat politics that comes with governing an empire.


In my third fantasy book, I am thinking of adding a unique personality trait to my main character. He becomes emperor at an early age, which makes him the first member of the Magnus Dynasty to legitimately inherit the Imperial Throne. Despite being the most powerful individual in the entire Empire, my protagonist will be plagued by doubts and insecurities. His grandfather was a monster slayer and revolutionary while his father, uncles, and aunt were warriors and conquerors. He has some serious shoes to fill in order to live up to the Magnus name and legacy. It also gives him an inferiority complex when he compares himself to the rest of his kin. The third volume of my fantasy series will revolve around his quest to achieve his moment of everlasting Magnus glory.


“You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?”

Riddick, Pitch Black

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been afraid of the dark and the potential horrors that dwell within it. Due to this, I decided to add an extra element to my third fantasy book regarding the monster army. Because of their diverse caste system, unmatched ferocity, and unparalleled coordination, the humans would have a very difficult time fighting back against such a foe. It would be even more difficult if the monster army could fight day in and day out. Therefore, to give the humans a fighting chance against this inhuman enemy, the monster army can only attack at night and they will find shelter wherever they can when the sun comes up. They may be vulnerable when the sun is up, but they will be virtually unstoppable at night. The monsters’ ability to only attack at night will also add a sense of horror and suspense to the story.


In terms of appearance, I have a pretty good idea of how the army of monsters in my fantasy series is going to look. In terms of biology and behavioral patterns, I have been taking inspiration from other creatures other creatures that use a caste system. In all these cases, monsters with a caste system act as a virtually unstoppable force against mankind. Imagine what beasts such as this would fare against medieval armies with magic and dragons. Such a conflict would be terrifying to behold. In terms of presence, my army of monsters will have an ominous and mysterious presence as they slowly encroach on human territory. This is similar to how the White Walkers gradually made their way to the Wall in Game of Thrones, attacking and killing everything in their path. Overall, I am rather intrigued with tinkering with this concept.


After much thought, I have decided to change my approach to the army of monsters that will appear in my future fantasy stories. At first, I thought of introducing an army of nonhumanoid monsters under the command of a Dark Lord and his specialized servants. Now, I am thinking of structure this army of darkness like a termite colony where all the monsters have their own unique caste system. Some monsters will act as foot soldiers, some will act as air support, some will act as commanders, and some will act as artillery. Under these castes would be their equivalent to a queen. Initially, I thought of making these creatures the result of dark or artificial magic, but now I am thinking of having them come from . . . elsewhere.


One of the most infamous villains in Game of Thrones would be Gregor Clegane AKA The Mountain. Despite being a knight, Gregor was a knight in all but name. Instead of being a true knight, Gregor was a cruel and sadistic murderer and war criminal. Because of his brutality, he was one of the Lannisters’ most feared enforcers. Gregor was an eight-foot-tall four hundred pound mass of muscle and when he wore his plate armor and wielded his great sword he was virtually invincible. However, I often wonder would it would have been like if Gregor was a good guy instead of a bad guy and embodied everything that made a true knight. With his strength and skill combined with a true knight’s morality, Gregor would have been the finest knight in Westeros has seen since Ser Duncan the Tall. For my third fantasy book, I am planning to create a character who is just as big and strong as Gregor Clegane but is one of the good guys. In terms of personality, I am thinking of giving my character a mindset similar to a samurai. The word “Samurai” means “To serve the master”. My character will come from a kingdom that is super serious about upholding one’s oaths to their liege lords. In other words, my main protagonist becomes the master and this gentle giant becomes his “samurai”.


For the longest time, I have wondered what would be a realistic way to introduce my Dark Lord and his minions in my fantasy series. The first two books revolved around vengeful dynastic feuds between kings and emperors, which was largely based on real-life medieval history. Therefore, how does one introduce such a sinister enemy after two books that were mostly grounded in realism. I turn my attention to magic, which is a mere flicker of what it once was in my fantasy series. What if certain experiments were conducted in an attempt to restore magic to its former glory? What if those experiments produced faulty results that lead to something ugly? Compared to natural magic, I think artificial magic would be more dangerous and unpredictable. Just as Dr. Frankenstein created an artificial human that ran amok, I think the remaining magicians would make something run amok by creating artificial magic. I will tinker with this further as I continue to write my third fantasy book.


Dark Lords are often the main antagonists of the fantasy genre. They represent the incarnation of evil and their main goal is to dominate all life. The most infamous example of a Dark Lord would be Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, the cruel master of malice that forged the One Ring and tried to conquer Middle-Earth. Another example would be the Night King from Game of Thrones, who used to be human before being tortured and mutilated by the Children of the Forest into a ruined life form. In Berserk, Griffith threw away his humanity in order to achieve a selfish goal, becoming Femto of the God Hand and master of the Apostles. The Dark Lord of my fantasy series will be a combination between these three villains. Like Sauron, my character will be a being of powerful dark magic. Like the Night King, my character will have ways of growing his own army. Like Femto, my character will originally be human and will discard his humanity for a selfish goal. Overall, I am planning to make my Dark Lord my own interpretation of what evil embodies.