Tonight, I conducted an experiment with my dad. He was in the other side of the house and I played this video at full volume. My dad thought the laughter this parrot made was that of a woman. He also said that this bird’s laughter was so scary.

The reason I conducted this experiment was to test a theory I had been working on while writing my dinosaur book. As I mentioned before, birds, including parrots, are the descendants of dinosaurs. As such, some species of dinosaurs should have made vocalizations that were similar to birds. With this in mind, I thought of introducing a species of reverse engineered dinosaur that could laugh like the parrot in this video. My dad’s reaction to the parrot’s laughter proved what I thought about what would happen if I included a cackling dinosaur in my story.

If a carnivorous dinosaur could laugh and cackle like this parrot, I can imagine it would be a frightening thought. Imagine running through the jungle with a relentless predator chasing you, laughing like a madman. It would be like being chased by a crazed serial killer with claws and fangs. What is most scary of all is you won’t see the carnivore, but you definitely hear its laughter echoing through the trees and you wouldn’t know which direction it is coming from. That will pretty much sum up some of the scarier scenes in my dinosaur book.

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