In order to prepare you for my forthcoming superhero book, I shall give you an overview of the main supervillain of not just this book but the entire series. The supervillain’s name is Ronald Macleod, who I greatly based on Donald Trump. Obviously, “Ronald” rhymes with “Donald” while “Macleod” is the maiden name of Donald Trump’s mother. Ronald has the same overall personality of Trump: a corrupt, bigoted, authoritarian man who had everything presented to him his entire life and never had to take responsibility for anything. However, I often wonder how Trump would handle being thrust into a situation where he loses everything and has to rebuild everything from scratch. It would be a situation he could not lie, bribe, cheat, or bully his way out of. He would have no money, no power, and would only have the clothes on his back. Would Trump be able to adapt to such a situation or would he throw his usual temper tantrums? That is a question I will be tinkering with regarding Ronald Macleod as the series progresses.

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