I have decided that my new fantasy series will consist of six volumes in total. These volumes will be divided into three acts, each act symbolizing a certain stage in my main character’s development. The first two volumes will take place when my protagonist is innocent and kind. The second two volumes will take place when he becomes ruthless and merciless after witnessing the horrors of war. The final two volumes will take place when he finds balance between being kind and ruthless. The challenges that set up this complex character development will be arduous, but it will set the stage for an epic story.


I have decided to increase the weight on my main character’s shoulders threefold. As the new fantasy series progresses, he and his followers will be fighting three wars at the same time. The main war will revolve around defeating a horde of monsters that are ravaging the southern regions of the empire. One war will involve a dynastic dispute between the main character and his cousins over ownership of the imperial throne and the title of emperor. The third war will involve driving away an invading army from another continent from across the sea. Overall, my main character will have his hands full before he can truly become emperor.


Easily one of the darkest forms of magic would be necromancy, which is the art of summoning and controlling the dead. Through necromancy, one could bring someone back to life, raise an army of zombies to do their bidding, or communicate with the souls of the deceased. However, like all magic, necromancy comes with a price. The darker the magic, the higher the price. One of the main characters in my fantasy books will be a practitioner of necromancy.


We all know about the Nazgul or Ringwraiths from The Lord of the Rings. Wraiths are shadowy creatures that are neither living nor dead. For my upcoming fantasy series, I will be featuring a female wraith who is an omnipresent assassin and all-seeing spy. Like the Nazgul, my female wraith will be dressed in a black hood and cloak. Her face will be a mix between those of Clementine fromĀ Overlord and Gin Ichimaru fromĀ Bleach, which will consist of eyes narrowed into slits and displaying a mocking smile. This type of face is common amongst anime/manga characters who are tricksters.


Remember the Emperor’s Royal Guard from Star Wars? I will be featuring soldiers in my fantasy books that are similar to the Royal Guard. My characters will have the same red robes and cloaks, but they will have armor and weapons that are medieval in nature and aesthetic. One example will be the usage of a polearm known as a bisento. Another example will be a type of helmet known as a barbute, which is a 16th century Italian helmet.


There are some fantasy stories that feature a breed of human that is more special than the average stock. One such example are the Numenoreans and Dunedain of Middle-Earth. Due to their special heritage, the Numenoreans and Dunedain possessed longer lifespans than normal humans. The average lifespan of Numenoreans was between 300 to 500 years. The average lifespan of Dunedain was between 150 to 170 years. In my new fantasy books, I will be depicting the rise of a breed of human that is immensely superior to the normal stock. In addition to longer lifespans, these mystically enhanced beings will have other features that set them apart from the average person.


Cannibalism is frequently seen as a major social taboo amongst humans. However, it is a completely different story in the animal kingdom. Even dinosaurs were not exempt from cannibalism. The most successful predators would take advantage of every situation that provides food even if it means feeding on their own kind. This weeds out the weak so that the strongest members of the species would continue to thrive. One of the earliest examples of dinosaur cannibalism is the apex predator of Cretaceous Madagascar: Majungasaurus. Majungasaurus was part of a group of dinosaurs known as Abelisaurids, which have a notorious reputation for cannibalism. Most of the carnivorous species of dinosaur in my book series, The Kaligen Experiment, practice cannibalism. In one of my dinosaur short stories, there will be a scene that revolves around a scenario that results in cannibalism.