Great news! This summer, there will be a new Star Wars show called Forces of Destiny. This show will provide tie-ins to various events that have occurred throughout the Star Wars Canon Timeline. The only downside is that each episode will only be three minutes long. Here is a preview depicting Rey and BB-8. Apparently, this episode takes place between when Rey found BB-8 and when she met Finn. The very thought of getting more Star Wars fills me with indescribable joy!


Easily one of the most suspenseful moments a person can possibly face is fighting to the death for the entertainment of others. Because I will be drawing inspiration from certain elements of the Roman Empire, I am thinking of including gladiatorial fights in the near future. In this scenario, the characters will face a special kind of despair as they struggle to survive. These fights will serve as one of the many obstacles the characters will overcome in their quest.


Another weapon I intend to include in my fantasy book is a type of sword I discovered recently called the Katzbalger. The Katzbalger was introduced during the Renaissance and used by German mercenaries to keep the peace of the Holy Roman Empire. They were also used by pikemen, archers, and crossbowmen as a last resort when enemy soldiers got too close. The Katzbalger can be identified by the rounded tip and S-shaped crossguard.



I decided to pay a little homage to the Bronze Age in my fantasy book by introducing the usage of bronze weapons. While most armies in my fantasy book will wield iron and steel weapons, there will be groups who rely on bronze weapons. In addition to weapons, I am thinking of including a wide range of bronze items such as pottery, armor, and embroidery.



In the trailer for The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker mentioned that there was something bigger happening in the Force than just light and dark. I have been pounding this question against my head for a while and I have yet to receive a definitive answer. Here is what I think so far. The light and dark sides of the Force are two ends of a spectrum. While the light and dark sides are VERY familiar territory for Star Wars fans, the area in the middle is largely unexplored territory. Even in the Legends continuity, the middle of the Force was very mysterious and gave us only brief glimpses of its nature and power. In the new Canon, we got our first wielder of the middle of the Force: the Bendu, who was an embodiment the balance between light and dark. I think Luke Skywalker may have found something in the First Jedi Temple that will enable him and Rey to access the light and dark in perfect balance. This may also shed light on why Luke said the Jedi had to end because Luke may believe that accessing the light side alone is not enough to defeat Supreme Leader Snoke. With this in mind, I think The Last Jedi will give us a clearer picture of what the middle of the Force is like. I hope I will receive an answer this December.



I had an interesting idea for my fantasy book. What if the main character gained a companion who became his personal scribe, chronicler, and propagandist? I got the idea from William Shakespeare, who was the Tudor Dynasty’s foremost propagandist. What if this companion follows the main character wherever he goes and writes and tells poems, tales, and songs of the main character’s exploits? This character would be no warrior, but he will aid the main character’s cause by spreading his story by word of mouth just as William Shakespeare illuminated the Tudors’ supposed legitimacy to the English throne through his plays. I will tinker with this further and keep you updated on any further developments.


Kylo Ren:Snoke

I found this concept art of Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke’s appearance in The Last Jedi. Based on this picture, it is clear that Supreme Leader Snoke likes to dress in more rich and regal garb compared to Emperor Palpatine such as red and gold robes and a ring that may have a black kyber crystal. Kylo Ren’s new look makes him look more like his grandfather, Darth Vader. He is wearing a full cape instead of his short tattered cloak.  I look forward to seeing these two lords of darkness in all their sinister glory when The Last Jedi comes out.