Imagine having a trophy room full of items you take from your defeated enemies. These items can range from their skulls, armor, weapons, and even their own banners. You can acquire these trophies either from hunts, battles, duels, sieges, or tournaments. Now imagine that collection growing with each generation as you pass this practice to your descendants. I included this practice in my fantasy series and you will watch it evolve with each generation that passes.


I have always been an avid fan of both reading books and writing them. To me, books are not just bound piles of paper with writing on them. They are gateways and portals into a multiverse of worlds and universes forged by the power of the human imagination. When I read a book, I am walking through a portal to an unexplored world like when Christopher Colombus discovering America. When I write a book, I am shaping and bending a new universe to my will like a blacksmith forging a masterful sword. In both of these cases, I am presented with new possibilities and new frontiers to explore.



One of my all-time favorite themes of fantasy is dragon warfare! Imagine controlling the mightiest creature in the known world at your command. You would wield the power to demolish castles and annihilate entire armies. During a siege, a castle’s walls can defend you against conventional attacks such as trebuchets and siege towers. However, such defenses are useless when it comes to fending off dragons. The reason for this is because dragon fire can melt stone and even if you take shelter in the deepest and most secure section of the castle the dragon fire would super-heat the stone and you would be baked alive in your own stronghold. In addition to being ideal for sieges, dragons can also fly right over enemy territory and perform systematic strikes on enemy strongholds, which would weaken your enemy’s power base from within and make them easier to conquer. During an open battle, even if your armies are hopelessly outnumbered a dragon can give you an immense advantage in six distinct ways. First, a dragon can perform a military maneuver called strafing in which it would sweep over the enemy army over and over while blasting it with fire. Second, a dragon could dive bomb in the center of the enemy host, which would increase the damage to both the army itself as well as its morale. Third, a dragon could set fire to the surrounding landscape to not only throw the enemy army into chaos but also blind their archers. Fourth, if your army can hold the enemy in place with the vanguard then the dragon can blast the enemy from behind with impunity. Five, because dragons fly they can give their rider a scouting position by flying overhead to watch enemy movements then report them to your allies, which will give your own forces enough time to prepare. Six, a dragon can also be used for guerrilla warfare and hit-and-run tactics by attacking and raiding enemy supply lines, which would cripple enemy armies and make them easier to crush. However, despite all their size and power, dragons are far from invincible. Even though their scales are hard enough to withstand normal steel, they can be pierced with either special or mystical weapons. For example, you could tip a spear or arrows with this special material and then use them to bring the dragon down. Also, you can counter a dragon with either another dragon or another beast that is just as powerful. Overall, I am exceedingly excited to explore all of these aspects of dragon warfare to the fullest in my second volume, which will depict an entire war from start to finish.



I saw the first Godzilla anime film, Planet of the Monsters, and I was VERY pleased with what I saw. This version of Godzilla is easily the largest incarnation of the King of the Monsters of all time! He is 300 meters tall, which is less than 1,000 feet high! This Godzilla is the size of a mountain instead of a skyscraper and he is even bigger than either Shin Godzilla, which is 118 meters, and Legendary‘s Godzilla, which is 108 meters. The one thing I find weird about this Godzilla is that he appears to be a plant instead of a reptile like he traditionally is. However, plant or no plant, this Godzilla is not only the largest of them all, but he also wields unimaginably frightening power! With one swing of his tail, Godzilla can unleash shockwaves that obliterate everything in their path and his atomic breath takes the form of a transparent beam of energy that causes a path of death and destruction that stretches for miles and miles! Also, Godzilla’s invulnerability and regenerative capabilities are further augmented by a personal force field that is generated by an organ under his dorsal fins. Overall, this Godzilla is not only the biggest and mightiest version of Godzilla in terms of offense and defense, but he is truly worthy of his crown as King of the Monsters! GOJIRA!!!