I find myself in a strange position as a writer. Right now, I have so many different stories I want to work on, but it has my concentration divided. I want to continue the third fantasy book, my new superhero series, and the new short story ideas. However, I can only do one at a time or my mind will burst. I cannot decide which story I should focus my energies on at this time. I want to write more than anything, but I have not decided which one to tackle. I KNOW how each story should unfold and I am ALWAYS formulating ideas, but I can’t concentrate enough to actually write them. I am lost and I cannot find my way back without help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Your assistance will be very appreciated. Thank you.



I watched the film called Trumbo, which revolved around the life of blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. In one scene, he was tasked to write 100 pages in 3 days. I am thinking of taking on this challenge when my schedule permits it. I once wrote 50 pages in a single day so I should be able to do 100 pages in 3 days when the mood is right. I am thinking of dividing up the work load so it is not too overwhelming. I am thinking of doing 35 pages on each of the first two days and then doing 30 on the third day. That will result in 100 pages in 3 days, which would consist of about a third of the book I am writing. Wish me luck and I will let you know when I take up the challenge!


Before I started my first fantasy book, I had difficulty building the history, lore, and overall structure of my stories’ respective worlds. As a result, my stories’ worlds were all over the place to the point in which they confused my readers. One of the most important aspects of writing stories is building your world. When I wrote Numen the Slayer, I managed to build my own fantasy world from the ground up. I managed this by binge-watching countless medieval historical documentaries and was able to model various kingdoms, characters, and events on what I learned. One of the best way to build a world is to take something like a historical event and use it as a blueprint on how you want your world to be shaped. I enjoy world building lately because it allowed me to have a much more vivid picture on what kind of world my characters lived in and what kind of world I wanted my readers to see.


I have always been an avid fan of both reading books and writing them. To me, books are not just bound piles of paper with writing on them. They are gateways and portals into a multiverse of worlds and universes forged by the power of the human imagination. When I read a book, I am walking through a portal to an unexplored world like when Christopher Colombus discovering America. When I write a book, I am shaping and bending a new universe to my will like a blacksmith forging a masterful sword. In both of these cases, I am presented with new possibilities and new frontiers to explore.


I started sharing my fantasy series with some of my beta readers and they said that my writing has greatly improved over time. I began my career as an author with a self taught writing style and trouble with tenses. Now, thanks to my creative writing classes in college and my writers group meetings I have grown and evolved as an author. With my fantasy series, I am feeling a lot more confident as a writer and look forward to sharing it with all of you when the time comes.


I have finally finished the first volume of my fantasy trilogy! It has been a very enjoyable experience engaging this project. I gave the story a dark and foreboding ending that promises an even more epic sequel. I have now officially set a new record of writing a whole book in just six months. Normally it takes me a year or so to write a whole book so this sets the bar even higher than before. I look forward to my next project. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.


I am now either two thirds or three quarters of the way done with my fantasy book. The fall of a dynasty has begun and the rise of a new one begins. I can’t believe that I am almost done with my fantasy book. Normally, it takes me a years or two to write a book, but I will have finished this book within a matter of months. That has to be a new record! ¬†As a heads-up, this chapter is going to have a scene that is as dark and insane as a Greek tragedy.


I have written another twenty pages today and reached page 338! I am striking the iron while it is still hot and it is truly rapturous! In these chapters, I wrote a duel to the death, more cutthroat politics, and brutal strategies for future battles. A revolution is unfolding and it will consume the first of many kingdoms! The story is getting more intense with each page and chapter I write. I cannot get enough writing this story! I will keep you updated on any further developments.