“As they turned a corner, Numen and company were greeted by an unexpected sight. Locked in the pillory was the local thief, Joe Karly. Joe was slightly older than Numen with rough features and brown teeth while wearing nothing but rags. The pillory had dried vegetables sticking to it while Joe snarled like an animal. Joe came from an impoverished family from outside of the castle and always tried to climb the walls and steal something. Every time he was caught, Joe was put in the pillory for three days and nights. Some barons considered Numen’s father to be too lenient towards criminals like Joe, but he ignored their disapproval. Numen could not restrain a chuckle at seeing Joe get caught again.

In front of the pillory was Clovis Virtus, the blacksmith’s apprentice. Clovis was three years older than Numen and was as big and strong as a grass-fed ox. His complexion was constantly covered is soot and burns from working the forge. Clovis’s hair was jet-black and his eyes were as blue as crystals. Clovis possessed a great passion for forging yet always dreamed of becoming a knight one day. He even forged his own armor and weapons during his free time in preparation for the day he became a knight.

Next to Clovis was Margaret, the stablemaster’s daughter. Like Lucille, Margaret’s father wanted a son to succeed him, but when his wife failed to give him one, he raised Margaret like a son. As a result, Margaret did not dress like a girl, but dressed in the standard attire of a stableboy. She was willowy yet muscular from years of hard labor. Her brown hair was as long and coarse as a horse’s mane and her face was also long with high cheekbones. Margaret was the same age as Clovis and they became lovers after years of helping one another shoe the horses. To practice being a knight, Clovis and Margaret shared a chivalrous relationship.”


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