I had an interesting idea for my future fantasy volumes. I am thinking of featuring a military order like the Knights Templar. Like the Knights Templar, these warriors will be an elite order of knights, but they will not be a religious order like the Knights Templar. Essentially, it will consist of the ten thousand of the absolute best knights in the Empire and they will serve as the guardians, chief enforcers, and executioners of the Imperial Dynasty. I have not thought of a name for this order, but they will make their debut in the second volume.




I came upon an unexpected discovery while furthering my medieval research! It turns out that Edinburgh Castle in Scotland was built on top of an extinct volcano! This gave me an idea for my next fantasy volume by featuring a castle or a series of castles that are built on top of extinct volcanos. That way I can better connect with my Scottish heritage.


From the ore of the earth was I born.

The fires of the forge shaped me.

I was crafted by the hands of an artist.

I began as a weapon of war and death.

Now, I was presented as art for others to admire.


My master looked at me with deep attachment.

For I was a symbol of his rich heritage.

His ancestors used me to unite kingdoms and defy empires.

Perhaps my master sees me as a window into the past.


I existed in many forms across many centuries.

For every nation gave me a variety of names.

An obsidian blade glistened like a mirror in the light.

Ruby eyes adorned my gilded crossguard.

A beast’s polished ivory shaped my hilt.

My golden pommel had a single crimson star.


Now, I rested in my master’s garage.

Free am I from the horrors of war.

The atmosphere was peaceful and time was my friend.

Years eroded my shell as my soul was slowly liberated.

That was the life of the blade forged by man.

From the ore of the earth was I born.



I discovered something utterly fascinating a couple days ago in yet another medieval documentary, Going Medieval. Guedelon Castle, which is located in France, is being built from the ground up for the past twenty years. It is not an ancient castle at all. It is a freshly made one that is still under construction. The people in the project have been building it with no modern equipment or materials, only using tools and materials from the period. They say the castle will be completed in the 2020s. I think I will wait to see this castle when it is finished, that way I can get a better scale of a freshly made castle for future reference.



I participated in wine tasting for the first time in my life. I asked for the closest thing they had to French Bourdeaux and they provided it. I am all for tasting the wine and spitting it out, but I NEVER swallow. So I took a taste, analyzed it, and spat it out in a jar. At first, it was smooth and sweet, but I was soon struck in the jaw with a sledgehammer of spiciness and my teeth were left tingling with a tangy aftertaste. Bourdeaux is what was sometimes used to make hypocras in medieval times. Due to this, I can imagine this wine being a lot sweeter and spicier than it normally is if it was converted into hypocras. I will keep this in mind when I mention hypocras again in my fantasy series.



For Christmas Eve dinner, I had grilled rabbit. It was not like any meat I ever had, but it was better than I ever could have expected. It tasted similar to chicken yet had a smokey, bacon-like taste as well. It was lots of manual labor to work through the skin, bones, and tendons, but it was worth it. It was gamey, but it had plenty of meat to be filling. Rabbits were common game in medieval times and Henry VIII often hunted rabbit himself on his royal estates. Therefore, this was an ideal opportunity to try it, analyze the smell, taste, and texture, and incorporate it into future fantasy stories. It was a successful experiment and an enjoyable Christmas Eve dinner.



Many monarchies in history had their own council of advisors or privy council to help them with the day-to-day affairs of their kingdom. When I wrote Numen the Slayer, I did the same by incorporating a similar kind of council for the kings and emperors of Gradaia. In the case of the ruling emperor or empress, their Privy Council consisted of a representative from each kingdom in the Empire, the Lord Chancellor, and the emperor or empress themselves. This would give the Privy Council a grand total of eleven members and I drew inspiration from the Knights of the Round Table for them. I even included a scene of how the Privy Council operated in Numen the Slayer.