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Anatomy of a Castle

While writing Numen the Slayer, I drew inspiration on the design of various castles. For instance, I modeled the Umbran castle of Blood Arrow after the design of the castle in the picture. However, the architecture would be grimmer and more ominous.




To make my fantasy world as medieval as possible, there will be a special type of castle present called a motte-and-bailey castle. This type of castle was mostly made of wood and consisted of a man-made hill and moat. Stone castles were not introduced to England until the Normans invaded. While a motte-and-bailey castle will be featured in the kingdom of my first fantasy book, these castles will appear more frequently in heavily forested regions where timber is easily accessible.


Let’s say you hold up inside a castle with walls that are thirty feet high. You have a garrison of about five hundred men armed with swords, shields, spears, longbows, crossbows, and ballistas. You also have enough food and provisions to last you six months. Now imagine a dragon the size of the castle itself flying overhead. The dragon has enough firepower to destroy the entire castle unless someone gets lucky and hits a weak spot in the dragon’s hide. What do you think you chances of survival would be?



While studying my heritage, I discovered that my ancestors on my mother’s side owned Crathes Castle in Scotland. The land the castle inhabited was given to us by Robert the Bruce, King of the Scots while the castle itself was built during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. My mother’s family were a cadet branch of the main owners of the castle, but we still had a claim to it. We no longer own the castle and it is open to the public nowadays as a museum. Still, it is comforting to know that my family is descended from Scottish nobility. Since I will be modeling the setting of the first volume of my fantasy book after Scotland, I am thinking of modeling one of the castles after my ancestral home.