When we think of the relationships between humans, elves, and dwarves in fantasy, we think of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. In that scenario, men, elves, and dwarves shared the land equally and lived peacefully. However, I honestly think this is a far too optimistic view of how humanity would interact with other sentient races. Because of human nature in terms of greed and thirst for conquest, I really think humanity would constantly covet the fertile forests of the elves and wealthy mountains of the dwarves. While updating Numen the Slayer, I further elaborated on this scenario by further building the history and lore of Gradaia. Over ten thousand years ago, elves, dwarves, dragons, giants, unicorns, and mermaids all lived peacefully together in Gradaia. However, on the other side of the world, Homantis, the original homeland of humanity was dying. Its resources were spent and the land was slowly becoming uninhabitable. Desperate to escape the inevitable destruction of their home, the Homantians built a colossal fleet of hundreds of thousands or even millions of longships. As they sailed away, Homantis was swallowed up by the sea and the surviving refugees spent a generation at sea, searching for a new home. Once they landed in Gradaia, the Homantians swiftly conquered multiple forests and mountains that belonged to the elves and dwarves before they could raise their defenses. Elves had magic, dwarves had their mountain strongholds, giants had their size and strength, mermaids had their seas, unicorns had their forests, and dragons had their fire. However, all of these advantages failed to keep the Homantian hordes at bay. After a century of war and conquest, the Homantians managed to exterminate the elves and dwarves to extinction. Only the dragons, giants, unicorns, and mermaids managed to endure the Homantian invasion. The Homantians left the elves’ crystal castles to rot while the dwarves’ mineral-rich kingdoms were converted into the most impregnable strongholds in Gradaia. Over several millennia, the Homantians turned Gradaia into the Empire it is today. I named Homantis after a combination between the words “human”, “hominid”, and “Atlantis” while the Homantians are a combination between Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.


When I improved Numen the Slayer, I introduced two new characters, Lucille and Margaret. Lucille is the kennelmaster’s daughter while Margaret is the stablemaster’s daughter. Both are servants of House Magnus and were raised by fathers who wanted sons instead of daughters. As a result, these two girls are tough tomboys. Due to their upbringings, they are able to connect with hounds and horses better than humans. In fact, Lucille is rarely seen without her three hounds. Due to being an apprentice kennelmaster, Lucille and her hounds participated in multiple hunts with Baron Viktor Magnus. Margaret also shares a chivalrous relationship with another Magnus servant who aspires to be a knight. Lucille is so petite that she looks much younger than she really is with messy blonde hair and a constantly sad face. Margaret is tall and willowy with coarse brown hair and high cheekbones. As servants and animal caretakers, the two girls have no prior experience as warriors. When they are forced into the wilderness with their liege, they are forced to adapt to their situation and learn how to fight. I named these characters after my family’s deceased German Shepherds, Lucy and Maggy, and I hope you like them.


Over the past few days, I updated and improved Numen the Slayer. Several of my readers said that the characters needed work even though the world building was good. So I took their advice and introduced some characters earlier than before, added new characters, and got rid of many characters entirely. I also increased the world building of the setting to make it more authentic. In order to do these things, I had to make some MAJOR modifications to the story and in some cases completely rewrite it. The beauty of my new publisher is that I can constantly update and improve my books and it doesn’t cost me a penny. Feel free to check out the new and improved Numen the Slayer.