In The War of the Gilded Beasts, I depicted a battle that was outside of the box. In this battle, a fleet of 1,000 longships and 200 war galleys, which carried an army of around 20,000 strong, was sailing around Gradaia in an attempt to lay siege to the capital, Chrysos. However, they sail into a school of giant plankton eating fish. Then swarms of sea monsters such as Megalodons, Tylosaurs, and Krakens start to feed on the giant fish and fleet alike. I got the idea for this from when great white sharks attack surfers because they think they are seals. By attacking the fleet, the sea monsters think the ships are the giant fish they are preying on. It becomes a feeding frenzy and a fight for survival. This setback creates serious consequences for the side that is in control of the fleet and plays a role in the endgame of the entire war.



Imagine being able to fire a concentrated beam of energy from your mouth. You could cause large scale death and destruction with a single breath. This would be like Cyclops’s power except the beam comes from the mouth instead of the eyes. I am thinking of giving one of the supervillains in my new superhero series this ability and it will be frightening.


One of the problems I had while writing The Young Guardians Series is that I tried to create a superhero universe with multiple themes in it at the same time ranging from magic, science, and secret societies. Many superhero universes include these themes, but they are able to introduce these themes over time instead of cramming them into the story. Batman v Superman made that mistake by cramming references from multiple storylines in one story. I tried to do it like other superhero universes did and made the mistake of cramming all those themes together. This time, I am thinking of keeping my new superhero universe more cohesive and focused on science fiction instead including fantasy and paranormal themes to it. This will make it a more believable story compared to The Young Guardians Series. To quote Tony Stark, “don’t do it like me. Do it like you.” With this in mind, instead of trying to follow in the footsteps of other superhero universes, I will be making one that truly reflects who I am as a writer.


The main character of my new superhero series will have the ability to copy the powers of other superhumans. With this ability the character would have the potential to utilize multiple powers at the same time. This won’t be the initial power level. At the beginning of the story, they will only use one copied power at a time, but as the story progresses they will gradually use multiple powers at once. This would make them a superhuman powerhouse that will be difficult to overcome. It is an exciting process to consider and I look forward to depicting it in the story.



I have mixed feelings about The Darkest Minds. It was neither good nor bad. It was just enjoyable. I liked the idea of superhuman children being persecuted by the government because it gave a certain vulnerability to the characters. The ending hinted the possibility of a sequel and I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking an enjoyable science fiction film.


I had an interesting idea to include in my new superhero series and it involves superhumans working for the government. This will create another obstacle for the main characters to overcome because while they are fighting the status quo they will be forced to fight agents of the status quo. To avoid persecution, these superhumans would cut deals with the government. In exchange for the safety of their families and loved ones, these superhumans would serve as enforcers of the government. I got this idea from The Dark Knight Returns where Superman cut a deal with the United States government. In exchange for being the chief enforcer and executioner of the United States government, Superman would be allowed to continue his superhero career. Overall, these characters I will be introducing will be troubled souls.


I am thinking of including clips from the media in my new superhero series, which will depict on how certain important figures feel regarding the rise of both superheroes and superhumans in general. I got the idea from how there were news clips being shown in The Dark Knight Returns, where several important figures debate about their personal feelings and analysis about Batman. I watch a lot of news so it should not be hard at all to find suitable inspiration for my new project. Instead of smart phones and regular televisions, these shows will be seen through holographic display screens.


I have a collection of sad news to share with all of you. I have been keeping you all out of the loop lately on the status of many of my projects. The Young Guardians Series has been discontinued and is on indefinite hiatus. The reason for this is because the series has lost its flavor for me as an engaging writing project and I felt that the later novels were all over the place in terms of the story. In addition, all of the spin-off stories and short stories have been cancelled. The graphic novel attempts have ended in failure because my artists broke their contracts and I was unable to master the writing style necessary to write a graphic novel script. Overall, I became far too ambitious and tackled obstacles that were too big for me to scale. Therefore, I have decided to keep my ambitions and projects small to a scale I can manage and where my writing is at its strongest. Also, I am recycling the Young Guardians’ Sequel Series by converting it into my latest superhero series. It will not be related to The Young Guardians at all. Instead, it will be its own unique universe. Wish me luck!