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I remember an intriguing feature Sephiroth’s sword possessed. Apparently, it was so sharp that the resulting friction would light whatever he cuts on fire. In my space opera story, I will be featuring weapons that can do this. These weapons will be forged from a combination between normal steel and an alien metal.


As I have mentioned in many of my posts, I love anime with complete passion. My reasons for loving anime are numerous. First, the creators of anime seriously think outside of the box when it comes to the characters and world-building. Many of the things anime creators come up with an average person would not imagine. That seriously ignites my own imagination as a writer. Second, you can really see the emotions of the characters in fine detail. With live action characters, you get some sense of what they are feeling, but with anime the characters’ emotions are laid bare and you get more connected with them as a result. Third, the writing is elaborate with just the right amount of complexity. The pace the story takes keeps you hooked and makes you want to know what will happen next. Once the story hooks into you, it does not let go. Fourth, the character development is fascinating because the characters deal with relatable problems and that gives you a closer connection to them. When the story is over, you can see yourself in their shoes as though you lived through their adventures with them. Fifth, I thoroughly enjoy the countless references to Japanese culture and how it is applied in creative and unique ways. The way anime portrays Japanese culture gives me a greater appreciation for it and makes me want to visit Japan to experience that culture firsthand. If you love vivid animation, good storytelling, and relatable characters, then anime is the genre for you.



I am one of those guys who grew up watching the anime from the 1990s. Among those anime was Digimon. This show consumed my childhood. I enjoyed the battles between the various Digimon and how the Digimon Digivolved into new and more powerful forms. Throughout middle school, I even created my own imaginary Digimon and envisioned their battles. I even memorized the lyrics of one of the theme songs word for word. Now that I am older, I have a greater appreciation for the impact this anime had on my life. Due to my analytical nature, I came to notice a deeper feel for the story of the franchise. Each child in the show had social, spiritual, and psychological issues. Over time, the children overcame these limitations and grew as individuals. As they grow, the children’s Digimon partners acquire the power to Digivolve into more powerful forms. This concept of Digivolution is symbolic in the sense that the Digimon’s transformations reflect on their human partner’s growth and maturity. By the end of each season, the main characters learn important life lessons from their adventures in the Digital World. I would recommend this anime to anyone who likes monsters and coming of age stories.


One of the six main characters I will be featuring in my new superhero series will be a hardened fighter. Like the Comedian from Watchmen, my character will be more of a thug than a hero. Like Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach, my character is the kind of person who loves the thrill of a good fight. Based on these traits, my character will join his comrades’ crusade against crime solely because he LOVES the thrill of fighting and doesn’t care about saving people or changing the status quo.



No matter how much power you wield, there are limits to how much your mortal body can handle. The most grotesque example I can think of is what happened to Tetsuo in the anime film Akira. Tetsuo’s psychic powers were so immense that he had to take potent medication to keep them under control. Even with that medication, Tetsuo was still a powerful psychic who could demolish cityscapes, defeat armies, and even punch a hole in the moon. However, once the drugs wore off, Tetsuo’s powers became dangerously unstable to the point in which he could not control them anymore. As a result, his body mutated into a giant cybernetic fetus-like abomination. Either Tetsuo was subconsciously manipulating his atoms or his body was trying to increase its size to accommodate his growing power. Regardless of the reason, this incident demonstrates that when you wield god-like power, your mortal mind and body will be overwhelmed unless you have inhibitors in place. I am thinking of putting the main character in my new superhero series in a similar position when his true power surfaces.


Neon Genesis Evangelion is not the only anime I can think of that depicts characters with severe psychological issues. Akira is another example because it includes the character Tetsuo, who was a psychologically disturbed teenager with overwhelming power. Tetsuo developed an inferiority complex due to living in his best friend’s shadow, but once he got a taste of real power he went on a rampage and lashed out against the cruel world he lived in.

In addition, the setting of Akira is frighteningly similar to the real world today. Just like the United States today, the world of Akira benefited the top one percent while the rest of the populace lived through poverty. The wealthy and corrupt politicians lived in absolute comfort as they bathed in their riches. Everyone else lived in a state of social and economic anarchy as they were persecuted by criminals and militant police. To make the similarity between the real world and the Akira setting even more frighteningly similar, both take place in the year 2019.

I like Akira as a source of inspiration for my new superhero project for two reasons. First, I am given a look at an overpowered character who has psychological issues. Second, both the anime and the real world depict genuine problems that I despise with absolute passion. Overall, I have seen so much corruption, bigotry, misogyny, and other problems in the past three years. If I was as overpowered as my main character, I would use that power to fight the diseased and dying government I live in. Alas, I am but a single helpless mortal imprisoned by my own powerlessness. My new superhero project will give me an opportunity to put that scenario on paper, which will be a blissful psychological release for me.


As I mentioned in my previous posts, I will be focusing on the psychological development of my overpowered main character in my new superhero series. I have taken inspiration from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, which highlighted a number of characters who suffered from severe psychological issues. Series creator Hideaki Anno drew inspiration from his own psychological issues such as depression. I am thinking of following Anno-san’s lead with my own project by basing my main character on my own psychological issues.¬†Apart from my autism, I also have other issues. Like Anno-san, I also suffer from depression from time to time and writing has been a good therapeutic method. As I continue to brainstorm the psychological profile of my main character, I wonder how someone as overpowered as my main character would be like if he had the same issues I do. I find this question intriguing because I often imagine the things I would do if I was superhumanly powerful. Just as Shinji Ikari was a subversion of the main anime character archetype, my main character will be a subversion of a classic superhero. Hopefully, this will allow my character to be more relatable to my audience.