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As I have mentioned in many of my posts, I love anime with complete passion. My reasons for loving anime are numerous. First, the creators of anime seriously think outside of the box when it comes to the characters and world-building. Many of the things anime creators come up with an average person would not imagine. That seriously ignites my own imagination as a writer. Second, you can really see the emotions of the characters in fine detail. With live action characters, you get some sense of what they are feeling, but with anime the characters’ emotions are laid bare and you get more connected with them as a result. Third, the writing is elaborate with just the right amount of complexity. The pace the story takes keeps you hooked and makes you want to know what will happen next. Once the story hooks into you, it does not let go. Fourth, the character development is fascinating because the characters deal with relatable problems and that gives you a closer connection to them. When the story is over, you can see yourself in their shoes as though you lived through their adventures with them. Fifth, I thoroughly enjoy the countless references to Japanese culture and how it is applied in creative and unique ways. The way anime portrays Japanese culture gives me a greater appreciation for it and makes me want to visit Japan to experience that culture firsthand. If you love vivid animation, good storytelling, and relatable characters, then anime is the genre for you.


Out of all the Japanese names out there, my favorites have always been Shinji and Ryoko. Shinji sounds like the type of name you would expect from an average Joe, which feels more down to Earth than the more glorified names. I loved the name Ryoko ever since I was a kid watching Tenchi Muyo because I found the character Ryoko in that show to be the cutest of the female characters. I am thinking of including these two names prominently in my superhuman series.


I thought of something interesting I could do for my Kaiju story. Because the Kaiju genre was created in Japan, I decided to include some Japanese themes to my story. Just as I gained inspiration for my fantasy series by trying authentic medieval food, I am planning to gain inspiration for my Kaiju story by tasting ramen, rice balls, and sake. All three of these food items are things I have never tried before, but I am thinking of including them in my story and I will require an authentic description of their taste, smell, and texture. I will keep you updated on any further developments.