I found this video about a boy with autism who possessed tremendous talent in dancing. He was home schooled and won a “YES” from all three judges of Britain’s Got Talent. This goes to show that when an autistic person focuses all of their energy on their strengths there are no limits.


If Numen the Slayer were made into either a movie or television show, I would want its music to be like Celtic music. The reason for this is because this music reminds me of my Irish heritage. Essentially, if you lived in Gradaia, all of the music in every kingdom will sound like this. Check it out!


I saw on the news that an autistic child was abused at a school by a teacher and an aide. The teacher and aide were trained to diffuse situations like this, but they discarded their training and just did whatever they wanted out of frustration. The kid was only seven years old and had no control over his condition and yet these women treated him like a rabid animal. To make matters worse, the two women were given paid leave and no prosecutions were made against them. This infuriates me beyond words because the law is not doing its job to inflict justice on two assailants who assaulted a defenseless autistic child.

After watching this video, I also noticed that some people who viewed the video were making VERY offensive comments about autistic people in general. One said that this child should have been tased and put in solitary confinement for half a day. Another said that the child should have been executed on sight simply because he was autistic. Both of these comments make me very disappointed and furious towards individuals who say such things about people who share my condition. I am autistic so should I be tased and executed too? Because several people think this way, I am concerned about the future of my autistic brothers and sisters. What if they become targets for hate crimes? The very thought frightens me greatly.

Something very similar to this incident happened to me when I was one or two years younger than this child. My parents put me in a day care center, but the people in charge there had no skill or experience in dealing with an autistic child. One day I lost control of my motor functions and emotions. Then they grabbed me by my arms and legs, dragged me down the hall, and locked me in a closet for the rest of the day. When my parents found out, they got me out immediately. I remember my mother was crying and begging me for forgiveness while my father was ready to inflict frontier justice on the women who harmed me. After this incident, my parents became much more careful when it comes to finding people to help me with my condition. The two women thought they were teaching me a lesson, but the only lesson they were teaching me was how to hate and it left deep scars in my mind.



In order to get you all ready for Numen the Slayer when it is released, allow me to give you a little overview on the politics and overall infrastructure of its setting, the realm of Gradaia. Gradaia is a supercontinent empire that is divided up into nine petty kingdoms, each ruled by their own royal family who answer unquestionably to the ruling emperor or empress of the empire. Under the kings are the barons, who rule over the various baronies that divide up each kingdom. All of the barons are wealthy and politically influential in their own right and can each summon armies numbering in the thousands, but nowhere near as much as the royal or imperial families. Under the barons are the landed knights, who serve as a baron’s best warriors and can summon hundreds of men-at-arms of their own. While these knights have their own wealth, titles, and lands, they are only soldiers who follow their lord’s orders and are not astute politicians. Under the landed knights are the peasants, who do the labor such as lumberjacking, mining, farming, and fishing among many other things. As the title suggests, the peasants are the lowest rank in this society, but they are divided into two categories: the poor serfs that serve as the main working force and the modestly rich gentry that serve as the middle class. At the very top of all of this is the emperor or empress themselves, who reside in the capital city of Chrysos in the kingdom of Gaena.

Each of the empire’s kingdoms have their own environment and their own economy, but they all worship the same religion. The northernmost kingdom is Umbran, which has a cold yet temperate climate similar to Scotland. Just south of Umbran are Aemarr, Valai, and Varland. Aemarr is a coastal kingdom with an environment and economy similar to Vietnam, full of jungles and beaches while being rich with fish, grain, and trade. Valai is a valley kingdom that is fertile beyond measure and filled with rivers. Varland is a volcanic kingdom that produces the finest iron and steel in the empire. Further south is Storuuk, which is a heavily forested kingdom that produces lumber to its neighbors and depends on hunting and trade. South of Storuuk are Waes, Raevor, and Gaena. Raevor is just as fertile as Valai, but has fewer natural defenses. Both Waes and Gaena are filled with unimaginably rich gold, silver, and crystal deposits, but Gaena is the wealthier of the two. The southernmost kingdom is Darrm, which consists of savannah and produces exotic crops, livestock, and wine.

This is all the information I can give you without spoiling everything. The rest of this world you will need to discover on your own when the book comes out. Thank you for listening.



To make my fantasy world as medieval as possible, there will be a special type of castle present called a motte-and-bailey castle. This type of castle was mostly made of wood and consisted of a man-made hill and moat. Stone castles were not introduced to England until the Normans invaded. While a motte-and-bailey castle will be featured in the kingdom of my first fantasy book, these castles will appear more frequently in heavily forested regions where timber is easily accessible.