I saw on the news that an autistic child was abused at a school by a teacher and an aide. The teacher and aide were trained to diffuse situations like this, but they discarded their training and just did whatever they wanted out of frustration. The kid was only seven years old and had no control over his condition and yet these women treated him like a rabid animal. To make matters worse, the two women were given paid leave and no prosecutions were made against them. This infuriates me beyond words because the law is not doing its job to inflict justice on two assailants who assaulted a defenseless autistic child.

After watching this video, I also noticed that some people who viewed the video were making VERY offensive comments about autistic people in general. One said that this child should have been tased and put in solitary confinement for half a day. Another said that the child should have been executed on sight simply because he was autistic. Both of these comments make me very disappointed and furious towards individuals who say such things about people who share my condition. I am autistic so should I be tased and executed too? Because several people think this way, I am concerned about the future of my autistic brothers and sisters. What if they become targets for hate crimes? The very thought frightens me greatly.

Something very similar to this incident happened to me when I was one or two years younger than this child. My parents put me in a day care center, but the people in charge there had no skill or experience in dealing with an autistic child. One day I lost control of my motor functions and emotions. Then they grabbed me by my arms and legs, dragged me down the hall, and locked me in a closet for the rest of the day. When my parents found out, they got me out immediately. I remember my mother was crying and begging me for forgiveness while my father was ready to inflict frontier justice on the women who harmed me. After this incident, my parents became much more careful when it comes to finding people to help me with my condition. The two women thought they were teaching me a lesson, but the only lesson they were teaching me was how to hate and it left deep scars in my mind.


  1. I’m saddened beyond words when I see this and as a mother or two children on the spectrum face ignorance frequently, however I’m really grateful and fortunate to have a team of wonderful teachers that go above and beyond their requirements to help. I’m so sorry that happened to you as a child no one deserves that! I can only hope that these types of incidents that are exposed will shed light on such disturbing adult behaviour so change in the right direction can occur.

  2. Well, maybe it ‘didn’t meet the criteria for a felony prosecution’ but it sure meets that for a breach of human rights and dignity. \The bit where they drag this wee boy on the floor is shocking.

  3. This is a criminal act! Dragging a special needs little boy an outrageous savage behavior! Get of this very important field of work if you can’t handle it!! I hope they get justice ! We all have an obligation to treat autustic children with dignity , love and respect ✊ ❤️🙏🏼💪🏽💖!

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